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Groot - Awesome Pictures, Toys and Cosplay

Welcome to the all things Groot page.

Guardians of the Galaxy Action Figures and LEGOS 
 Who is Groot
More marvel character news and info
Agents of Shield Rogues Gallery 
Guardians of the Galaxy Character Hub 
Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs

Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy? 

 Groot Toys
There are not many Groot toys but there are some awesome custom Groot toys.  Check this one out by SuperTom.  This one even includes a little Rocket Raccoon sitting on his shoulder.

 Groot bust by Bowen designs:
Bowen Designs Groot bust

Groot Lego - He doesn't really have a mini .  You construct a big groot out of legos. He will be in the Knowhere set.


Groot Pictures
The  original appearance of Groot as an angry alien monster tree and a later version of Groot battling Hulk.  Notice that in these early versions Groot was able to say more than "I am Groot."  Apparently his speech deteriorated as he became older.

Groot being regrown by Mantis.

Groot Cosplay
Enter the COSPLAY arena! 

 Who is Groot
More marvel character news and info
Agents of Shield Rogues Gallery 
Guardians of the Galaxy Character Hub 
Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs
Vin Diesel and "I am Groot" 
Guardians of the Galaxy Action Figures and LEGOS 

Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy? 


Ronin Zero - A Mobile Frame Zero rpg

What is Ronin Zero?

Ronin Zero is an rpg game that utilizes the combat rules of Mobile Frame Zero.  The player begins the game as a lone mercenary who can accept contracts from various factions.  As missions are played the players reputation increases or decreases with various factions altering what contracts are available from each faction.
The player also earns credits or Torqals to be used to upgrade the mercenary companies garage, add mechs, hire troopers, make repairs, and even purchase starships.

The game's equations and records are currently handled within an excel file.  The file is designed to randomly create missions and rewards based off the players reputation.

Coming Soon:

The Ronin's tale
Beginners Story of Ronin Zero

Leaves in the Wind - Firefly flys again

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This weekend I went and grabbed some Doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts while sporting my brown Firefly shirt:

I am getting pumped.

For a movie?  For a TV show?  Nope.

A comicbook.

I like comic books........alot.  Normally though they don't get me super geek meltdown excited.  This comic book though brings together some of my favorite folks in comics with one of my favorite short lived shows. "Leaves in the Wind" is the title of a 6 issue mini series that will be a sequel to the Serenity movie.  Hopefully, it leads Zach Whedon to starting an ongoing series.

Yes, Zach Whedon will write it and he already has a great familiarity with universe.  The illustrating will be done by George Jeanty who did an insane job on Buffy season 8 and 9.  Jeanty is good at capturing the esscence of real people and making comic characters resemble the real people.  Capturing how real people move and their expressions is no easy task but George seems to excel at that.

The story is going to take place after the events of Serenity.  Zoe will be pregnant.  The crew will still be dealing with deaths to the crew in the movie and the revelations of Miranda.
The Alliance as always will be hunting them.

I already went to the comicbook store to ask for it.  For some reason I thought it was coming out on Jan 15th and not the 29th.
Comicbook employee: "Uh your one of those people aren't you?"
ME: "Pardon"
Comicbook employee: "Those browncoats, those hardcore fans" 
ME: "I'm fan of the show, I liked it a lot.  Also liked the team that's working on it from the Buffy books"
Comicbook employee: "I thought the show is stupid.  Why are they talking Chinese?  And they are always adding in silly humor, not very serious.

I almost went Jayne on him.........but sometimes its better to leave a 300 man with potato chips crumbs covering his chest be.

I will post more on the series and more Firefly art.
Fire Fly Art to Celebrate the Return!

This is a poster made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Firefly.  I find it poetic.  It captures the elegant defiance of both the show and shows fanbase.  It is the "Don't Tread on Me" flag of the Brown Coats.
Below is a Safron wanted poster.  Safron was the character played by the beautiful Christina Hendricks of Madmen fame.The poster was designed by Megan Lara.
There are other similar posters that can be bought here.

A poster of Inara, Kaylee, Zoe, and River by Megan Lara.

I think this is really cool.  It is a map of the Verse.  You can find it here.  A bunch of fans and scientists looked at all of the stories and tried to map out how and where all the planets and places of the show would be situated.

Here is another cool t-shirt of Serenity in flight.
Found here:

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The Clairvoyant does not like to be touched

"The Clairvoyant does not like to be touched." Did you write that down?

Touchbase with the Clairvoyant

The Clairvoyant does not like to be Touched

WHAT DOES IT MEAN?  Does anyone have any ideas?

