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The Battle of the Danvers - Supergirl Vs Captain Marvel

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Marvel recently announced that Captain Marvel will get HER own movie on July 6th 2018, this information was released at the giant Marvel event last week.  Marvel is now able to put together giant PR events that even Steve Jobs would envy.  The Captain Marvel news is big because this will be Marvel's first film with the main star being a female hero.  Rather than using the original Mar Vell male version of the character they will go directly into the female version, Carol Danvers.

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DC is out there building up their brands as well.  While DC seems behind in building a unified film universe there TV universe seems much more complete than Marvel's.  DC has Arrow, Flash, Constantine, and plans to add....Supergirl.

The name of Super Girl's alter ego is Kara Zor-El Danvers.

Wait a second....Danvers?  So we have Captain Marvel at Marvel with the last name of Danvers.  We have Supergirl with the last name of Danvers at DC.  What the heck?  How did two of the biggest super females end up with the same last name?

This funny situation was brought to my attention by astute reader Lacey Kornicki who wondered if the companies were playing games with the TV series and Movies.  The truth is that I was fuzzy on my Supergirl history and had to read up on it.  What I found was that this silly situation goes all the way back to the 1960s, well really if you want to be entirely accurate it goes all the way back to the 1940s.  Yes, these comic companies have been poking at each other for a long, long time.

Captain Marvel in the 1940s
The original Captain Marvel was not a Marvel character.  Actually, the Captain Marvel character predates Marvel's big entrance into the super hero genre Fantastic 4 #1 by 22 years.  Captain Marvel was created by a comic company called Fawcet in 1939.  Fantastic Four #1 did not come out until 1961.

This original Captain Marvel character is now known by the name Shazaam.  In his heyday through the 1940s he was the most popular Super hero character, even more popular than Superman.  He was so popular that the Publisher Fawcet created a whole super Marvel family to go along with him.  Then in 1953 in part due to a lawsuit from DC Fawcet stopped printing Captain Marvel.   The DC lawsuit alleged that Captain Marvel was a copy of Superman.

Without Fawcet publishing Captain Marvel there was no one to publish any books with the name Captain Marvel for almost 14 years.

1960s The Emergence of Marvel and a new Captain Marvel


Something interesting happens around 1961 and that is the small publisher of western, horror, and romance comics Marvel beginning to print Super Hero comics.  A previously unknown man by the name of Stan Lee begins to reinvent the super hero genre and build Marvel into a powerhouse.  Suddenly, DC has a new competitor that is beating them in sales and for the first time they find themselves unable to buy up a competitor or legally thwart them.

As Marvel builds itself into a super hero juggernaut, the writers there realize that no one is using the Captain Marvel name.  Not wanting anyone to use characters that have the same name as the publisher Marvel acquires the license and in 1967 prints the first Captain Marvel book.  Marvel must periodically print beneath the name of Captain Marvel to keep the license active, something they have been very devout about doing since 1967.

Who is Marvel's Captain Marvel?  His name is Mar Vell he is an alien, with super strength and can fly.  In essence he is very similar to DC's Superman, and the original Fawcett Captain Marvel character.  He is not very original at first but he allows Marvel to keep the name.  Overtime Captain Marvel would be developed by writers into a much more cosmic facing character with his own struggles and personality that set him farther apart from Superman and Shazaam.

Supergirl 1959
Supergirl by Green Stranger
DC played around with the idea of a female Superman for quite awhile.  Eventually, they created an official Supergirl in 1959 with Kara Zor-El who would be adopted by the Danvers family.  She would assume her adopted family's name as part of her secret identity and go by Kara Danvers.

Supergirl is pretty much an exact clone of her cousin Superman, but female.   She has been criticized for this and even killed off by DC at one point because they thought all she did was take away from the uniqueness of Superman's mythos. In her absence though, DC ended up creating new Supergirls like Linda Danvers.  Supergirl continued to be popular whether or not the idea was original or not. Eventually, they decided to simply bring back Kara.

1968 -1977 the Creation of Carol Danvers and Ms Marvel
Captain Marvel by Arkenstar
Carol Danvers appears in 1968 as an airforce officer without any super powers.  Her name may have been chosen as an homage to Supergirl.  At the time it was likely not a big deal because she had no super powers.  9 years later this changes when Carol becomes Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel is created in part to simply control another name with word Marvel in it.  The idea was also to have a character be a symbol for the modern woman's quest for identity.
At the time of her origin female comic fans debated whether she was a strong female character or not.  The main problem being that her hero form was a copy of Captain Marvel, and her secret identity Carol Danvers was a copy of Supergirl.  In some sense Carol is a copy of a copy of a copy.

Why would Marvel use the name Danvers?  I don't know.  It could have been lazy.  It could have been meant to show that this is Marvel's Supergirl.  It might have been meant to poke fun at their competitor.  What is known is that they did it.

While Ms Marvel's origin is not the most original, she has become a major symbol of female power in the way Wonder Woman has for DC.  Her status was cemented when she took on mantle of Captain Marvel in July 2012 in Captain Marvel #1.

Who is Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel?
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Yes 9-18 is the official day for Deadpool Day.......HOWEVER......It was on a Monday and nobody likes Mondays.  So we are moving it to...........9/23.  Get out cervas and go and eat some Tacos.

