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The Hydra Fashion Show (Part I)

The Hydrathon continues here at Hydralab with the Hydra Fashion SHOW!!!

Tell your friends!  #Hydra #AgentsofSHIELD #Marvel

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Agent 33:  Hydra is not as well known for fashion as say Hollywood, or Milan but we really should be.  I mean we really are very stylish for a paramilitary organization bent on world domination. 
 Ward what are your favorite Hydra looks?

Grant Ward:  Well personally I think I am the hottest thing in the freaking universe.  I mean check this out:  DANG I LOOK GOOD!!!!


Grant Ward: Dang I'm hot and watch this I can even rock a towel.  That is right a freaking TOWEL!


Agent 33: (Rolls Eyes) Humility is not a common trait amongst Hydra agents.  You know I was not so bad looking either before a electric pulse melted a mask on my face. I mean check this out!!!


Agent 33: Mmmmhmmmm I know your impressed:

Grant Ward: Not bad, not bad, not as hot as me, but not bad.  Anyways lets get back on task.  Here comes some of Hydra troopers down the runway.

Agent 33:  This is going to be good :)

Grant Ward: Hey no Smiley faces this is Hydra not middle-school!

Hydralab posts - The Only freaking posts you should care about!

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