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Fried Pie Con 2 - Broomfield Colorado

Comic Con you say? Near my home you say?  and its free? I AM THERE.  The Toylab crew will be headed to check out Fried Pie Con 2.  Check our twitter and Instagram periodically for updates as we peruse the event and talk to the conventions guests.

Please let us know if there is anything in particular you are interested in?  We will definitely be checking out Jim Butcher hear about whats going on with Dresden and Brenden Fletcher for some Power Ranger news.  We also cover the cosplay at the event.  If you are going let us know and we can let you know how to contact some of our bloggers.

Our Bloggers that are coming:

Marvel MattSarah Loves ZombiesKatey Komics

What is Fried Pie Con?

Fried Pie Con is a convention meant to bring together comic fans with comic creators. Fried Pie is a company that has a stable of artists who work on comics and many variant covers. A group of the artists will be coming to the convention along with other guests. There will be a gaming tournament and a cosplay …

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