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Mystery woman entering the pool of water in the Age of Ultron Trailer

There has been rampant speculation on who the woman in the pool and the girl behind Thor in the picture above are.

 It seems we may finally be getting some answers on the girl in the pool.  It was revealed as the film came out that there was actually no woman in the pool in the actual film.  She was actually cut from the film.  However, the scene is actually still somewhat important as it reveals some of what Thor's Subplot was supposed to be like in the film.

Avengers director Joss Whedon was being interviewed by Empire Film Podcast and revealed:

There was a 195-minute cut of this movie. The original scene was that Thor went to speak to the Norn and how it would work was that he’d go in the pool and the Norn possess him, basically, and Erik Selvig asks all the questions, and the Norn, speaking through Thor, give the answers. So Chris  got to do something different, and he really threw himself into it, and he did a beautiful job, but it wasn’t well regarded by the test audiences and I feel it’s probably largely because it was a rough cut with no effects, but also because it’s something that in a Thor movie would work brilliantly, but in this movie is just a little too left of centre.

Basically, the woman in the pool would likely have been this Norn.  From her Thor would have been possessed and revealed his visions on Ragnarok.

What is a Norn?

In Norse Mythology the Norns are principally 3 women who stand at the well of fate (Well of Uror) there they take care of the roots of Yggdrasil (the world tree) so that it does not rot.  The Norns are heavily associated with fate, destiny, time and events.
There are other norns in Norse mythology who go about causing good and bad events to happen.

Given this information what do you think of the changed scene?  Personally, I think the film would have made much more sense if they allowed Thor to meet the Norn and let this play out.  It also would have explained what this pool actually was (the Well of Uror / Fate).  The original scene would have also provided an interesting scene for Thor and Eric Selvig.  Selvig purpose in the final scene never made sense to me, but in this original scene it would have been explained.  Thor would have required a person to ask him question that knew a lot about Norse Mythology, and there is no better character in the MCU for this than Eric Selvig.

Old Ideas
Old Ideas on who the girl in the pool is:

Joshua Murcray posted some pictures of the mystery woman in the Agents of SHIELD forum and asked if she could be Raina after her transformation.   He also mentioned the Dora Milaje from Wakanda.

Ive read other ideas that include Inhumans, Alanteans, and Chitauri.  I think I have settled upon a few ideas that are most likely.

 1) A Wakandan Dora Milaje - these are the warrior maidens that protect the Black Panther and also form up a pool of eligible women for him to marry.

 2) Shurri - the younger sister of T'Challa (The Black Panther) who at one point became the Black Panther herself

3) A woman from a flashback.  Many Avengers are said to experience flashbacks when they encounter the Scarlet Witch.  Could this woman be part of someone's flashback?

If I had to choose I would say she is a Dora Milaje.  Her shaved head, lithe figure, and the exotic cave location all point toward a Dora Milaje.   If this is true then it is yet another hint that Black Panther could be in this movie.  Everything Marvel has officially said is that the Panther is set to show up in Captain America 3.  However, this movie is dripping wet with references to the Black Panther, just dripping wet.

Girl Behind Thor
There is also a female in similar garb behind Thor.  I tend to think the girl behind Thor is Asgardian and not related to the girl in the pool.

The Origin of The Black Panther?
Part of me is thinking is that what we are getting in this movie is the first part of the origin story of T'Challa (The Black Panther).  Ultron's attack on Wakanda could serve as the impetus for T'Challa to turn into a superhero to defend his nation.  Wakanda seems to already be used/terrorized by the villain Klaw who shows up in the trailer.  Now the Wakandans will see Hulk and a giant Robot rampage through their streets and Ultron attack them.  This could be the moment where T'Challa says enough is a enough and his people need a hero.  Maybe we don't see Black Panther, but maybe we see the reason why there is a Black Panther.


Avengers: Age of Ultron news and speculation

Fantomex Cosplay

 There have been some amazing Cosplays of Fantomex.  I love the group shots done by Saturday Morning cosplay that included all the different version of the character (Cluster, Fantomex and Weapon XIII). 
There have also been some awesome

Shawn Crystal and his AWESOME Fantomex Sketch! 
X-Men Films Hub -News, characters, and art
Who is Fantomex? 

X-Force Cosplay

Fantomex by Lemur of Saturday Morning Cosplay
Fantomex and Archangel

Fantomex Cosplay with fellow members of X-Force

Weapon XIII by Saturday Morning Cosplay

Cluster and Fantomex
An awesome shot that looks like it could be Uncanny X-Force

Shawn Crystal and his AWESOME Fantomex Sketch! 
X-Men Films Hub -News, characters, and art
Who is Fantomex?

