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Awesome TIE Fighter short will amaze your eyes!


A fan of the Star Wars PC Game Tie Fighter worked on building this amazing 7 minute Tie Fighter short.  The short was created by Paul Johnson who worked on it for 4 years in his spare time.  Its amazingly drawn in an Anime style that really showcases the action.

Johnson used the actual ships and lore of Star Wars to create the short.  The sounds effects and movements all feel very authentic.

This may be one of the coolest and best produced Star Wars dog fights period and it came from a fan!.

One thing I highly recommend is to check out the related materials that Paul made to go with the short:
You can find those:  Tie Fighter Extra Materials

Star Wars - Alpha 1 Hub of all things Star Wars related!

Rebel Ships:
  • X-Wings
  • Y-Wings

Capital Vessels:
Corellian Corvettes
Nebulon -B Frigate

Imperial Ships:

  • TIE Fighters
  • TIE Fighter Bombers
  • TIE Interceptor

Capital Vessels:
  • Star Destroyers
  • Imbolizer  418 Interdictor Heavy Cruiser

Star Wars - Alpha 1 Hub of all things Star Wars related!

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