This is Grant Ward.

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The Hydralab Story:
Lets take a look at how Hydra took over the Toylab:

Toylab is taken over by Grant Ward and Agent 33
Morning commentary from your new Overlords!
Lunchtime with Crossbones 
Exclusive Interview with Baron Helmut Zemo! 
Hydra Fashion Show Part I
Hydra Fashion Show Part II 
The SHIELD force within Toylab continues to Fight
Hydra Cribs
The Final Battle and Free at last

Lets take a moment to introduce ourselves:
Meet Grant Ward! 
Meet Agent 33!

Time for a shout out to some of our Glorious leaders:
Meet Baron Von Strucker!
Meet Baron Heinrich Zemo! 
Meet Baron Helmut Zemo?
Meet the Kraken! 
Meet Crossbones!

Check out our devilish Propaganda or art work:
Hydralab Cool Pix: Baron Von Strucker!
Hydralab Cool Pix: Crossbones! 
Hydralab Cool Pix: Baron Nemo! 
Hydralab Cool Pix: The Red Skull!
Hydralab Cool Pix: Madame Hydra / Viper
Hail Hydra Video - History of Hydra in the MCU

Hydra Cosplay an Appreciation of Power:
Baron Zemo in Cosplay
Lady Hydra cosplay by Callie Cosplay 
Madame Hydra cosplay by Yaya Han
Crossbones in cosplay! 

Hydra Cribs:
Drool over our Diabolical Secret Bases and Lairs:
First stop: HYDRA ISLAND
Baron Zemo's Folding Castle
The Flying Island

Hydra Toys! Yes, we still like our toys:
Avengers: Age of Ultron Lego Sets
Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer in Lego form!
Lego Age of Ultron Comic book Part 1
Avengers Tower - Lego Set
Hydra Showdown! - Lego Set