Toylab Cool Pix: Fantomex from Uncanny X-Force!


Fantomex made one of his most notable appearances in the Uncanny X-Force series.

Shawn Crystal and his AWESOME Fantomex Sketch! 
X-Men Films Hub -News, characters, and art
Who is Fantomex? 







Shawn Crystal and his AWESOME Fantomex Sketch! 
X-Men Films Hub -News, characters, and art
Who is Fantomex?

Who is Fantomex?

Who is Fantomex?

Fantomex is an anti-hero in the Marvel Universe.  He is known for being a member of the Weapon X program that created Wolverine.  He is recruited by Wolverine to serve on X-Force.

First Appearance: New X-Men #128 (2002)

Fantomex News:
Shawn Crystal and his AWESOME Fantomex Sketch! 
X-Men Films Hub -News, characters, and art

Fantomex Multimedia:
Toylab Cool Pix: Fantomex pictures from Uncanny X-Force
Fantomex Cosplay - The Full X-Force assembles!

Fantomex is one of the crazier characters in Marvel.  He is actually not a real person but a artificial one.  Fantomex was created as part of the Weapon Plus program as a super sentinel to hunt down and kill mutants. Fantomex is a descendant of techno-organice race that had sentinel nano technology intertwined with their cells.  This advanced evolution of life occurred in a facility called the World.  The World was a sub dimensional space that uses artificial time.  Using artificial time the Weapons Plus program could make events pass at a faster pace than in normal Earth time or could freeze them entirely to a halt..  This allowed Weapons Plus to develop highly evolved subspecies in days as opposed to millions of years.  Fantomex's mother was part of the techno organic subspecies of the world and was fertilized by special Sentinel nano machines that resulted in Fantomex.

Fantomex is not actually French but he claims to have been raised in a virtual France and has modeled himself after a Frenchmen.  He also fashions himself as a womanizer and a thief and uses his powers to make that goal a reality.  He often uses the name Jean Phillipe which was a name he himself chose. 

Fantomex is considered to be Weapon XIII of the weapon plus program.  Like Wolverine he rebelled against the program and has sought to eradicate its dangerous creations and the programs creator John Sublime.   He has often teamed up with Wolverine in attempts to hunt down and destroy the Weapon Plus program.

An accident in the Chunnel releases a dangerous mutant who begins to take over people's minds.  Around this time Fantomex shows up at Xavier's doorstep with bullet wounds, he claims to be a famous French thief with the mutant power of misdirection. Xavier and Jean Grey are disturbed that they are unable to read Fantomex's mind but decide to take him at his word and give him sanctuary.  Fantomex is able to enter a trance like state and performs surgury on himself.  Fantomex reveals that he has a space ship called EVA, he and Xavier take off to battle the dangerous mutant in the Chunnel.  As they battle the mutant they learn that it is Weapon XII.  Upon Weapon XII's defeat they learn that there are in fact to canisters that contained Weapon Plus mutants,  one contained the now dead Weapon XII and the other was empty.  Fantomex is revealed to be this Weapon XIII.  Jean Grey allows Fantomex to leave when he saws his only desire is to become a famous theif, and that he is no man's soldier.

 Fantomex's space ship EVA is later revealed to be an actual part of Fantomex.  She is called an external nervous system.  In some unknown fashion EVA and Fantomex have a symbiotic relationship.


Fantomex joins Wolverine's new X-Force team in attempt to assassinate a new Apocalypse.  When the team learns that this Apocalypse is still an innocent child they hesitate on what they should do.  Fantomex does not hesitate and shoots the child version of Apocalypse killing him.  It is later revealed that Fantomex has taken control of the World and it is raising a new version of Apocalypse.  It seems Fantomex's hope is to raise an Apocalypse in a good virtual life to see if he can become a hero.  He later starts a relationship with fellow X-Force member Psyloch.  The two are attacked by Captain Britain who believe Fantomex is a menace that must be eliminated.  Psyloche and Fantomex fight their way free and defeat the older brother of Captain Britain, a corrupt superhuman called the Goat.

Fantomex is later killed by the villain called the Skinless Man who cuts out his heart.  EVA survives and attempts to clone him but the cloning process is imperfect due to the complexity of Fantomex's three brains.  The three brains each become their own clone.  One clone is evil and calls himself Jean Phillipe or Weapon XIII, one brain becomes a female called "Cluster" and the third is mischievous and goes by Fantomex.

Fantomex has the power of misdirection which is actually a reality warping illusion ability.  His illusions are extremely powerful and he is able to use them to cause a variety of effects.

