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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Agents of SHIELD season 4 trailers and reviews

The last episode of Agents of SHIELD featured some awesome scenes including a slugfest between the super strong Inhuman Director or SHIELD and even a mysterious appearance of another new Ghost Rider.

Season 4 Episode 8 The Laws of Inferno Dynamics
This episode has Quake, Yoyo and Ghost Rider joining forces against Marrow should be pretty cool just based off of that.

Season 4 Episode 7 Deals with our Devils
Preview of Next Episode - Who is the new Mystery Inhuman?

So the big question who is this new Inhuman in the cocoon?

One Inhuman frequently mentioned is Grid.  Supposedly people have seen the name in casting sheets for the season so there is some meat to these rumors.  My only issue with this theory is that this Inhuman feel foreboding and Grid is not a foreboding character.

Grid is a new Inhuman also known as NuMan.

Grid - Dinesh Deol, a young engineering student living in Mumbai when the Terrigen Cloud passed over India. A NuHuman, Dinesh’s latent Inhuman DNA was activated by the cloud and he was transformed. Terrigenesis caused Dinesh’s hands to disappear, replaced by a glowing light that could emit radiating pulses of energy rings. These rings have the ability to catch and repeal objects with a significant degree of strength. Dinesh’s vision was additionally altered by the transformation, enabling him to see matter gridded out on an electromagnetic spectrum. The full extent and functionality of these powers has yet to be explored.

I don't really know one way or the other.

Review of Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 6:
Here is what Sir Kent our guest blogging film critic thought of the fiery episode.

#sirkentsaid #toylad #agentsofsheild

Before I get into this week's KICK-ASS episode of A.O.S. I thought I would nit-pick a little. You know how much I love to do that. The brief and expected face off between Director Mace (Jason O’Mara) showed a few things to us. The budget for the T.V. version of this Ghost Rider severely limits his ass-kickery. And it also showed the strength level of the director's INHUMAN super strength ability.

I kinda guessed that his strength level was nowhere near that of any of Inhuman The Royal Family and probably closer to Jessica Jones. Able to lift somewhere around 5-10 tons. He was also limited by his unwillingness to believe that Robbie's power's were of a supernatural basis and not Inhuman. Since all Ghost Riders have the same abilities, Robbie can life 20-25 tons. He can instantly heal from any wound and can even regenerate his skull if it is ever smashed.

As in how The Hulk did it when they fought. Also, if you should be…”Lucky” enough to defeat a Ghost Rider, the actual demon, Zarathos, who is the demonic living embodiment of vengeance where
The Ghost Rider's power comes from, immediately takes over the body...AT HIS FULL STRENGTH! So now you're talking about 40-50 tons and size manipulation to boot! So...did you win? Or did you actually REALLY F'BEEP UP?

Having said all that, the fight played out about as well as it could have on the small screen. I STILL wait to see Robbie use his chains more and I want to see the ‘69 Charger become more of a player. This week's episode left some fairly big questions. Like, when Eli Marrow (Jose Zuniga) set off the device, did he absorb everyone in the area? More importantly, did he absorb Robbie as well?  COULD he absorb a Ghost Rider in such a manner? More importantly, if he has, who the f'BEEP is going to stop him?

Agents of SHIELD season 4 trailers
The final 4 episodes of Agents of SHIELD promise to be action packed insanity.

E4 S4 "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire"


GHOST RIDER AND S.H.I.E.L.D. GO HEAD-TO-HEAD, ON 'MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.,' ON ABC "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire" - As Ghost Rider's quest for vengeance brings him into an explosive confrontation with S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson and Mack must rely on an unlikely ally in their time of desperate need; and Daisy reunites with a familiar face to stop the Watchdogs, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network.



Sir Kent Review of the previous episode The Ghost

As you can tell by the gif, this week's episode of AOS made me drink. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Now, like I do with most of my reviews, let's dig into what I DID NOT LIKE. This new Director thing bugs me. Where did this guy come from and how the f'BEEP could they ever pass over Agent Maria Hill as the new director?!?! I SAY THEE NAY! (Like how I worked in  some Asgardian?) I mean other than Hawkeye and The Black Widow, she has been by director Fury's side from the start! Nobody can replicate that kind of experience.

SERIOUSLY? Did Nick Fury have no say in who filled the void??? And so now Coulson is just a VERY senior field agent? Not even the right hand of this new, pretty-boy director? If Hill comes back as a f'BEEPin’ villian because of this, they f'BEEPin’ deserve it!

In all of this, the one person I TRULY DO NOT envy is Jemma. Her heart was in the right place grabbing at a position that would allow her some sway over this new version of SHIELD. However I kinda think she got it because this new director doesn't see her as a threat. Plus, how f'BEEPin’ long do you think May is going to continue to take orders from her before she reminds her who the Hell she's talking to? Okay, I think I'm done with dislikes.

What I did like about last night's episode? Let's take it from the top. Best line

Coulson - Look forward to seeing May

Mack - I think you look more forward to it more than I do

On Yo-Yo.  I did not know if this character would be brought back or not.
Seeing Yo-Yo again was nice. Seeing how hot she is for Mack was VERY nice! I do love an aggressive woman and she is going to shag the living shit out of Mack!  She adds some personal relationships with Mack and is also in a interesting position as a go between with Quake/Daisy and the rest of her former team.

Secrets  and Rules to Keep Secrets
To Hell with the rules! It's unfortunate that the agency tends to force you to keep secrets from loved ones. Poor Fitz having to keep the secret of this new AIDA cyborg from Simmons is killing him. He just needs more time to see it finished and maybe field tested. I must go in record now and say, Am I the ONLY person who See's “Ultron: Attack of the sexy cyborgs” happening here? Do the math.

She was created by Radcliffe as a means to save lives by “Mimicking” humans in order to protect them. That as sounds great. Probably will go great the first few times. But what's to keep her from one day “Mimicking” a human's desire to survive? Then in the heat of battle being all like “F'BEEP YO’ COUCH, EDDIE MURPHY!

I ain't goin’ out like that!”? Ultron, all over again, only sexy. I sayeth woe be that day indeed. (More Asgardian for you I am really getting ready Thor Ragnarok).

FINALLY,......give me a drum roll................

The Ghost Rider entrance.......went off like BOOM!!!!!

I have to say, much like a lot of you, I had a serious concern about how on a T.V. budget, they would make Ghost Rider look convincing. This new version of  The Rider with the car instead if the motorcycle just seems to fit. His transformation into The Rider was done very well. The only thing that was missing was his chain. Which I'm sure we will see soon enough.

I am curious to see what it is in this box he is hunting. The gun running repu...I meant white supremacist are a happy by-product of what The Rider is truly after. Whatever was let out of that box is of a supernatural basis and he knows he has to kill it. Unfortunately for everyone at SHIELD base, it seems to have gotten a hold of May. And THAT could only mean they are in for a very bad day! If she turns on the SHIELD crew due to this ghost box then all hell is going to break loose!

All in all, I look forward to meeting this new director. Hopefully having him killed off (By a possessed May) and finding out exactly what this evil spirit is.

Plus WHERE THE HELL IS DEATHLOK??? Ghost Rider vs Deathlok would be something I would love to see.
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