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Camp Fire Stories of Lake Kikipapi Review

On Free Comic Book Day I had the privilige of meeting some awesome folks and check out there stuff.  One of them was Pepper DeLuca and his comic Camp Fire Stories from Lake Kikipapi.  Lake Kikipapi is a comic that was written by Pepper's husband, while he did the artwork himself.  Its based off real experiences of staying at summer camp and the fun plus mystery that comes from kids entering the great outdoors and getting away from their parents.
Every kid hopefully gets to have the experience of going to a summer camp or at least camping and sitting around the campfire to hear ghost stories.  Then you walk back to your tent or cabin in the dark and get even more scared as every shadow in the woods takes on the shape of the creatures from ghost stories.   This is one of the aspects of the summer camp experience that Lake Kikipapi mines to flesh out the camp setting.  The one difference is that in Lake Kikipapi some of those ghost stories turn out to be real.   

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