Free Comic Book Day - May 2nd 2015

Free Comic Book Day - May 2nd 2015

Another Free Comic Book Day is coming and it promises to be a doozy.  I for one am just scheduling a full on, all out geek day and am going to Avengers: Age of Ultron and also going to a few local comic shops to enjoy the comics and events.

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This Free Comic Book Day features some seriously awesome books.  There are a few ones that I absolutely will be making a v line for.

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Secret Wars #0

To me the most important book coming out is in all of Free Comic Book day is Secret Wars #0 from Marvel.  This book is the start point for the massive Secret Wars event.  I can not think of many events books this large where the first event is given away for free.  I consider this pretty huge.

Secret Wars #0 Synopsis:
Prepare yourself for the final days of the Marvel Universe as you know it as the march to the biggest comic event of the year continues! From the ashes of a decimated cosmos rises...Battleworld! Amid the strange, patchwork realm, refugees from thousands of obliterated universes struggle for survival. Even if they can endure the horrors of Battleworld - the home they knew has been destroyed! Time has run out, and the opening salvo of Secret Wars has been fired. But can anything restore the Marvel Universe that once was?
Rating: Teen+

Avengers #1

Another huge Marvel book to grab is Avengers 31 that show cases the brand new Avengers team.  Once again a new Avengers book is a pretty big deal especially with the overall focus on the Avengers this weekend with the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out.  This Avengers roster will be very different from the movie and feature a lot of the new kids on the block.

STK666804 Image

DC main book for FCBD is Divergence which is a preview of some of their main events of 2015.

A first look at upcoming storylines! DC Comics: Divergence features three 8-page previews for the June releases of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman, as well as Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's launch of the "Darkseid War" within Justice League featuring the biggest villains in the DCU - Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, and Gene Luen Yang's DC Comics debut with celebrated artist John Romita, Jr on Superman.

Other Publishers:
A lot of other books that stand out are Savage Dragon Legacy, Pokemon, Fight Club, Dr Who, And Then Emily was gone, Hatter m Love of Wonder, Hip Hop Family Tree.

There are a lot of others, including many kids books so if you have kids be sure to hit up the local comic store.

Here are pictures of Some of the comics that will be out there.  Keep in mind different stores can get different ones and some of these will go quick.

STK665731 ThumbnailSTK666931 ThumbnailSTK666532 ThumbnailSTK664578 Thumbnail

STK666533 ThumbnailSTK666804 ThumbnailSTK666290 ThumbnailSTK666534 Thumbnail

STK666913 ThumbnailSTK666506 ThumbnailSTK666911 ThumbnailSTK666880 Thumbnail

STK665719 ThumbnailSTK666507 ThumbnailSTK666128 ThumbnailSTK665726 Thumbnail

STK666590 ThumbnailSTK666878 ThumbnailSTK665727 ThumbnailSTK666536 Thumbnail

 STK666539 ThumbnailSTK664893 ThumbnailSTK666589 ThumbnailSTK666592 Thumbnail

 STK666538 ThumbnailSTK665721 ThumbnailSTK666535 ThumbnailSTK666541 Thumbnail

STK664819 ThumbnailSTK666595 ThumbnailSTK664848 ThumbnailSTK666150 Thumbnail

 STK666593 ThumbnailSTK666874 ThumbnailSTK664760 ThumbnailSTK664317 Thumbnail

 STK666594 ThumbnailSTK664580 ThumbnailSTK666591 ThumbnailSTK666403 Thumbnail

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