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Evil Luke Skywalker / Kylo Ren theory - Spoiler Warning

Evil Luke Skywalker / Kylo Ren theory - Spoiler Warning

When Luke Skywalker did not appear in the poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens people went nuts.  Where is Luke?  Then people began to ask, what if Luke is Kylo Ren?

I have looked at a lot of Star Wars rumors, and read all of kinds of things.  I do not think Luke is Kylo Ren, however I do think it is possible that Luke is now evil.

Luke / KyloRen Theory:
If that is Kylo that is not Luke

There is one primary reason why I don't think Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker.  It seems to me that that Kylo is a symbolic inverse of Luke Skywalker from the original trilogy.  He is the poor orphan who is finding his destiny, only he turns toward the darkside as opposed to the light.  I don't think that symbol comes out the same way if he himself is Luke.

The Lightsaber is a clue too.   Ren's lightsaber appears to be self made and a little crude, my thought would be that Luke would by now have mastered that type of thing.  In fact Vader upon seeing the light saber constructed by Luke in Return of the Jedi remarks that his son's training is complete.

The primary reason why I don't think Luke is Kylo Ren is that Adam Driver the listed actor for Kylo Ren has been shown in a few images without this mask.  These images could all be red herrings of sorts and leading us down the wrong path but I think that is a little much.

Luke is Evil Theory:
The Luke is evil theory does have more legs than him simply being Kylo Ren.  Hamill himself pitched the idea of an Luke to JJ Abrams. 

It all about dem trees! 
Now we are going to talk about trees.  Yes Trees!

Another piece of evidence comes from the comic Shattered Empire.  I mention the series in the post about Poe Dameron.

This series really is the last place chronologically where we see Luke in a story that legitimately ties into Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  This is Luke in action post Return of the Jedi.  Here Luke along with Poe Dameron's mother Shara Bey break into an Imperial facility to steal two trees.  These trees are revealed to be the trees from the Jedi Temple at Coruscant.  They were deemed important by Palpatine and thus preserved.  Luke himself states that the Force is in the trees.

Luke looking at the trees
Luke says that his meeting with Shara Bey is not a coincidence that they were brought together by the force here to do something important.  At the end of the series:

One tree is taken by Shara Bey and planted at her home where Poe Dameron grows up.

The other tree is taken by Luke.  Most presume he is going to use it to restart the Jedi Order,

But consider this...

In Star Wars there is always a duality.  There is always Force character who fights for the lightside and one on the Darkside.   There are TWO trees.  Duality would dictate that one of the trees ends up in the hands of Lightside and one with the Darkside.

If the tree planted at Dameron's home is serving the lightside, then Luke's tree is now serving the darkside.

The Knights of Ren in many ways seem to be the most organized and knowledgeable Force using characters.  Why is this?  Luke was the only Jedi left standing in Return of the Jedi.   If he recreated the Jedi Order then where are they?  It seems increasingly plausible that whatever he created, for whatever reason became the Knights of Ren.

Who is Luke Skywalker?  Is he Ren?  Is he Supreme Leader Snoke?  Or is he simply Luke Skywalker but ......bad.  I'm not sure.  It does however seem plausible that he is not good.

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