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A Merry Gotham Christmas!

Gotham Christmas by Digital Blasphemy

We at Toylab hope you have a Merry Gotham Christmas!

On Christmas I often times think of New York City even though I have never been their for Christmas.  It certainly seems like a magical time to visit NYC.  The closest comic equivalent is Batman's Gotham.  Yes, Gotham is a darker place but it is still filled with the magic and love of Christmas once a year.

 Ho Ho Ho watch out for the Joker, Don't eat the smiling fish, and don't flirt with women in cat suits.  That is right.  Prep your battarangs were going to Gotham kids!

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Christmas Tree lighting in Batman Returns

Batman Returns - Christmas Tree lighting

Gotham Christmas tree lighting from Batman Returns
Gotham Christmas card :)

By Rudy Vasquez on Deviantart
Gotham after Midnight #8

Gotham in Arkham Origins video game

Gotham in Arkham Origins video game

Are favorite night owl...errr Bat gliding over Gotham

Look who ended up beneath the mistletoe - Batman Returns

Alright you two, get a room the kids are watching.

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