Who is Dante AKA Inferno?


Who is Dante AKA Inferno?

Dante Pertuz lived with his mother and sister in Illinois.  When the Terrigen bomb was released in NYC it spread Terrigen throughout the world forcing those of Inhuman ancestry to undergo Terrigenesis.   Dante and the rest of those affected by the Terrigen to enter  a cocoon.  When he emerges he finds that his mother was put in a cocoon but died from the Terrigenesis process.

Dante is met by an older Inhuman by the name of Lash who seeks to determine whether or not new Inhumans are worthy of their gifts. Lash and Dante enter battle where it is revealed that Dante now has fire powers.  He is rescued by Queen Medusa who was teleported to his location by Eldrac the Door.  He joins the New Attilan Security force and takes the Inhuman name Inferno.

Dante / Inferno joins a mission to find Maximus the Mad and Black Bolt.  It seems that Maximus the Mad has managed to take control of his powerful brother.  Dante is joined by Gorgon, and fellow new man Nur (Frank).  They find the Boltagon brothers in the Himalayas  Nur manage to free Blackbolt from Maximus's control.  Blackbolt whispers the word "Remember" to Maximus severing his hands and dropping him off a cliff.  Blackbolt does not return with the three.  He searches around and pulls out an item called the codex and flies off.  Gorgon tells the 2 Numen (New Inhumans) that there is no way they could stop him and that for better or worse Blackbolt does what he wants.

First Appearance:
Inhuman #1 has since appeared throughout the Inhuman series.
Cover of Inhuman #1, Dante attempting to conceal himself in a crowd

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Dante has an advanced form of Pyrokinesis with a self-transmutation like ability:
Heat Resistance - Endure extreme heat temperatures without injury.
Fire Generation - Can create fire from his body without the requirement for oxygen to maintain them.
Rock Form - Can transform body into a very hot and durable molten rock form.
Fire blasts - Can fire blasts of hot plasma from his hands.

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Who are the Inhumans? 
Top 5 Questions after AoS S2 Midseason Finale?
Agents of SHIELD theories and speculation HQ

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