Who is Mr. Fish?

Who is Mr. Fish?


Mr. Fish is a villain of Marvel hero Luke Cage.   He has super strength of the appearance of fish.  He is a bit of a silly character but ironically has the tagline, "No one laughs at Mr Fish.

Like Chemistro there are multiple Mr Fish with the 2nd Mr Fish being the brother.  While the origin of the first Mr Fish is explained it has yet to be revealed how the brother acquired the same power and mutation of the original.

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Mr Fish Bio:

Mortimer George Norris is exposed to radioactive material gets sick and falls off the East River Bridge and in the water comes into contact with fish.  The combination of fish in the river and the radioactive material cause Mortimer to mutate.  When he done with the mutation he looks like a fish and gains super strength.

Mortimer takes on the moniker Mr. Fish and begins working for the crime family the Maggia.  In no time he is running his own cell of the Maggia.  Luke Cage tracks him down and the two fight.  Mr Fish is able to overwhelm and knock out Luke Cage.  The followers of Mr Fish urge him to finish off Luke Cage but Mr Fish wants to gloat.  When Cage awakens Mr Fish wastes time explaining his master plan to Cage.  This buys Luke Cage the time to recoup he then fights Mr Fish and this time beats him.

This Mr Fish is then replaced by his brother, Bill Norris.  Some how Bill Norris ends up with the same powers as his brother.  He also keeps the tagline  "Nobody Laughs at Mr. Fish."

Bill Norris joins the flashmob group of powerman villains with aim of bring him down.



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