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Who is the Fusia Girl in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Question who is the fusia girl in the newly released Guardians of the Galaxy Picture?  The girl is not treated particularly well by Peter Quill. A victim of his "Pelvic Sorcery".  She appears in his ship the Milano as he flees with the Power Infinity Stone from the planet Morag.   He apparently forgot she was on board at all.  Geez Peter.  Many people found her to be intriguing and wondered if she was a character from the comics and....

My research into who she was began before the movie even came out.
My first guess is that Fusia girl is the character Carina played by Ophelia Lovebond but that does not look like Ophelia Lovebond.  Carina is the daughter of the Collector in the comics and his assistant in the film.  This is obviously not Carina.

Who is Carina the Fusia Girl? 
I think they are clearly different actresses but this brings up the question.
Who is she?

There is also another red girl shown in a cell in the collector's museum.  This girl appears to be a former assistant of the Collector who has fallen out of favor.  Apparently he is not a very nice boss.
The Collector's Museum

Update and Final Answer.........

The mystery fusia girl is the comic character Bereet.  Bereet is an obscure character from the Incredible Hulk stories.   She comes from a Humanoid-Avian like race (Not the Shi'ar) called the Krylorians.  She is a techno artist which is a person that builds life like movies that entertain her people.   A techno artist would be like combining a rockstar and a movie director.   Her people are very advanced but are addicted to escapist techno art.  Using her advanced technology she can manipulate perceptions of people around her.

Both Bereet and Carina appear to be Krylorians.
Who are Krylorians?


Melia Kreiling
Bereet is played by actress Melia Kreiling whom I had not heard of before the movie.  She is certainly becoming a popular name right now.  Even though it was a small part, many left the theater wondering who she was.
If you want to see more of Melia Kreiling she is a cast member in the Showtime show the Borgias.  Melia has joined the cast of the show Tyrant and plays Daliyah.

I believe this is her again.
Melia Krieling from Borgias

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