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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Who is Blackbolt?

Blackbolt is King of the Inhumans and the most powerful member of their race.

Full Name: Blackagar Boltagon

First Appearance:  Fantastic Four #45

Blackbolt News:
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Two high ranking members of the genetist panel (high in importance) of Inhumans are having a child.  The embroyo is exposed to a small amount of terrigen mist (The chemical that causes the mutation to bring out Inhumans powers) the child at birth shows the extremely dangerous ability of controlling electrons through his voice.  The infant though only a newborn and exposed to a small amount of Terrigen is capable of extreme destruction.  The Inhumans place young Blackbolt into a sound proof chamber and train him for his entire young life on how to remain completely silent.  Blackbolt's training is so rigorous that he can even prevent himself from making noise while sleeping.  When the young Blackbolt emerges from the sound proof chamber he is the most powerful and feared member of the Inhumans ever.

Blackbolt's brother Maximus tries goad him into speaking and fights him.  Blackbolt does not make a sound.

Blackbolt then goes on a trek to see the world of Earth outside of Attilan.  Eventually, he comes back and is made into the King of the Inhumans.

Major Events as King:
As King Blackbolt has done many major things.
He has moved Attilan the Inhuman city first to the Himalayas then to the Blue Side of the Moon.
He freed the Alpha Primitive race.
He conquered the Kree
He fought the Hulk a few times to a stand still
He killed the Omega Level Mutant Vulcan

Blackbolt is stronger, faster, and more durable than other Inhumans.  Some of this is due to his ability to control electrons which allows him to control a variety of phenomenon.  The electron controlling ability is within his speech part of his brain which means any sound he makes with his voice release a vast powerful blast of energy.  Blackbolt can use small or large amounts of sound to make him stronger and faster.  Using the pitchfork on his forehead he harnesses the energy around him and controls it.

Blackbolt's Sonic Scream can reach a level of power where it can destroy an entire planet or wipe away an armada of advanced starships.

He can use his sonic abilities to fly very fast through the air over vast distances.

Blackbolt also has minor telepathic abilities that allow him to block psychic attacks.  It also allows him to communicate his thoughts.  This is helpful because he can not speak without unleashing his destructive voice.  His telepathic ability is not high but those who are very tuned into to him can understand him.  Medusa in particular can understand what he wants.

If you have not guessed it by these powers then I will spell it out for you.  Blackbolt is ridiculously powerful, he is a walking, flying, psychic Deathstar.  When you start look for a character who has a Superman like powerlevel in the Marvel Universe then Blackbolt immediately comes to mind.

 Leadership Style with Medusa
Medusa speaks for Blackbolt.  Blackbolt telepathically communicates with her and she speaks for the King.  This makes Medusa extremely important because otherwise the Inhumans would be lost on what Blackbolt wants.


Marvel Cinematic Universe:
 There is reason to believe that the Inhumans will have a big role in Marvel's Phase 3 role out.  These will be the movies that lead from Avengers 2 to Avengers 3. Inhumans is set to come out in 2019.

Vin Diesel met with Marvel for a role down in the future.  He agreed to do the extra role of Groot but little has been said of what the future role could have been.  Part of me thinks that role could be Blackbolt this is 100% speculation.

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