Who is Man Ape?

Please Share and Follow us on Twitter! Tweet Follow @toylabHQ Who is Man Ape? Man Ape is a Wakandian villain that frequently battles the hero the Black Panther. .  Man Ape is domestic rival for the the thrown of Wakanda and challenges the path that the Black Pa…

Toylab's reaction to Huffpost ending Unpaid Bloggers

There are people in the world that have interests and want to share them.  These people go out into the world review products, film, share political opinions and often times they turn to the internet and to blogs to share.  These people have created armies a…

What is the Eye of Agamotto?

What is the Eye of Agamotto The Eye of Agamotto is one Doctor Strange's most powerful relics.  It is an item that has been used and passed down from Sorceror Supreme to Sorcerer Supreme all the way back to the original mystical entity Agamotto at the beg…

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 trailers and teasers

Agents of SHIELD Season 5 will begin with our favorite band of agents having been kidnapped and brought into space where they must deal with cosmic threats such as the Kree and teh Vrellnexians. Trailers - Teasers: S5 Episode  "The Last Day" This Fri…

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