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Friday, August 26, 2016

Suicide Squad Review by Sir Kent

Suicide Squad review by Sir Kent

Sir Kent is Toylab's resident Film Critic
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Let me say that before I begin this review,maybe I went into it a little “Hangry”. I didn't do my usual routine of app’s a pint and a shot before the movie. So maybe because of that, I wasn't as open minded as I should have been when I watched the movie. So please bare this fact in mind when I make the following comments.


I don't mean in a good, pornstar kinda way either. I mean in a scary, backwoods, banjo-playing, she's gotta keep the baby even if it is rape, kinda way! I don't know, I just don't know. I don't know if the late great

Heath Ledger has simply ruined the role for anyone else. I don't know if it was because of the way this Joker was used in the movie.

Or is it just the simple fact that I don't buy into the hype behind Jared Leto. He reminds me of Johnny Manzel and we ALL see how that sh'BEEP turned out! I think this Joker's new look was TOO much. I have a personal hatred for gold teeth and the tattoo's were a bit much as well. Maybe, this new look was TOO aggressive for me?

Anyway, I was fBEEPin’ right about Jesse Eisenburg playing Alexander Luthor in BATMAN v. SUPERMAN and after seeing this movie, I was right again. But hey, I'm just saying. Now, with that out of the way, I will say that the movie did have a few “Flow” issues. By NO MEANS do these issues make this movie an abomination of FANTASTIC FOUR levels! As some people are trying to make it out to be.

Now before I get into the 'Flow” problems, let me lay the groundwork of the movie.

Amanda Waller (Played by the ever so talented Viola Davis) has a grim outlook for not only national security but, planetary security after the supposed death of Superman (They do a fantastic job of tying together the events of

Batman v. Superman AND the upcoming Justice League movies). The void that has been left by his death fills her heart with fear that the next, nearly all-powerful meta-human that comes along may not have our values or interest in mind. So she proposes the idea of assembling a team of meta-human’s and special ability convict's to do off-the-books operations in the name of national security. Basically she wants to use evil against evil, if the need should ever arise.

She gets her chance to field test her little happy team of psychopaths when an nearly

all-powerful big bad in the form of the Enchantress decides that she is unhappy with the world in its current state. With the help of her brother, she plans to basically kill everybody on the planet and I don't know...drink tea? For what does one do after wiping out an entire planet's population? Catch up on your HULU? Finally knock out that NETFLIX queue? A LOT perhaps? I think the undertone message in this movie is, at what point does a person become unredeemable? This point is never more evident than in the case of Floyd Lawton A.K.A. Deadshot (Played by Will Smith). His driving factor throughout the movie and in the comic is his daughter. He would do anything for her and because of her.

There are several characters in this movie that deserve more time and depth and I hope that behind this movie D.C. See's that. A lot of people complain that Lawton is just Will Smith and I do agree 90% of the time. However, that other 10% he IS DEADSHOT! There's scene where they are about to retreat after being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. That is until Deadshot steps up and starts to reap souls.

THAT was a thing of fuckin’ BEAUTY! Another character that I think was lost in the sheer size if this movie was Katana (Played by Karen Fukuhara). I think a light needs to be shined on her back story ESPECIALLY how she came into ownership of a katana that possess the souls of its victim's? Why is she so trusted by Amanda Waller and Rick Flag? There's also another back story that D.C. should take advantage of.

What drives Rick Flag (Played by Joel Kinnaman)? How has he become the go to guy for such situations? I also truly enjoyed the way they finally “MANNED UP” George “Digger” Harkness A.K.A.

Captain Boomerang (Played by Jai Courtney). In the comics he is always running around with a wool hat and a f'BEEPin’ scarf and just looked silly. Here, he truly looks like an Australian brawler.

Granted, his role in the movie is comic relief and the occasional use of his boomerang’s but, I did appreciate the upgrade in his look. Although he did account for one of my “Flow” problems. At a point where all seems lost and Flag decides to set the squad free, Boomerang grabs an arm full of beer's and bolts. Then in the very next scene, he's like waiting for them outside the bar! WHAT DIRECTLY THE F'BEEP???

