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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Who is Medusa?

Who is Medusa?

Medusa is an Inhuman and a member of the Inhuman Royal family.  She is the Queen of the Inhumans and acts as the voice of King BlackboltBlackbolt must remain silent so as not to unleash his extremely destructive voice, luckily he has a minor amount of telepathy that allows him to communicate with people he is close to.  The telepathic connection between Blackbolt and Medusa allows her to read his mind and say what he is thinking.


Medusa has an interesting power she has long hair that she can move and control.  The hair is extremely strong and tough.  It is said to be stronger than Iron.
She can snap her hair like a whip, use it to entangle people or climb like a rope, or lift and throw massive objects.
She is kind of like Rapunzel on steroids.

Medusa and her younger sister Crystal are part of the Inhuman Royal Family and distant cousins of Blackbolt and Maximus the Mad.  Medusa is attracted to Blackbolt from a young age and visited him often during his confinement as a youth.  She practiced communicating with him first through body language, then sign language and later through mental telepathy.  She was present when he was released and when Maximus attempted to trick him into using his power.

At some points she has explored Earth rather extensively and this has boosted her immune system to an average human level.

Medusa is also sought after by Maximus in addition to the throne.  She spurns him, which only fuels his anger even more.

Marvel Cinematic Universe:

There are rumors that an Inhumans movie may be in the works in Phase 3 of Marvel.  There are also some strong hints in Agents of SHIELD that Inhumans could play a part in the origins of Skye.


There have been a few cosplays of Medusa:


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