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DC Movies news and speculation Hub:

Wonder Woman

Justice League:

Justice League Movie

Suicide Squad:

Do you dare shop for Suicide Squad items in the mall of Gotham?  Look out this place is only for true fans!
Suicide Squad Shopping Mall

Periodically updated with latest news on the Suicide Squad:
Suicide Squad reviews compilation- what the critics are saying
Suicide Squad trailer broken down by pictures

Pictures of Harley Quinn and Katanna in action in the Suicide Squad
Pictures of the whole Suicide Squad in costume
Jared Leto's controversial Joker look and analysis
A look at Jared Leto's Joker Hair
 Margot Robbie cast as Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad First trailer and more revealed at SDCC

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice:

Awesome released photos from Dawn of Justice Photographer 
Epic new Dawn of Justice - Trailer release at San Diego Comic Con
Zach Snyder arrives at Comic Con in the Batmobile! 
First look at Batman's gear in Dawn of Justice
Dawn of Justice Themes - Superman the Jesus the Ubermensch
See the first Dawn of Justice Trailer and Pictures! 
First look at Aquaman from Dawn of Justice and analysis
 Snyder's Dawn of Justice Tweets

Awesome released photos from Dawn of Justice Photographer

Green Lantern
Fan made - Tyrese as John Stewart

Green Lantern casting heating up - Chris Pine as Hal Jordan? Tyrese as John Stewart?

 Games and Toys:

DC Games
Arkham Knight game trailer and images 

DC Movie themed toys:  
Lego Set Peak - Black Manta Deep Sea Strike 
Lego Set Peak - Gorilla Grodd goes Bananas 

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