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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy "I am Zombie Day!"

This is the day after day light savings day and after Walking Dead sunday as such I officially decalare it to be:


Events for the day include:

  • Watching Zombie Films,
  • Feeling like a Zombie - Thank you Day Light Savings Time
  • Eating Hang over esq foods - sorry to disappoint those of you who want to eat brains.
  • Survive - Hopefully

In Denver my family is off to a slow start but I have the two key components for I am Zombie Day Surivival.
A HUGE cup of coffee and one of Denver glorious Breakfast Burritos.  I am also going to post today a lot on .......ZOMBIES!!!

How will you survive "I AM ZOMBIE DAY"?  Do you have any special foods or rituals?

And spread the word with:  #IAMZOMBIE and #IZOMBIE  #IAMZOMBIE day #THEWALKINGDEAD

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