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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Who is Starhawk?

Who is Starhawk:
Starhawk is a member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy that existed in an alternate timeline in the 31st century.  Starhawk has knowledge of different life times and basically relives his life over and over again.  He comes back to his infant state after a cataclysm happens in the future.  He is also united in one body with his adopted sister Aleta.  He may be one of the weirdest, trippy characters that Marvel has ever made.  Some consider Starhawk to be Star-Lord's potential father in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

First Appearance:  Defenders #27

Starhawk News:

Starhawk Multi-Media:

Famous Line:
Due to Starhawk's knowledge of the future he is often called the one who knows:

One of his famous lines is:
"I am the wisdom and the glory of your ancestors. I am the light and the giver of light. I am your heritage and your destiny! I am the POWER that was Arcturus!"

Starhawk is constantly trying to make sense of the time stream

Get ready to open a big can of weirdness.

Starhawk is born in modern times, he is the child of Quasar and Kismet (Artificial like Adam Warlock) and is half human and half artificial life form.  He is sent into the future and is first raised by mutants on the planet Arcturus, then by an Arcturian Reaver named Ogord who names him Stakar.  He is raised as Ogord own son along with the rest of his family.  Stakar studies science and archeology and begins to explore the ruins of the old gods of Arcturus.   After exploring ruins of the Hawkgod he is transformed.  His body and the body of his sister are combined along with powers of the Hawkgod into Starhawk.

He becomes trapped in a cycle of rebirth where he is born again and again.  Each time he remembers the past events of his former life.  He is able to move and alter time, however despite these great powers he is unable to prevent a future cataclysm.

Part of Starhawks plan to avoid the cataclysm is to form the team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.  He has forced this team together at various points in the time line to save the universe.
Aleta Starhawk
In the beginning he and his adopted sister Aleta are forced to share the same body.  Only one can take control of the physical form at a time.  They fall in love and petition the hawk god that gave them the powers to separate them.  They have a family but this ends tragically when Aleta's father turns their children into weapons to be used against Starhawk.  The children die and Aleta blames Stakar for their deaths.

There are various different forms taken by Starhawk, sometimes with Stakar and Aleta seperate sometimes with one or the other controlling the form.  There is even a dark, almost evil form of Starhawk where Stakar forcibly joined Aleta.  Eventually, Aleta regained control.  In the end Stakar always ends up as an infant and is sent back in time to relive his whole live over again.

Aleta returning infant Stakar to the past

Starhawk is powerful but his powers are not always super defined.  They sometimes vary based on whether he is controlled by Aleta or Stakar, or whether they are joined together.

He can travel at speeds faster than light.  Is immune to radiation, and most diseases.  Is super strong, durable and fast.  Can survive and travel in space.

He can control light, make beams and objects out of it.

Starhawk is sometimes considered to have precognition but what he really has is memories from his previous lives.  His memories can be faulty and be tampered with making him imperfect and sometimes a bit crazy.  Do to confusion over time stream other characters sometimes consider him to be crazy

Is Starhawk the father of Starlord?

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Who is Starlord's Father? 

Starhawk is a candidate to be Starlord's father.  While Starhawk is an extremely weird character, he is also cool in his own way and likely James Gunn would alter him in some way to fit into the story.  It could make for a funny story.

Think about this.  Starlord meets his dad, and his dad turns out to be a woman.  A really good looking woman at that.  It would be kind of fun.  Gunn has said that he wants to introduce more female characters and using Aleta would certainly be one of doing that.

Why Starhawk would fit:
1) DNA
Nova Prime said that Nova had not seen anything like Starlords DNA.  Starhawk's DNA could be funky for a variety of reasons, first it could be from his mother Kismet who is a female version of Adam Warlock an artificially created being designed to rule humanity.  Kismet and Adam Warlock are the only beings with that DNA so the liklihood of Nova encountering it before is slim.  The other reason his DNA could be funky is from the hawk god entity that alters him and gives him his powers, this could have also changed his DNA to the point where it is unrecognizable to Nova Prime.

2) An Angel
Meredith Quill describes Starlord's father as an angel.   Starhawk with his wings, and his ability of controlling light could certainly appear similar to an Angel.

3) A Jackass
Yondu describes Starlord's father as being a "Jackass".  While, Starhawk often is extremely intelligent is bizarre life often leaves him being misunderstood by others.  He himself is often confused by any alterations in the time line.  He could in affect be considered to be a jack ass by others.

4) 2nd member of the Original Guardians of the Galaxy team
It has been stated that a 2nd member of the Original Guardians of the Galaxy team could appear in the sequel.  The first member to appear was Yondu, and he was sent to retrieve Starlord by his father.  Could this contact of Yondu been from an older team in a different timeline?

Reasons why he is a poor fit:
The Aleta/Stakar relationship can be confusing and make people uncomfortable.
Starhawk is a big ball of weirdness and may take up too much time to explain.


There are some Aleta cosplays but I have not seen any Starhawks.


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