Groot - Awesome Pictures, Toys and Cosplay

Welcome to the all things Groot page. Related: Guardians of the Galaxy Action Figures and LEGOS Who is Groot More marvel character news and info Agents of Shield Rogues Gallery Guardians of the Galaxy Character Hub Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs Who are the Guar…

Ronin Zero - A Mobile Frame Zero rpg

What is Ronin Zero? Ronin Zero is an rpg game that utilizes the combat rules of Mobile Frame Zero.  The player begins the game as a lone mercenary who can accept contracts from various factions.  As missions are played the players reputation increases or decr…

The Clairvoyant does not like to be touched

Agents of SHIELD Verified account ‏ @ AgentsofSHIELD "The Clairvoyant does not like to be touched." Did you write that down? # AgentsofSHIELD For more Clairvoyant thoughts and theories CLICK HERE Raina Touchbase with the Clairvoyant Po The Clairvoyant do…

The Scarlet Witch Cosplay and Pictures

Scarlet Witch is an Avenger who will be featured in the upcoming movie Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. Her brother made a huge splash in the Fox movie Days of Future Past so she could appear in the upcoming X-Men movie as well. She has a variety of different looks…

The Clairvoyant is part of the Zodiac Group

Meet the Zodiac group?  Could they be Centipede and Clairvoyant? Check out the HUB for more theories and speculation: The HUB of Agents of Shield Speculation Other Clairvoyant Options Who Will Skye Become? Question HUB The Zodiac is mentioned in the Marvel One …

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