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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Argument for casting Ronda Rousey in a Super Hero role


Update 10-2-2015:
Feige says that he loves the campaign to get Rousey the role of Captain Marvel.   He does not outright turn down the notion either.  He points out Bautista was chosen because he was an athlete and a great performer.

Also a sensational video featuring the life of Ronda debutes before UFC 193.

Argument for casting Ronda Rousey in a Super Hero role
Should Ronda Rousey be offered a Super Hero role:

Some people ignore fighting sports or even all sports.  I get it.  Its violent and watching real people pulverize each other in an enclosed space as a sea of gawkers look on sipping champagne has a barbarous gladiatorial feel to it.   I could talk about how the participants are doing so out of their free will, are paid, and yada yada....but lets just move past that to what I tell my kids.

Greatness is rare, you know when you see it, enjoy it while it lasts.

When I was young man I marveled at the football /baseball playing phenom named Bo Jackson.  Bo Jackson was.....GREAT.  He broke no records, he holds no titles, but he was for a few years flat out amazing to watch, he was GREAT.  Then a few years in to the Bo years, he was injured and it was over.  Boom done.  Hope you didn't blink.

Greatness is rare, you know when you see it, enjoy it while it lasts.

Well Ronda Rousey is GREAT

When I talk about Ronda Rousey other great athletes come to mind.  Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Dan Gable, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Aleksandr Karelin, Bo Jackson, Wayne Gretzsky these were athletes that were so insanely dominating that even when up against the best in their sports they were unstoppable.  Ronda fits into that group very well.


These are people who can break others wills with a stare.  They are so dominating, so much better that the competition spends half the time eating their dust.  The competition doesn't know what to do they are so insanely outgunned.

The weird thing with Rousey is that she finishes off her competition so freaking fast, that we don't get many weird looks, of what am I supposed to do.  Or how did she just do that.  She just takes them out one way or another in seconds........That is right SECONDS.  A lot of Ronda's fights can be seen in a GIF because they take about that long.

Don't believe me watch:

Ronda is also a Role Model:
The other cool thing about Ronda is that she has an aggressive take no prisoners attitude.  That attitude is pretty unique amongst the pantheon of female role models out there.  She stands out with a unique message.  She doesn't care what you think of her body.  She is
She says things that other females just won't say.

But should she be cast as a Super Hero?
Ronda can fight, she can lead, she has a dynamic personality that pulls people in.  She has also done some acting she has been in Expendables 3, Furious 7, The Athena Project,  and Entourage.  Most of these roles have been limited to cameos.  She is not a highly trained actress and shouldn't be thought of as such.   However, she does have some experience.

I think given who Ronda is that she would make an awesome fit for a Super-Hero team film.  In these features not all of the acting burden would be on her.  She could still shine in limited roles.

However, Ronda has stated she is out for the Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) role.  This role is big, and one entire film will depend on the actress cast for the role of Carol.  Carol will then undoubtedly appear in other films after that.  My initial reaction to the thought of Rousey being cast in that kind of demanding role is no way.  First, its a ton of time for her to be away from her sport and training.  Second, there are other professional actresses who can likely do it better.


Greatness is rare, you know when you see it, enjoy it while it lasts.

In a way a movie with Rousey is worth watching just to see Rousey.  Also seeing Ronda with super powers taking down some super villains like Dr. Minerva or Ronan has kind of its own appeal.  She could mix together real fighting skills (Which few have higher), her real athletes body, with super powers in a way that has never before been done.

What do you think?  What role would you cast Rousey in?  Or do you think she should stick to cameos and fighting?

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