Who is Nightshade?

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Who is Nightshade?

Nightshade is a villain in the Marvel universe.  She is known for battling Captain America and the Heroes for Hire, Power Man and Iron Fist.  Nightshade appears in the film Black Panther and is played by actress

Real Name: Tilda Johnson

Monikers:  Dr. Nightshade, Deadly Nightshade, and Nightshade

First Appearance: Captain America #164

Tilda Johnson is born in Harlem in a rough and poor neighborhood.  She is a genius whose education quickly outpaces that of her teachers.  A phenomenal autodidact she teaches herself numerous sciences to an advanced degree.  While, Tilda could have certainly used her intelligence in a legitimate arena she decides it is far easier to accrue wealth and power through crime.  She hid her advanced intelligence behind a facade of seemingly childish behavior and mannerisms.   The young criminal mastermind was discovered by the Yellow Claw who took her as a protege.  The Yellow Claw financed Tilda's first major venture and outfitted her with a new moniker, Deadly Nightshade.

Now working beneath the name of Nightshade she created a serum that could turn men into obedient werewolf like creatures.  She began taking subjects from prisons and began turning them into werewolves.  The goal was for her to create a werewolf army for the Yellow Claw.  This plan was foiled by Captain America and SHIELD.

To get revenge on Captain America she created a special pheromone that enhanced her persuasion ability.  She took control of a SHIELD facility and forced Captain America to battle his friend the Falcon. She was thwarted, captured and sent to prison.

After breaking out of prison, Tilda returned to her home to Harlem. This time she created an army of life like robots to help her take over the NYC underworld.  She used childlike antics to hide herself as the true mastermind and pretended to be merely the paramour of the mysterious gangster, R.U. Rossum.  R.U. Rossum later turned out to be one of Nightshade robots.  She managed to take over areas from the maggia and other gangs.  However, her scheme came to the attention of the Heroes for Hire, Power Man and Iron Fist.  The duo battled Nightshade and destroyed her operations.

Power Man and Iron Fist would thwart many of her future schemes that included an attempt to take over the Hulk, robbing a ball with a super villain group.    She also battled Captain America again in a scheme that turned the Avenger into a werewolf.


Nightshade has no powers but is highly intelligent, trained and ruthless.

As a criminal mastermind she has invented numerous chemicals and serum weapons.  Her most notorious weapon turns people into werewolves.  She has also created mind control chemicals.

Mastered genetics, physics, cybernetics,

Highly advanced martial arts training.

Nightshade will appear in the film Black Panther.  She is shown in a scene where Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B Jordan) appears to breaking Ulyssess S Klaue aka Klaw out of jail.  It is unclear if she will have more of a role beyond appearing with Killmonger.  It is very possible she could reapear as a villain else where in the Marvel universe.  My preferred place would be in either  Luke Cage or in Iron Fist.  Nightshade is played by singer / actress Nabiyah Be.  This will be Nabiyah's first film.


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