Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Netflix - News and promotions

Gilmore Girls A year in the Life A Year in the Life was a new season of Gilmore Girls and released on Netflix.  The show was very popular on Netflix and has set the web ablaze in Gilmore Girls rumors. A Year in the Life Season 2? Will there be a season 2 to G…

Darth Vader Kill Count

Darth Vader Kill Count Have you ever been curious how many people Darth Vader kills?  Well here is a video that takes you through every kill he made in the films and tallys them all up.  As you can see its pretty high, though I actually thought it would be a …

IVs and Appraisal explained in Pokemon GO

What are IVs A wrestling coach once said to me (or rather a huge group of wrestlers) I'd like to tell you that you are all equal in ability.  But your not.  Each of you has your ceiling.  You can't control where it is, but its there.  What you can co…

Pokemon Go - Pokemon Battling tips and how to win

Pokemon Battling and how to win Alright so you have level 5 and you now want to go to a gym and try to battle.  No so fast grasshopper you are not READY! Pokemon Go does not have much in the way of directions.  This post along with others is designed to help …

Pokemon Go - Best Moves

What are the Best Moves in Pokemon Go? There are a few important ways to evaluate a Pokemon you have caught of a given species.  When you catch multiple of the same type of Pokemon you need to constantly be considering which you keep and which you trade in f…

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