Spider-Woman #1 Review


Toylab Rating out of 5
Story                         4
Characters                4
Action                        3
Extras                        4
Overall                      4

Spider-Woman #1 came out on Wednesday.  I picked up the normal cover but will try to hunt down the Manara cover variant on the secondary market.

Overall, I thought this was a very good book.  However, I have talked to some people who are disappointed in it.  Why the difference of opinion?

Preview of Spider-Woman #1 with first panels 
The Spider-Verse checklist  
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
Who is Spider-Woman? 
Who is Silk?

Well I liked this book because I like the character Silk, and the ongoing Spider-Verse story.  The awkward thing about this book is that even though it is a first issue it begins in the midst of a major event.  If you do not know what is going on in the Spider-Verse event you might be lost.  The other weird thing is that even though Jessica Drew's Spider-Woman moniker is on the cover, Silk the new Spider female is featured heavily.

There are people who really like Jessica Drew, and really want to see her in her own series.  To me Jessica Drew was kind of a sloppy thrown together character so Marvel could retain the name Spider-Woman.  Her cantankerous, grumpy attitude make her ok in team books where she can be balanced out, but on her own it gnaws at you.  Her origins and history are very dark and tied into the spy world.  She fits into the SHIELD stories but often feels out of place anywhere else.   I much prefer the two new Spider female characters that have been created recently, Silk and Spider-Gwen.

At any rate if you know this book is going to focus on the Spider-Verse and know that Silk will be heavily featured then I think you will like this book.  If you are a hardcore Jessica Drew fan, then you might be little disappointed.

Story - 3 - The Story is good but does suffer some from being a part of the massive event story line.  It does muddle the plot.  I did however find the juxtaposition of Silk and Spider-Women interesting, I think this was actually the main purpose of the book.  You see a brooding veteran and an eager, spunky newbie.  The added bonus of being on a weird alien planet gave it an extra point.

Characters - 4 - Spider-Woman, Silk and Spider-Man Noir are in the book and I enjoy them all.  This book heavily featured Silk and some of her flaws. 

Action -3- If there is a problem in the Spider-Verse it is action.  The Spiders spend most of the time running.  There was a scene slipped in with a brief battle with some alien thugs that was cool.

Extras -4 - It is a #1 book, tied to Spider-Verse and one of the first Silk stories without Peter Parker.  All of these things set it apart.  The book is also infamous due to the ridiculous Manara Cover scandal.

Overall - 4 - I thought it was a good book, well worth picking up.  As said above this likely depends on how you feel about Silk.  If you like Silk then you will likely like this book, but if you don't ...you might be in for some disappointment.

Preview of Spider-Woman #1 with first panels 
The Spider-Verse checklist  
Meet all of the Spiders of the Spider-Verse! 
Who is Spider-Woman? 
Who is Silk?

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