2014 Comic News and Events

Related Posts: Leaves in the Wind #1 review Leaves in the Wind: Firefly set to fly again! From the Vault - Quasar 32 - First Appearance of Korath There are some amazing comic book stories and events planned for 2014.  There is a lot to be excited about.  It is …

Chloe Bennet confirms Blue Alien is a Kree

The Blue Alien is a Kree  Who are the Kree? Part of the speculation of what the blue alien is can now end.  We now have confirmation from Chloe Bennet that the alien is in fact a Kree. Implications of this: I think this leaves open a few doors for Skye.  I ten…

Hidden Words in Walking Dead Teaser photo

Are there hidden words in Teaser Poster? Related: All Walking dead Speculation Hub Is it just me or are there words to the right of Michonne's face. In the gray smoke there appears to be some letters: Is this a hidden message of some kind.  Does it reveal w…

SPOILERS Who is the Clairvoyant - First picture of the Clairvoyant!

SPOILERS Update: 4-7-2014 - I have now seen Captain America 2 and I think if the below theory is not right then it is a HUGE red herring of biblical proportions. Click Here for Review of Captain America 2 Full Speculation, Revelations and Easter Eggs of Cap 2 Her…

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