He has a mask that can block telepaths

Heightened strength, speed, reflexes, senses and durability

Regeneration - Has mentioned a healing factor though its limits are unclear

Fantomex has a unique physiology that includes three brains.  This allows to survive a head shot as the other brains can take over.  It also allows him multitask on numerous problems at once.

Highly skilled marksman, stealth, thief, illusionist, psychological manipulation, and reading people.

EVA is a separate mind that is connected to Fantomex.  EVA is generally depicted as an advanced space ship but has taken on humanoid form at times.  EVA is called Fantomex's exterior nervous system.  Fantomex can see through her, feel her injuries, and direct her through his telepathic link.

Fantomex also takes control of the highly advanced inter-dimensional region known as the World.  In the World Fantomex can run experiments similar to those that created himself.

Shawn Crystal and his AWESOME Fantomex Sketch! 
X-Men Films Hub -News, characters, and art
Toylab Cool Pix: Fantomex pictures from Uncanny X-Force
Fantomex Cosplay - The Full X-Force assembles! 

Most striking Cosplay of Denver Comic Con 2015

Rachel Speights as Harley Quinn

Denver Comic Con was full of an amazing assortment of costumed characters that were torn from comics, novels, games and films.  They invaded the mile high city from dragon realms and the mean streets of Gotham.  Often times as is the case of any large grouping of such a motley bunch a great big party ensued.

Here are some of the stand outs!

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!

Beware Captain America here is the Winter Soldier done most awesomely by Holly Queens
Winter Soldier by Holly Queens

 The characters from Dragon Age!
Yeah this one was cool!
Dragon Age characters invade the Mile High City
Let us slayeth some Dragons!
 This Harley was already getting ready for the upcoming DC series Bombshells!  A Harley Quinn in WW2 gear!

Two Face!
 There were a lot of Harley Quinns at Denver Comic Con but I only saw one Two Face and she was freaking awesome!


A Dalek!
 This awesome looking Dalek tried to destroy me but I was slightly too nimble.

There were many female and male Thors but I only saw one Angela, Asgards Assassin!


If you did a Cosplay that you would like to be covered feel free to comment on this post.  I have more pictures and need to post a whole lot more!

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!

Meeting Shawn Crystal and his Fantomex Sketch

Fantomex MAX by Inkpulp

Meeting Shawn Crystal and his Fantomex Sketch

 Shawn Crystal is an artist known for working on the Fantomex Max series.  The Max series for those who don't  know tend to be more adult oriented works by Marvel.  In it Shawn Crystal drew an amazing version of the character that looked chique and badass at the same time.

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!
Who is Fantomex? 

 Who is Fantomex?
Fantomex himself is not the most well known character.  I had read very little about him until I began reading Uncanny X-Force.  In that series Wolverine pulls together a group of mutant bad asses to do the dirty work that other super hero teams don't have the stomach for.  A stand out character in the series was Fantomex. He is a charming, and mysterious super thief that is entirely self absorbed but so brilliant you love him anyway.  Fantomex acts and models himself after a Frenchman but is actually an entirely artificial being created by the Weapon Program.  His central nervous system is partially separate from his body and fly around in the form of a giant robot saucer / space ship called EVA.  Everything about him is a little over the top.  Riding on the popularity of Uncanny X-Force, Fantomex was then given his own MAX series.  Like many of the MAX series Fantomex did not have a ton of success but the art in it by Shawn was amazing.

I have had a white variant cover of Uncanny X-Force for awhile and have been waiting for idea of what to do with it.  When I saw Shawn was coming to Denver Comic Con I hit him up for a sketch.  For an extremely reasonable fee and Shawn did an awesome sketch of a Fantomex head shot for me.

See below:

 Bad Ass, Cool, Fashionable, hell yes its Fantomex!

Fantomex Sketch by Shawn Crystal on Uncanny X-Force #1

Shawn has a site on Deviant art that includes both more of his art and podcast interviews with himself and other artists.   The podcast series is really interesting and if you have any desire to learn more about comic art or the industry I recommend checking it out.
You can find Shawn's work at --> http://inkpulp.deviantart.com/

Thanks Shawn for a great sketch!

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!
Who is Fantomex? 

Meeting Justin Ponsor (Amazing Spider-Man artist) at Denver Comic Con


One of the many talented people I met at Denver Comic Con (2015) was Justin Ponsor.  Justin has done work on many titles but right now is most known for doing the color work on the Amazing Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse series.  Justin mentioned he was actually working on Comic Con weekend on the color work for the upcoming Secret Wars tie in "Renew you Vows" the Spider-Man title that teases a version of Spider-Man that is still married to Mary Jane and has a child.

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!

I asked Justin what it was like to work on an event as awesome as the Spider-Verse and he said it was awesome.  He said that it was very challenging to keep all of the Spider-Men and their costumes straight.