Did he realize that the buses weren't running or something? I think the cameos by Batman

(Ben Affleck) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) give fan's kind of a “Cherry on the top” reason to love this movie and geek out as well. This is a good time at the movies...with the exception of Leto.


Deadshot has a 1911 on a C.O. that has been treating them horribly.

C.O.-"As soon as he shoots me, kill him and then delete my browser history!"

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Read the thoughts from Toylab's resident Film Critic Sir Kent

Pokemon Go - What is candy and stardust?

Pokemon Go! - What is Candy and Stardust

Candy and Stardust are two of the major resources that you harvest when you collect Pokemon.  They are used to both upgrade and evolve your Pokemon.

What is Stardust - Stardust is a resource that is used on all Pokemon for upgrades called Power Up.  There is only one kind of Stardust and it can be used on all Pokemon capable of an upgrade.

What is Candy - Candy is a Pokemon resource used for later upgrades and evolution.  Candy is Pokemon specific.  If you catch a Pidgey you get Pidgy candy, and Pidgey candy can only be used on Pidgey or one of its evolutionary offspring.  You typically acquire around 3 candy per Pokemon catch.  Usually lower level Power Ups of a Pokemon only  require Stardust but as the Pokemon's level rises Candy is also required.   Evolution also require a set amount of candy.  The candy required to evolve a Pokemon vary by Pokemon.  Magicarp takes whopping 400 candy to evolve to Gyrados,   While it takes only 25 candy to evolve Rattata to Raticate.

One more way to get Candy is to transfer Pokemon.  If you do need a Pokemon because you already have multiple more powerful versions of it, then you can transfer it.  Transfering sends the Pokemon away to Professor Oak who rewards you with an extra candy.

Where to see them:
To see your amount of Stardust click on a Pokemon.  It will show you how much Stardust and candy for a given Pokemon you have.   It will also show you the costs to Power Up or Evolve that specific Pokemon.

Do not Power Up early on.  There is this reality in the game that you catch more powerful Pokemon as your Trainer level increases.  Sometimes this feels wrong because in the old game you built up your original Pokemon through battling.   Pokemon Go rewards collecting at higher trainer levels more though and this changes strategies of how you use your resources.
The most important thing to increase early on is your Trainer Experience.   You want to focus on upgrading this which can be boosted through evolving your Pokemon.   Don't however spend too much time trying to boost your first Ratattas level after level.  Save your stardust.  I would only begin upgrading when you are serious about going to a gym battle.  You should be past level 10 before you consider this.

Don't dismiss all of the Ratattas and Pigeys you get.  What you will do with them is harvest them by evolving them.  This will then give you high amounts of XP.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to beat Articuno? Pokemon Go


How do you beat Articuno? Pokemon Go questions

Articuno is a legendary pokemon in the massively popular game Pokemon Go.  It also the mascot of Team Mystic aka the Blue Team in Pokemon Go.  Its status as an epic rare Pokemon combined with its elevated status as a mascot of Team Mystic have made one of the most popular Pokemon in fan art and merchandise.

It would be hard to say that Articuno is popular within the game itself for one very good reason.  The Legendary Pokemon Articuno has not yet been released.

Articuno is said to be extremely powerful.  In many of the Pokemon games Articuno is said to be so powerful that it alters the weather in areas it inhabits.

NA: Trophy info The air around Articuno is always cool, and it can make snow fall on even the hottest of days. It must be the perfect Pokémon to have around in summer! Then again, do you really want to be the one to use a Legendary bird Pokémon as an ice machine? Let's just think this through for a minute.
Pokemon Yellow - A legendary bird Pokémon. It freezes water that is contained in winter air and makes it snow.
Obviously, given its stature in the Pokemon Lore when Articuno is released its going to be very powerful with a very high CP.

