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Who is Mockingbird AKA Bobbi Morse

Who is Mockingbird?
It is recently been announced that Mockingbird will appear in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD and be played by Adrianne PalickiWhile many fans may not know who Mockingbird is there is reason for everyone to be excited.  Mockingbird is a very cool female character and she has ties to lots of fun things that could pop up.

First Appearance Bobbi Morse:  Astonishing Tales #6 (1971)
First Appearance Mockingbird:  Marvel Team Up #95 (1980)

Mockingbird News:
Mockingbird Multimedia:
Mockingbird has a weird, wonky and discombobulated comic book history.  There are times where she is used simply as a prop to add plot twists for a male character, and then other times she explodes in full on  female bad assery.  She is a very cool and complicated character that has ties with a lot of things that Agent's of SHIELD could use.  She is known as a person for hunting down corrupt SHIELD agents from within and from outside the organization.  With Hydra having infiltrated SHIELD she could be actively hunting down SHIELD agents she feels are Hydra double agents, potentially Coulson?

 Powers and Skills:
Mockingbird had no powers until very recently in the comics she was given a serum that was based on the Captain America Super Hero Formula as well as Nick Fury's Infinity Formula.  This seems to have greatly increased her speed and strength.

She is an expert biochemist and an advanced martial artist and SHIELD field agent.  Her weapon of choice is a bow staff that can break apart into two smaller one handed staffs.
Bio:Mockingbird begins as a side character in Manthing/Ka Zar stories.  She begins her career as biochemist working on the project Gladiator project that leads to the creation of Manthing.  After being kidnapped by AIM she later becomes a full on SHIELD agent.

At one point she leaves SHIELD and takes on the name Huntress and hunts down corrupt SHIELD agents.  DC begins using their own Huntress character (Huntress is on the show Arrow) and so Marvel changes her name to Mockingbird.  The idea of her being someone who hunts down rogue SHIELD agents sticks with the character even after the name change.  With the change to the Mockingbird name she is also given a superhero costume.

She begins a relationship with the Avenger, Hawkeye and they have a very up and down relationship.  They eventually get married and have many adventures together.  The two are founders of the West Coast Avengers team.  Hawkeye and Mockingbird are getting ready to finalize their divorce when she is seemingly killed.

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Why did Hawkeye and Mockingbird divorce
Later it is revealed that Mockingbird had been replaced by an alien Skrull operative, and that the Skrull had been killed not the real Mockingbird.  The real Mockingbird is found alive and well in a spaceship and Hawkeye and her rekindle their relationship.  The two go on more adventures with each other as a couple and as members of the New Avengers.

Agents of SHIELD
Bobbi Morse is played by actress Adrianne Palicki in the Marvel TV show Agents of SHIELD.  The character has been confirmed to be the focus of a Spin Off show later in 2015.

Bobbi Morse appears as deep cover SHIELD agent who has infiltrated Hydra in order to protect Agent Simmons who has also infiltrated Hydra.  After rescuing Simmons it is revealed that she is the ex wife of fellow SHIELD agent Lance Hunter.

She has not used the name Mockingbird yet but she has used the characters trade mark batons and has worn a uniform in Mockingbird tones.
Images of Adrianne Palicki in Mockingbird costume  

Pictures from Agents of SHIELD:
New pictures show Adrian Pallicki in Agents of SHIELD season 3.  Still no Mockingbird costume like in the comics.  She is looking cool though.

Cool things that tie into the Mockingbird storyline and could be used by Agents of SHIELD

Who is Manthing?
Bobbi Morse begins her career as a biochemist working on Project Gladiator.  Project Gladiator is a project attempting to recreate the Super Hero serum that created Captain America.  During her work on Project Gladiator,  Bobbi Morse is kidnapped by AIM.
This is how she first gains SHIELD's attention.

Interestingly enough Marvel has recently acquired the TV/Movie rights to Manthing and has hidden Manthing related Eastereggs in Agents of SHIELD and Ironman 3.

See for more information on Manthing
Manthing Easter Eggs in Agents of SHIELD and Ironman 3 
Who is Manthing? 

Hawkeye Relationship
Hawkeye really has not been shown that much.  He is briefly in the movie Thor and in the Avengers he has his mind taken over by Loki.  Mockingbird and Hawkeye have a long and crazy history together and it would be cool to see if Agent's could get Renner to show up in an episode.

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Super Hero Serum:
Bobbi has ties to many of the super hero serums:
  • Project Gladiator/Manthing Serum
  • Infinity Serum
  • Captain America Serum
Mockingbird The Huntress
Initially, Mockingbird was called the Huntress because that has been one of her primary tasks.  She hunts down the bad agents.  Right now in Agents of SHIELD there are a lot of bad agents and Mockingbird will likely be very, very busy.


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