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Who is Rocket Raccoon?


Rocket Raccoon is a hero in the Marvel universe.  He is known for being a member of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy team.  He is featured in the film Guardians of the Galaxy, with actor Bradley Cooper supplying his voice.

Real Name: Rocket

First Appearance:  Either Hulk 271 or Marvel Preview 7.  I prefer Hulk #271 as I do not find Marvel Preview a non comic a fitting first appearance.  For more info see The Great Rocket Raccoon 1st Appearance Controversy

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Publishing History:
Rocket Raccoon is bizarre, creative, ironic, absurd, sad, and funny all these things bundled into one cute fury animal who sports giant guns, intelligence, and lots of humor. If you do not love him after you finish watching the movie, Marvel has really messed up.
Lets look at his history in the comics:

Rocket Raccoon is not one of the initial members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  He is added into the 2008 incarnation (In my opinion the best incarnation) of the group.   This is also called the "Modern" Guardians of Galaxy as their stories take place in the present Marvel universe while their predecessors stories were in the 31st century.

His publication origins go back to the early 1980s.  His first appearance is Incredible Hulk #271.  There is some disagreement on this.  If you are curious see The Great Rocket Raccoon 1st Appearance Controversy.


Rocket is from a planet called Half World. Half World is a planet for the mentally ill and is initially run by robots.  The robots eventually become sentient and decide they are bored with taking care of the loonies.  The robots don't want to be completely irresponsible though so they genetically alter the animals they have with them into caretakers.  Rocket is designed from a Raccoon to be the planet's law officer.  The robots strip mine the planet of its resources and take off in a giant ship leaving only half of the world left.  The world has an economic / political structure built around supplying toys to loonies.

He has a girl friend and a best friend on Halfworld.  Lyla an Otter is his girl friend and Walrun a Walrus is his best friend.  There is also a main adversary in Blackjack O'hare a rabbit mercenary who battles both with and against Rocket depending on his goals.  It is not clear if these character really existed or will be implanted memories in the movie and 616 version of the character.  The halfworld stories are a lot of fun but their style is whimisical and surrealistic and contrast with darker, angst ridden Rocket that is the current Guardians of the Galaxy.

Upon leaving the planet Rocket Raccoon is captured by the Kree (One group of Marvel aliens) and is freed by Star Lord where they form the Guardians of Galaxy the 2008 version.  He reappeared in the Marvel Universe in Annihilation / Thanos Imperative storylines and after being forgotten for decades is now a very popular character.

Powers and Skills:
Rocket beating up Mentor
Rocket is an expert fighter, pilot, and marksman.  He is a great strategist and is able to understand his opponents motivations and use them against them.
He also has the feral senses of a raccoon, increased smell, and hearing.
He does not possess super durability or strength.
Rocket tends to be outfitted with space ships and guns - lots and lots of guns.

While this does not sound super impressive his intelligence has allowed him to stand up to the biggest and baddest threats in the Marvel Universe.

Rocket Raccoon is coming for you Marvel Universe

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You will be able to view Rocket Raccoon in all his fury glory in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

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