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The Walking Dead season 6 trailers and promos

The Walking Dead season 6 trailers and promos

The Walking Dead season 6 is nearly upon us.  What will happen with Rick and co now in charge of Alexandria?  What will happen with the Wolves?  Will Morgan vie for control of the community himself?  Many questions!

The Midseason Finale seems to closely resemble the story in the comic called No Way Out.  That story had a few interesting things happens after a horde of zombies poured into Alexandria.  Jessie Anderson and her son are killed.  Tobin is eaten.  Douglas Monroe was killed and upon dieing accidentally shoots Carl Grimes in the face.  Yeah a pretty crazy series of events.


  Season 6 Teasers:
Midseason Finale! No Way Out

Season Premiere Teasers



Cllick to Enter the Walking Dead Headquarters!

The All Things Walking Dead HQ
What is Sanctuary? 
Who is Negan? 

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