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Beautiful, frightening, surreal, its Walking Dead time
The Walking Dead is a comic, TV, and video game franchise that features survivors of a zombie apocalypse.
The TV series has become one of the most popular tv series in the world and is the primary hit show for the AMC cable station.

TWD Season 7
Who is Alpha? is she Jadis?
Who is King Ezekiel?

TWD Season 6:

It seems like the character of Morgan is taking center stage in Season 6 as he is heavily featured in the SDCC promo materials.  Morgan is even in front of Rick.

TWD Season 5:

TWD Season 4

Walking Dead Toys and Merchandise!
Walking Dead Freelies, Stuff, Toys
A look at Funko Pop! minis for Walking Dead Series 1 and 2! 

TWD Mysteries: 

Who are the Saviors?


Why do people like Zombies? 
Happy I am Zombie Day!

Walking Dead Characters (Beware potential Spoilers)

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