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Who is Manga Spider-Man?


Who is Manga Spider-Man?
Manga Spider-Man is a Spider-Man from an alternative Manga Universe (2301).

First Appearance: Marvel Mangaverse #1


In this universe Peter Parker is a ninja in the Spider Clan.  His Uncle is killed by an agent of the Kingpin, another Ninja called Venom.  This makes Peter the last of his clan and he trains in secret.  As he trains in the secret arts of the Spider Clan he eventually gains the ability to shoot webs from his hands.   He meets up with the Blackcat who seems to be something of a romantic interest before she is revealed to be a spy of Nick Fury.  She is seeming killed by Daredevil but brought as a cyborg.
374086-mangaverse black cat
Black Cat in the Manga Universe
He later meets and begins to train with Mary Jane who is this universe's version of Spider-Girl.  He is still with Mary Jane at the beginning of the Spider -Verse storyline.

Manga Spider-Man is recruited in Spider-Verse #1 to join up with the other Spider-Totems in their battle against the Inheritors.  He receives a vision from Ben Parker and he travels to a temple to find out what it means.  He is immediately confronted by the Manga version of Venom.  Venom attempts to stop him from joining with the others but he is webbed up by the army of Spider-Men and Women.

Same as 616 but has trained as a ninja and fire biologically created webs.

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