How do you catch Articuno?
I have heard many rumors that I will discuss on where Articuno has been rumored to lurk.  Official word from Pokemon Go developer Niantic is that no Legendary pokemon will be released until after the game has been rolled out globally.  Additionally. they have hinted that some of the Legendary Pokemon may be given out as prizes or rewards.

One curious thing that the company has confirmed is that some Articuno and other legendary Pokemon were accidentally released.  Some people think that these Legendary pokemon were given out by Niantic customer reps when angry people called.  The official word on these Pokemon is that Niantic has since pulled them all back.  These Articunos are what many people saw at gyms and in pictures online.  Other pictures are likely just fakes.

This Ohio couple I do really think had a real Articuno.  You can make your decision.  They say this Articuno was given by the company when they complained that one of their pokemon disappeared.  The Articuno has since been removed from their account.

Catching the legendary birds-
Is Articuno on top of mount Everest?  No and this guy in the video actually proves it.  He uses a hack to move to the location at the top of Mount of Everest.  He is also uses the same method to search Area 51 and finds nothing.  Generally my experience is similar to his in that high population areas are much better for catching Pokemon then these crazy out of the way locations.

Time to answer and the important questions!
HOW TO FIGHT A Articuno or should I say...
HOW TO BEAT Articuno

Battle with Articuno: 

Remember that Pokemon Types are very IMPORTANT 
Read this --->  Pokemon Types Explained

You have entered battle with glorious. legend and as you gawk at its beauty you realize its swooping in to take you down.  Its time to bring it down!

Alright strategy time well lets start with this Articuno is an ICE / FLYING  type hybrid pokemon.

Hybrid Pokemon always seem to be a bit more complicated when figuring out what to use but interestingly ICE and FLYING have to similar weaknesses in Rock and Steel.   If you have a good pokemon in either of those types I would use it as it will cover all of the bases.

Some other types are good against either FLYING or ICE.
Electric Pokemon are good against FLYING.  Fire Pokemon are good against ICE.  The attacks from either an Electric or Fire  should receive a type based bonus.  However defensively you are rolling the dice as Articuno will likely have a mixture of ICE and FLYING based attacks.  Depending what it throws out at you will determine whether you get a defensive bonus.

Considering these Pokemon I think your best bet of popular Pokemon is to use Golem.  Golem is the final evolution of Geodude/Graveler.  Geodudes are pretty common in my area and I have seen a few Golems around.

One rock hybrid that is worth a look if you have it is Rhydon.  Those can be very powerful and I think both the Rock and Ground attacks will work well against Articuno.

I have not many Steel pokemon at all. The one exception is Magnemite which is an Electric / Steel hyrid which I have caught two of.  If you catch enough Magnemite you could evolve it to Magneton which I am sure would be a powerful match up against Articuno.

If you don't have a solid Rock or Steel pokemon then you need to roll the dice and use Fire  or Electric Pokemon good choices here would be Arcanine, Flareon, Ninetails, Charizard, Jolteon, and Raichu.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Who is Negan?

No, I'm not the Governor, I am much much Worse :)
Who is Negan?

In the Walking Dead there have been two primary Big Bad Characters that Rick Grimes has had to face.  The first is the Governor who is now officially dead on the show, and the second one is Negan.
Sure, there are marauders, there are zombies, but nothing quite amps up the danger level like one of these two.  When they show up, major characters die, and chaos ensues.

Casting:  Recent news says actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been hired to play Negan.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #100

Unedited Negan introduction clip on the Show:
Negan made his introduction of season 6 finale but in the official version he did not cuss.  There is an unedited version of the scene that has become very popular online it features Negan using his normal vernacular of Fbombs and seems to be more inline with his comic portrayal.

Negan News:

Negan Multi-Media:


Negan is the leader of a group called the Saviors. Nothing is known about him pre-apocalypse.  His group is basically a giant extortion / protection scheme.  The Saviors go to communities and say give us 50% of your resources for our Zombie Protection Services or we will kill you.  This is what Negan describes as the New World Order.

