Toylab Film Friday Polls

Toylab Film Fest Polls It is FILM FRIDAY time to share your thoughts on these hot film topics! Who do you most want to see Deadpool fight? Which 2016 Comic Book Film are you most looking forward to? Related: Toylab Film Friday Hub! More Sir Kent Said! More Toylab…

Stark's Hall of Armor LEGO project - Inspiration Wall

Alright so I am formulating a plan to build a Lego Diorama of Tony Stark's Hall of armor. This post is designed to have a bunch of pictures of Tony Stark's house, workshop, and Hall of Armors to give me inspiration on how to design my own. The Hulkb…

Hateful Eight Review by Sir Kent Said

By Sir Kent: Sir Kent On Twitter look out for   #sirkentsaid Before you see Hateful Eight you should understand the how, the why of its filming.  In particular the plan for it to be shown on 70 mm film. 70 mm film (or 65 mm film) is a wide high-resolution film…

5 Reasons to be excited for Agent Carter

1) The Aftermath of Captain America: The First Avenger We finally get to see what happened after the first Captain America movie. Peggy will obviously mourn the loss of Steve Rogers, but she and Howard Stark will also found a little group called SHIELD. Relate…

Photos of Haley Atwell in London Evening Standard

Hayley Atwell recently sat down for an interview and photoshoot London Evening Standard.  You can find it here: Full Interview with Hayley Atwell at London Evening Standard She is her normal witty self in the interview as she discusses topics that include her…

Daredevil Netflix series Trailer and Intro

Intro for the Daredevil Netflix series. I love this opening sequence it really sets the tone of internal and external conflict that the series is based on. Daredevil News: All Daredevil and Defenders Saga News! Who is Daredevil? Who is the Kingpin? Path to Dar…

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