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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Line of Black Panthers


The Line of Black Panthers

There have been Black Panther's throughout history.  Here is the line of known Black Panthers in the Marvel 616 Universe.

Bashenga - The original Black Panther
Bashenga was given the secrets of the Panther god Baal.  Bashenga creates the Panther Cult to solidify his power.  As part of the secrets of Baal Bashenga learns of the mystical heart shaped herb that gives the Panthers their powers.

Unknown number of Black Panthers

Azzuri the Wise - Father of T'Chaka
T'Chaka - Son of Azzuri
S'yan - Son of Azzuri - Younger brother of T'Chaka

T'Challa - Son of T'Chaka

Shuri - Daughter of T'Chaka

T'Challa - Returns to role of Black Panther

Black Panther movie - News, Characters, and Speculation 
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