 This seems like it could be a huge clue, but I really do not know what it means.  I keep thinking about MODOK who I don't think likes to be touched.  I'm not sure if its built into his canon anywhere though.  The only other character offhand I can think of who has touch issues is the X-woman Rogue, she would be a very poor fit for the Clairvoyant.

 Maybe they are talking about Clairsentience and not physical touching.

From Wikipedia:

Clairsentience (feeling/touching)

In the field of parapsychology, clairsentience is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by feeling.[27] The word “clair” is French for "clear", and “sentience” is derived from the Latin sentire, “to feel”.
In addition to parapsychology, the term also plays a role in some religions. For example: clairsentience is one of the six human special functions mentioned or recorded in Buddhism.[citation needed] It is an ability that can be obtained at advanced meditation level. Generally the term refers to a person who can feel the vibration of other people. There are many different degrees of clairsentience ranging from the perception of diseases of other people to the thoughts or emotions of other people. The ability differs from third eye in that this kind of ability cannot have a vivid picture in the mind. Instead, a very vivid feeling can form.
Psychometry is related to clairsentience. The word stems from psyche and metric, which means "soul-measuring".[28]

The Scarlet Witch Cosplay and Pictures

Scarlet Witch is an Avenger who will be featured in the upcoming movie Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. Her brother made a huge splash in the Fox movie Days of Future Past so she could appear in the upcoming X-Men movie as well.

She has a variety of different looks in the comics and she has been depicted many different ways by COSPLAYERS check out the pictures below.

Who is the Scarlet Witch? 
More Scarlet Witch Pictures and Bio
See the Best and Hottest COSPLAY At Denver COMIC CON 2014!
More amazing art and cosplay!

Here is what Scarlet Witch played by Elizabeth Olsen will look like in Age of Ultron.  What do you think?

Below are different looks of Scarlet Witch from the comics.  Which look do you like best?

Gamora COSPLAY and Pictures
More Scarlet Witch Pictures and Bio
 See the Best and Hottest COSPLAY At Denver COMIC CON 2014!

 Scarlet Witch Cosplay
She is fairly popular Character in the COSPLAY world as well.  Check out how she has been depicted at CONs around the world.




Well hey we can't forget about this guy, he did a good job too!

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Ms Marvel Pictures and COSPLAY 

Gamora COSPLAY and Pictures 

Marvels Agents of Shield theories 
Who are Skye's Parents?
Who Will Skye Become? Question HUB 

Here are some of the Frames I have been working on for mobile frame zero.

The Clairvoyant is part of the Zodiac Group

Meet the Zodiac group?  Could they be Centipede and Clairvoyant?

Check out the HUB for more theories and speculation:
The HUB of Agents of Shield Speculation
 Other Clairvoyant Options
Who Will Skye Become? Question HUB   

The Zodiac is mentioned in the Marvel One Shot " Agent Carter.  The group is a criminal organization based off astrology.  Each member has his/her base in a different American city.  As the stars change a different sign appears in the sky the corresponding Zodiak member takes control of the group.

Also crucial to understand is Zodiac member Scorpio.  In the comics Scorpio has his run ins with Nick Fury and turns out to be Jake Fury, Nick Fury's diabolical brother.  (This is later retconned but lets ignore that.).  He is also able to infiltrate shield pretending to be his brother.

The group has an artifact called the Zodiac Key which gives them massive intradimensional powers.

Could the Zodiac group be Centipede and the Clairvoyant?

1) With the Zodiac Key they could possess some form of Clairvoyance
2) With spies within Shield the group could also possess some form of Clairvoyance.
3) Scorpio could be masquerading as Scorpio and controlling a group of Shield agents, which could explain how Mike Peterson is captured after the explosion.
4) The group fits well in the series as a Shield Antagonist
5) They have already been brought to the MarvelU cinema TV verse with Agent Carter one shot.

Reasons Against:
1) It would require Samuel L Jackson to play a much larger role than he has yet.  If Scorpio is in it then he could end up playing his Nick Fury's brother and himself.  Not sure if the show can afford that much of Mr. Jackson's talents.

2) The Zodiac group introduced in the Agent Carter one shot did not have any special powers and make no mention of the Zodiac Key making it harder to see them gaining the powers of Clairvoyance.

3) Centipede feels more like Hydra/AIM than Zodiac

4) Baron Von Strucker is set to be in Avengers.  Zodiac has nothing to do with the Winter Soldier.  Some how the show's villain will link into both of these movies in a very palpable direct way.  The Zodiac group would not accomplish this.

Check out the HUB for more theories and speculation:
The HUB of Agents of Shield Speculation
 Other Clairvoyant Options
Who Will Skye Become? Question HUB   

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