Ant-Man movie- news, speculation, rumors, eastereggs and art

Ant-Man is Marvel film that tells the tale of Scott Lang a thief who becomes the hero Ant-Man.

Release Date:

17 July 2015 (USA)

Despite predictions that Ant-Man would be Marvel's first flop it has done quite well to date.
As of August 3 Ant-Man has made $300 million worldwide.  It held the title of number 1 movie in America for 2 1/2 weeks before being knocked down a notch by Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.  It still managed to finish above the new film Minions on its third week.  It looks like an Ant-Man 2 could be in the cards.

 Ant-Man News:
Every Ant-Man Easter Egg or MCU reference 

Description of Ant-Man's final and mid credit scenes (spoilers) 

Why Ant-Man could be AWESOME and why it could SUCK! 

Monday Marvel News - Haley Atwell appearing in Ant-Man? 
See first Ant-Man clips 
Ant-Man concept art and stills

Ant-Man Posters:
Ant-Man Promotional Posters

Video and Trailers:
Video: News report features a familiar Face! 

Video and Pictures from Ant-Man's red carpet Premiere 

Video: Ad for Cross Technologies and the Yellow Jacket suit 

The 1st Ant-Man trailer is here!
Video: 6 things you missed in the Ant-Man trailer 
Ant-Man trailer 2 
Imax Ant-Man Trailer - showcases some of the comedy
Ant-Man Extended Trailer and pictures

Who is Ant-Man? 
Who is Yellow Jacket? 
Who is Hope Van Dyne? 
Who is the Wasp AKA Janet van Dyne? 

Lego Set Peek - Ant-Man the Final Battle

Scott Lang Prison Profile
The website the Seagate files has a prisoner file for Ant-Man's main character Scott Lang.
Scott Lang - Seagate Prison File

Some pictures from Ant-Man:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/yjlt466yxwgxvsabvtur.jpg


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