Justin was selling prints of some of his work.  Check these pictures that he either did full or colors on:





Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!

DC All Access Panel - News - Denver Comic Con 2015 coverage

DC All Access Panel - News - Denver Comic Con 2015 coverage

DC put together a couple of great panels this year at Denver Comic Con.  They brought out a great crew of writers and artists as well as previews of Flash and the Arkham Knight Video Game.

The creative group from DC included:

  • Jeff King  - Writer of Convergence
  • Dan Jurgens - Long artist of DC - talked Convergence and upcoming project Bat Mite
  • Jimmy Palmiotti - Working on Starfire series and Powergirl / Harley Quinn team up
  • Amanda Connor- Also working on Starfire series and Powergirl / Harley Quinn team up
  • Van Jensen - Working on the Flash
  • Marguerite Bennett - Spoke at about upcoming project Bombshells
Overall this was a great panel.

My only issue I had with this panel was the room they were placed in.
For some reason Denver Comic Con gave them a small room and it easily could have filled one of the main ball rooms.  It looked like a couple hundred or more people were turned away.  I hope Denver Comic Con rectifies this next year.  If DC is willing to bring out some of their big guns they deserve a big room.  An event that combines all of DC comics, video games, and tv programming is going to bring in a big group of people.

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage!

A few questions on a lot of people minds is whether some of the old Pre 52 characters could appear after Convergence.  The answer from DC seemed to be yes.

Jeff King writer of Convergence said specifically;
Every character will now be available to storytellers. We won’t see them all right away, but we will have the opportunity to bring them together again

King went on to describe the build out of the series.  How Brainac went through the multiverse and effectively collected cities and characters that now are combined in convergence.

I think the result of Convergence could allow DC to keep the new 52 but also bring some of its older characters.  I hear a lot from Superman and Oracle fans and my guess is that one way or the other we will eventually see the older version of these characters.

Van Jansens promised a Barry Allen / Flash story that would surprise both comic and TV fans of the Flash.  In the story of the Flash, Barry Allen's mother is killed and his father Henry Allen is convicted of the crime.  Van Jansen teased a dramatic upcoming cover of the Flash that featured Henry Allen (Barry Allen's Father) firing a gun at the Flash.  He hinted at the truth of the murder of being revealed.


Jurgens revealed his next project is going to be a light hearted one focused on the character of Bat-Mite.  Bat-Mite is imp like character that possesses what seems like magical powers but is actually advanced technology from the 5th dimension.  Bat-Mite in this story believes he has "fixed" Batman and in Jurgen's words, “Now he’s going to go on to deal with the rest of the DC Universe”.  Jurgens promises that Bat-Mite's adventures are going to have very unexpected and humorous results.

Harley and Powergirl:


Palmiotti and Amanda Connor have received massive attention from the Harley Quinn series.  One of these things they are attempting to do with Harley is to take her out of Gotham.  This series teams up Harley with Powergirl as they travel into another dimension.  The art from Amanda Connor continue looks amazing I actually bought a print over the art above.
They also showed the cover for the 2nd issue of this series which featured Harley ducking/hugging Powergirl as the two were surround by laser guns.

Starfire #1

Amanda Connor said that Starfire is seeking out a new and hopefully normal life in Keywest where she hopes she won't stick out with her orange skin too much.  Palmiotti promised that this would be a great issue for new readers to learn about the character.


Marguerite Bennet flat out sold the hell out of her Bombshells project.  The crowd seemed extremely enthusiastic over this one.  The premise is that in this Bombshells universe the female versions of the characters came before the male versions.  This alters the history and the females are main characters in the universe.  The art from the series also looks very striking, I am expecting a lot from this one.

Madmax Fury Rode tie ins:
The crowd also liked the idea of the Madmax tie in books which are various prequel stories that will come out that focus on characters from the Madmax Fury Rode film.

Denver Comic Con - Cosplay, Art and Coverage! 

Gamora in Cosplay

Gamora in Cosplay

I have seen a lot of Gamora cosplays here are some of my favorites.

Who is Gamora? 
Guardians of the Galaxy Character Hub 
Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs
Check out the best Gamora art work! 
Pictures of Zoe Saldana as Gamora
Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Here is a Nova and Gamora COSPLAY that were both awesome



Meant to look like cover

Another Nova and Gamora Couple


 Here is a spooky Gamora Cosplay with godslayer



A full Guardians Crew including Gamora

Who is Gamora? 
Guardians of the Galaxy Character Hub 
Who is Rocket Raccoon?
Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs
Check out the best Gamora art work! 
Pictures of Zoe Saldana as Gamora
Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

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