Baby dancing Groot in a Pot Toy- How do you get one?

Concept Art of Baby Groot

 Baby Groot in a potted plant

Everyone who sees the movie Guardians of the Galaxy leaves the theater with one overwhelming desire!  How do I get my hands on a dancing baby Groot in a pot?
Sure there are a lot of great Guardians of the Galaxy Merchandise but something about that cute little guy dancing in the pot sticks out.


Click Below link for all info on the new toy or continue reading for other options.
Funko Pop! Dancing Groot Toy! See it HERE

There is also this new one from Hot Toys!!!

$45 Baby Dancing Groot from Hot Toys

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It seems that this simple want is not that easy to come by.  Marvel it seems did not predict the demand for potted Groots and there is of now NO official potted Groot. Executive Editorial Director of Digital Media at Marvel Ryan Penagos has said on Twitter that while there has been talk of a toy there is still nothing official.
I think the scene with the dancing Groot was added somewhat late and this could be why no one in merchandising at Marvel realized the potential of such a product.

Now just because there is not official toys does not mean you can not buy one.
 Likely the most popular will be this one from Etsy.  However, Marvel has now asked Etsy to stop selling these toys.  So the only place to pick up one of them may be through Ebay.

Dancing Baby Groot from Etsy

Other expensive options:
Sabrefiretiger is making custom Baby Groots for about $90 out of the funko pop toys.
Baby Groot Custom Funko Pop Vinyl + More
Custom designed Funko Pop toy

Hot Toys initially required you to buy a Groot and Rocket statue to get a potted Groot.  Now they have this great new option of a $45 Baby Dancing Groot!

$45 Baby Dancing Groot from Hot Toys

I will keep my ear to the ground if other options become available.

Also anyone with other ideas on how to make a baby groot or buy one please let me know in the comments section below.

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