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Do the Claimed house Pictures Foreshadow Terminus?

Do the simple cute paintings in the Claimed House foreshadow the events of the rest of the season?
This was a theory put forth by Russ Burlingame at Comicbook.com and I think it is a pretty fun idea.

What do you think?

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First there is a red picture that I can not make out behind Karl below.  I really wish I could make out what it was.
Dog - One eyed dog with Daryl and Beth

Then you have a dog.  This could be the one eyed dog that might be connected to the person who kidnapped Beth.  The dog also inadvertently led to Daryl dropping his guard and allowing a herd of walkers into the Funeral home.
Bunnies - Like the one Daryl hunted

There are the bunnies.  Looking at the two of them it is easy to think of Lizzie and Miccah as two innocent bunnies.  Also could reference the bunny that Daryl just hunted and led to one of the claimed men getting killed.
Flower- Perhaps Terminus Flower or Lizzie look at the flower reference
Sunflowers at Terminus entrance

The yellow sunflower could be reference to the flowers and gardens that are within Terminus.  It could also be a reference to Carol and Micah telling Lizzie to look at the flower.

Super creepy picture - Could it be Mary?

They do look similar

Mary also look a bit like the mystery woman on the upcoming Walking Dead #127.  This is the comic at the end of the current main story Total War.  Even though the comic is set in the future their is an erie similarity between the woman above and character below.  Could they be introducing her and her new group of survivors faster in the TV series?
This character seems like she is going to be important in the series as she is now on the covers of the future comics.  It should be noted that Rick has not been shown on the covers perhaps this is to not reveal the ending of the total war story.  Perhaps, this is because Rick is no more.

Who are you mystery lady?
Another picture of the mystery lady WD #128
Here we see Negan being threatened by Unknown woman?
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