Who is Drax the Destroyer?

Who is Drax the Destroyer?

Drax is a Marvel hero most known for his long history with the villain Thanos.  Drax is a highly modified human created to hunt down and kill Thanos.  Drax appears in the film Guardians of the Galaxy and is played by Dave Bautista.

Real Name: Arthur Sampson Douglas

Alias:  Drax the Destroyer

First Appearance:  Iron Man #55

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Drax the Destroyer Multi-Media:

 Arthur Sampson Douglas is out driving with his family.  They are attacked by the super villain Thanos.  The entire family including Arthur are killed.  A being named Mentor is very worried about Thanos's potential to destroy existence and decides someone needs to stop him.  He takes the angry spirit of Arthur and place it a super strong and powerful body.  This new being calls itself Drax and his sole desire is to vengeance upon Thanos.

Unknown to Drax, Mentor also rescues his daughter from the accident and raises her in Titan.  She is highly trained and later emerges as the hero Moondragon.

In the comics the character has undergone a few evolutions.  He has become super powerful, then subsequently depowered. His intellect also fluctuates over the stories.  For a time he had the power infinity gem and strength comparable to the Hulk but also had a greatly reduced intellect.  This hulking dumb Drax dies in the Annihilation conquest story line and a new slimmer, smarter Drax emerges out of the old corpse.

Draw wants to kill the biggest bad guy in the Marvel Universe.  Though he is formidable he is not at the same power-level of Thanos.  Even though he is over matched he is very determined and has at times succeeded in killing Thanos.

Drax killing Thanos

Powers: Currently, he has super human strength, stamina and resistance to physical injury.  His intellect level is normal and he uses two knives as weapons.  He also is an expert hand to hand and knife fighter.

Interesting Note:
While Drax believes his daughter is killed by Thanos, she actually survived the fatal crash.  She is brought by Thanos's father to the planet Titan.  On Titan she trains herself to the fullest of her potential and eventually becomes the telepath Moondragon.

 Moondragon at one point kills Drax accidentally with psychic attack.  He has subsequently been reborn and died and been reborn again.
Could she be in the movie?

Drax Toys
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Drax MCU:
Drax appears in the film Guardians of the Galaxy and is played by Dave Bautista.



Guardians of the Galaxy Character Hub 
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