More Fenris creatures and locations

I am still working away on my Game Table based off the Space Wolves home planet of Fenris. As part of this I have begun compiling a list of Fenris creatures and fauna and locations. Related: Fenris Project The return of Space Hulk - 2014 release Space Hulk Art a…

Fenris project update 4-27-2013

Here is an update on where I am with the Fenris project. First I bought some spacewolf literature that I have been reading up on. I read the first Spacewolf Omnibus and the Battle of the Fang.  I have yet to read the 2nd Omnibus.  Despite some pretty differen…

Fenris Project - Warhammer 40k

 Welcome to the Fenris Project  Lesson #1 Space Vikings are Bad-Ass-Awesome   I am some what new to the 40k and i must admit to finding the Space Wolves a tad comedic at first.  The idea of bio enhanced vikings flying around the universe blowing away aliens wi…

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