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Iron Fist Season 1 Review - Its awesome!

Many initial critics came out with negative reviews of Iron Fist and I was frankly very worried about it when I turned it on.

Before I give you a review I need you to know who I am.   I don't believe the background of the critic can not color their judgement.  I am a fan of Heroes of Hire comics series in which Iron Fist was one half of the team.  I always enjoyed the street smart Cage and idealistic but naive Iron Fist as they battled crime in the streets of NYC.  This of course is the main reason why Iron Fist survived the 70s because he and Cage are such an amazing partnership.  My primary concern in watching Cage is will he still be good good at teaming up with Iron Fist, and my primary concern watching Iron Fist is the inverse.  I am happy to say that Colter's Cage and Jone's Iron Fist are going to be great together!

Now for the review:

Iron Fist is very GOOD! but in now way perfect.

Toylab Rating for Season 8/10

Video Review:

After binging through Season 1 of Iron Fist …

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