Has Marvel Introduced S.W.O.R.D.?

Is it SWORD Time?

Agents of SWORD?
This an old post from Agents of SHIELD season I have decided to update.  The midseason premier episode of season 3  opens to a mysterious scene that promises to occur in the future.  We see a space shuttle in disarray above Earth's atmosphere.  There is a floating cross necklace and someone in a SHIELD uniform.

Another interesting thing occurs when Coulson's and the President meet.  It puts SHIELD back in a quasi official standing.

Season 3 has been taking the Agents places and now we know they end up in Space.  When these things are brought together with some of the loose threads of season 1 I can't help but wonder if SWORD is coming.

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There are some reasons to believe that Marvel has introduced the S.W.O.R.D.  What is SWORD?

S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department)

As Ward would say it has that name because someone really wanted to spell the word SWORD.  SWORD is basically SHIELD in outerspace, they deal with extraterrestrial threats to Earth.  They have a space station that is run by Abigail Brand called Peak.

I always think back to the 0-8-4 episode where they launch the device supposedly into the sun?  This just seemed so unshield like.  What if they really just launched the rocket up to PEAK and are holding the 0-8-4 devices there?

Launching object into Space OR? To Peak?
Other hints:

The GH Facility
The big question is who runs the Guest House facility where the GH 325 serum was made and housed the alien corpse from which the serum was derived.  The guards were not Shield agents.   Nor was the facility a hydra facility or the Clairvoyant would likely already know about it.  It was a facility that seemingly only Fury knew about.  Could this organization be the first hint of SWORD?

I really can't think of another Marvel organization that would have some quasi shield connection and house an alien body like that.

The badges of the Guards at the GH facility also had an emblem that looks similar to the SWORD logo.

The Eye Spy Alien Chalk Board - Not in a SHIELD or HYDRA facility.
Additionally, there is another facility that is not SHIELD or HYDRA that the Clairvoyant wants access to so he can see a weird Alien writing written on a chalk board.
Some markings similar to the body on blue alien?

We similar writing when Caulson recalls some images from his resurrection.  My guess is the writing is Kree related.
Caulson's vision of Tahiti
Do the Markings also look similar to what is on Blue Kree?

Nukethefridge also reported that Shield Vehicles have been seen on the set of the Guardians of The Galaxy movie.   Once again could this be hinting at some kind of Shield Space organization?  Alternatively, it could be a seen on earth where StarLord's origins are explained.  I'm not sure

See the pictures from the Guardians Set below:

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