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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Who is Maximus the Mad?


Who is Maximus the Mad?

He is a crazy, but genius member of the Inhuman Royal Family.  He has the power to control and manipulate people's minds.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Maximus is considered to be candidate to be Skye's father on Agents of SHIELD.  Kyle MacLachan is playing Skye's father as a shadowy, evil doctor.
Is Skye's father actually Maximus the Mad?

Maximus Facts:
  • Real name:  Maximus Boltagon
  • Race: Inhuman
  • First appearance: Fantastic 4 #47 (1966)
  • He is the primary antagonist of the Inhumans Royal Family
  • He is one of the only characters who can understand Groot
Maximus is a member of the Royal family behind only his older brother in line to be King.  His brother is the powerful Blackbolt.  At an early age Blackbolt was put in seclusion due to his enormously destructive sonic super power and during this time Maximus began to scheme on how he could become King.  When Blackbolt leaves seclusion Maximus tries to trick him into using his power.  Blackbolt is not tricked and Maximus only manages to make himself look bad.  Maximus is made insane by being too close to Blackbolt's sonic scream when he used it to destroy an enemy Kree emissaries ship.  Maximus had been plotting with the Kree agent to overthrow the Inhumans.  Unfortunately, the sonic assault also killed Blackbolt's and Maximus's parents ship as well.

While Blackbolt feels bad for what happened to his brother  he still sees him has threat.  Due to his constant treachery he is eventually banished from the home of the Inhuman's their floating city of Attilan.

Maximus has been successful at various times of driving his brother away and taking the throw for himself.  The first one when he caused the Alpha Primitives an Inhumans subclass to revolt.  He rules for a time while Blackbolt searches for Medusa who had lost her memory.  When Blackbolt returns to Attilan he immediately retakes the crown.

Maximus comes back in a benevolent capacity but he is never fully trusted.  His desire to be king seems to always resurface.

 Skills and Powers:
Maximus is extremely intelligent and is one of the foremost minds in the Marvel Universe.  However, his mind was scrambled at a young age due to being too close to Blackbolt's sonic scream.  While Maximus is still a genius, he is not always thinking rationally.

Maximus has the power to control and manipulate people's minds.  He can use this power on Blackbolt who has trained his mind against psionic attack.  Maximus's powers are generally shown to be less than those of Charles Xavier.  They could have potentially been stronger if his mind had not been impaired by Blackbolt's sonic scream.

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