Save the Date 9-23 is DEADPOOL DAY

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Why is 9-18 the Unofficial Deadpool Day?
As everyone knows 9-18 is the completely unofficial Deadpool Day.  Why 9-18?  Because it is the day that Deadpool's Movie was announced DUH! so it will live in infamy FOREVER!!!!


What do you do on Deadpool day?  Well we have ideas but most of them are based off of Tacos and Chimichangas.  So for starters find a Mexican Restaurant in your area that can serve as ground zero for the Deadpool Day celebration!  If you have ideas for restaurants let me know I will compile a completely unofficial list of unofficial Restaurants across the world to serve as meeting spots on Deadpool day.

Current Places set to meet up on Deadpool Day!

United States
Denver  - Pinche Taco
Aurora - Jabanero's Mexican Grill

San Antonio – Taco Haven
Krum  -  Miguelitos 

Oklahoma City – Zapatas

Seattle –The Taco Truck at third and bell by the park

San Diego - Los Panchitos Mexican & Seafood

International Gatherings:

Singapore - Muchachos

For more info on Deadpool Day see:

Gratuitous Pictures of Mr Pool himself!


For more info on Deadpool Day see:

Jigsaw - Punisher Villains

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Who is Jigsaw? Who is Billy Russo in the Punisher?

Jigsaw is a villain of the Marvel anti-hero the Punisher.  Wayne Knight played Microchip in the film Punisher Warzone (2008).  In the Netflix series the Punisher, Micro is played by actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

Real Name: Billy Russo

Alias(es): The Beaut, The Heavy, Jigsaw

Affliliation: Maggia, Hood's Crime Syndicate

  • Susan - Wife
  • Henry - Son

First Appearance:  Amazing Spider-Man #162 (1976)

Origins:  Punisher Year One Prequels #3 and #4

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Jigsaw Bio:

The Punisher has many pscychopathic villains however Jigsaw is one of the worst.  Born as Billy Russo he is the son of an abusive father and after being kicked out at the age of 10 raises himself.  Billy enters the criminal world and eventually becomes known as a hitman under the handle "The Beaut".  The Beaut referenced his good looks.  He married a woman name Susan and they had a child named Henry.  Billy was an abusive husband and father.  He once forced Henry to drown his pet cat, under the threat of shooting his mother.

A assassination attempt gone bad results in the death of the family of Frank Castle.  To cover up the assassination attempt Frank Costa hires Russo to kill anyone who have a connection to Castle.  He is provided a list of targets including Frank Castle himself.  Castle survives a bombing attempt on his life that was orchestrated by Russo.  Castle tracks down Russo in a nightlclub frequented by Maggia gangsters there he kills everyone except Russo.  He throw Russo through a pane of glass that shatters and baddly cuts up Russo's face.  The scars on his face resemble a jigsaw puzzle and Russo's begins to call himself Jigsaw to match his horrific appearance.  Russo is only left alive by Castle so that he can deliver the message that Frank Castle is pursuing the criminal that killed his family.

Jigsaw has a few plots against the Punisher.  His first attempt is to frame him but this goes bad when one of his murders is seen by Night Crawler and Spider-Man.  He also drugs Castle for a time causing Castle to be even more brutal than normal.

For a time he works for a cult leader with demonic powers names the Rev.  The Rev uses his demonic influence to restore Jigsaw's face to normal.  The fix to his face is temporary and it eventaully returns to its normal patchwork self.  The Punisher and Jigsaw both end up in Rykers where a battle ensues.  Punisher barely escapes Rykers with his life.

Jigsaw has attempted to wear a version of the Punisher costume to both frame and infuriate Castle.  He also created his own version of the Punisher by using a brainwashed.  This man though ends up shooting Jigsaw but he survives.

Jigsaw's son Henry betrays his father and begins to work for Castle.  He manages to trick Henry into capturing Castle for him by using Lady Gorgon to pretend to be Maria Castle.  This ends bad for Jigsaw as Castle escapes and immediatly begins fighitng Jigsaw.  The battle they are battling on catches fire and Jigsaw ends up falling into the inferno below.  He still surives.

Jigsaw comes to work for the Hood Crime Syndicate during the events of Secret Invasion and Dark Reign.  He is brought in as an adviser when Wilson Fisk is attempting to rebuild his empire in the events of Civil War II.

Jigsaw Skills and Powers:
Jigsaw has no super powers but is a highly trained and physically fit man.
  • Experienced street fighter
  • Expert and unorthodox tactician
  • Hitman
  • Weapons expert
  • Experienced in criminal techniques 


Jigsaw will appear in the MCU Netflix show The Punisher.  Actor Ben Barnes plays Billy Russo who is an old friend of Frank Castles from their days in the military.    Russo now runs his own private military organization known as Anvil.

Punisher War Zone:

Dominic West played Microchip in Punisher Warzone (2008).  The character's name was Billy "The Beaut" Russoti.  Billy is attending at mobster dinner that is attacked.  He escapes to a recycyling plant and hideousily mangled when he falls into a glass crusher that is then turned on by Castle.  The plastic surgeon of Billy barely manages to put the semblance of a face together and is then killed by Billy.  Billy decides to name himself Jigsaw to match his appearance.  He then pursues the Punisher to get his own revenge.

Who is the Punisher?- Punisher news, stories art and rumors

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