Clips of King Shark from the Flash

King Shark appears and makes some noise in the Flash season 2.  The appearance surprised just about everyone.  While he appears gravely wounded keep in mind that in the comics he has a very powerful healing regenerative power. Related: All Flash TV news and bi…

Halloween ComicFest

Halloween ComicFest is an expansion of the very popular Free Comic Book day event but on Halloween.  Many of the comics given out free on Halloween ComicFest will have a Halloween theme. Comic Book stores across the country are participating in the event and…

New Dancing Groot from Funko Pop!

Everyone loves the baby dancing Groot and this Christmas Funko wants to take advantage of that fact.  They are offering a new baby Groot who will sit in Holiday themed pot.  A perfect stocking stuffer for Guardians fans everywhere.  He is a vinyl bobble head …

What is Terminus?

What is Terminus? Terminus was a location in The Walking Dead where the characters met up with a new group. Related Posts: Who is Negan? Where is Beth? Fort of the Living - All things Walking Dead HQ TERMINUS: Ocassionally Tom Cruise has Wise Words: From Knight and…

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