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The Toylab Vault contains an immense collection of comics, posters, and toys.   Every once in awhile we voyage into the vault and take an artifact to analyze its secrets.

It is time to open the large heavy doors.


Welcome into the Vault!

Quasar #32 First appearance of Korath

Where Monsters Dwell #6 - 2nd appearance of Groot 

Nova #19 - First appearance of Blackout 

Marvel Premiere #15 - First appearance of Iron Fist
Iron Man #118 - First appearance of Rhodey Rhodes

HOUSE MYSTERY ANNUAL #1 - 1st IZombie appearance 

Captain America #359  - First appearance of Crossbones 

Strange Tales #180 - First appearance of Gamora  

 Giant Size Chillers #1 - First appearance of Lilith

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 - First appearance of Moon Girl 

The Mighty Thor #344 - First appearance of Malekith

The Cat #1 - First appearance of Greer Grant aka Cat/Tigra

Amazing Spider-Man #252 - First wearing black costume


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