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Who is Gladiator aka Melvin Potter?

Who is Gladiator aka Melvin Potter?

Gladiator is a villain who battles the Marvel hero Daredevil.

Real Name: Melvin Potter

First Appearance:  Daredevil #18

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Gladiator is one of the first costumed villains encountered by Daredevil.

Melvin Potter is a costume designer who decides he can make more money as a criminal.  He creates a special suit of armor that includes spinning wrist mounted blades.  He trains heavily in martial arts.  He becomes a super villain using the name Gladiator.

Working as the Gladiator he is defeated by Daredevil.  After numerous failed attempts to beat Daredevil on his own he joins groups like the Emissaries of Evil and the Maggia for various schemes.  These schemes are always thwarted by Daredevil.

Eventually, Melvin reforms and goes legit.  He even becomes a vocal supporter of Daredevil.

Melvin Potter has no powers but he uses martial arts, armor, and is in peak physical condition.


May show up as a thug and outfit maker of the Kingpin.  Daredevil battles him and convinces him to make a suit for him so that the Kingpin can be stopped.

In the background of one scene it appears the Melvin is working on the suit for the villain Stilt-Man.

Melvin Potter may reappear in the Daredevil series a mysterious promo image was shown that showed a design of a suit and a saw blade with the initials MP.  These is an obvious reference to Melvin Potter and his gladiator suit.

Melvin Potter continues to help Daredevil in Daredevil Season 2.  In this season he helps reconstruct Daredevil's suit and adds the Daredevil bully clubs as weapons.  Melvin did not appear as Gladiator in the series that seems to be set up for a confrontation in Season 3.

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All Daredevil and Defenders Saga News! 

Who is Daredevil?

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