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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Trailer is sheer Awesomeness!

I am not sure about what DC is doing on their cinema universe but I love what they are doing with their TV universe.
They are delivering quality heroes fighting quality villains, with a good story, and special effects.

Call me very impressed!

As for analysis, I am still researching this as I am more of a Marvel guy (Not trying to create a flame war) .  Hopefully, I can add some meaningful insights to this though.

Jay Garricks - Helmet a few people have pointed out that the original Flash's helmet appears briefly in the trailer.
 Vandall Savage will be the main villain!

Jay Garrick's helmet bottom left,h_344,w_588/t_mp_quality/nb1wrso02dnurhxok9vp/what-to-look-forward-to-in-dc-s-legends-of-tomorrow-405939.jpg

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