Negan is brutal and kills both enemies and his own men left and right.  He wields a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire that he named Lucille.  Lucille seems to be part of his psychosis as he talks to the bat like confidant. Negan is extremely violent a typical ritualized punishment for the Saviors is for Negan to burn/melt peoples faces using a scorching Iron.  Despite his sadism, Negan has no tolerance for sexual violence and in one comic kills a Savior for attempting to rape Holly a prisoner.  He is inconsistent on this as he does threaten numerous characters with rape (Mostly males) at other times.

Negan comes across as a bit of a meat head but is very strategic and intelligent.  His meat head, cursing attitude seems to be a bit of front as it camouflages how intelligent he really is.   He is not as cunning as the Governor but he makes up for it with a larger better armed and trained force.  He is also far more brutal.   Negan physically may be one of the most imposing characters introduced in the Walking Dead books, he seems to have no problem beating or killing any other character.

Negan also kills some main characters.  In Walking Dead #100 Negan introduces himself by killing one of the members of the Alexandria community, the person he ends up picking is...

Do you really want to know?


Glenn.  That is right Glenn gets it.  One of the shows most beloved characters is taken away brutally.  Against the loud protestations of Maggie the group helplessly watches as Glenn is beaten to death by Negan.

Rick and crew are of course not very happy with Negan and quickly a very large war ensues.   Rick learned some tricks from his battles with the Governor but Negan is anything but a push over.  A brutal game of chess ensues that envelopes the story.

In the end Rick and collected network of communities defeat and capture Negan.  The remaining parts of his network are added into Rick's network.

Negan is now in a cell as the lone prisoner.   He is treated fairly and in one issue Rick even invites newcomers to the community visit him.

When Will Negan show up?

  Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been hired to play Negan.  Morgan played the Comedian in Watchmen.  It is said he will make his first appearance in the Season 6 Finale.  My guess is that this appearance will be marked with the death of a major character.

In The Comics:
 He shows up in the pivotal comic Walking Dead #100.  The Governor died in #48 so there is a large gap between these two in the comics.  It is hard to say what the show will do as there could be multiple seasons between the Governor and Negan or the show could straight in for the kill.  My guess is that a lot of the characters will live through their current predicament and will feel safe for a moment...then when nobody is ready for it the Saviors will show up.  It will be like a big Red Wedding style event and the viewers will be saying goodbye to many a character.

Entertainment Weekly asked Kirkman when Negan would show up he responded

“Well, there was a lot of breathing room in the comics between them. Whether or not we have the same amount of breathing room, or if we do cut that down a little bit and bring him into the show a little early remains to be seen. But I definitely do think there needs to be some kind of space from a Governor into a Negan. You have to have something of a break in there. So I wouldn’t expect him to be showing up — definitely not in season 4. I don’t know. I wouldn’t expect it too soon. But we are all very excited about the prospect of bringing that guy into the show. The plan is that we will see him eventually.”

Negan is coming.  Somewhere in the walking dead world he is there.  Waiting...with Lucille.

Pictures of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan:


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Garret Dillahunt cast as Negan 
Fort of the Living - All things Walking Dead HQ 
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Meet SHIELD's new Director

The season 3 finale left off with Coulson and Mac reporting to a new director.  Since then rumors have swirled around on who that new director could be.  Now details are starting to come out.  The new director will not be one of the previous characters on the show however the character will not be exactly new.  The character is said to have origins all the way back to the 1940s which my guess means that he could have been a character in the old Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos series.

The new director will be played by Irish actor Jason O'mara.  Jason is known for his role in the short lived but beloved series Terra Nova and the Good Wife.  Marvel's head of television Jeph Loeb said that Jason's role will be to force, "everyone, particularly Coulson, to reevaluate their role in the agency."

Marvel has released the first picture of Jason O'Mara as the new director:
Jason O'Mara as the SHIELD Director

The new director will showing up with another hot new comer, Ghost Rider who is set to make his debut in the MCU in Season 4.

Here is a video of Jason O'Mara from Terra Nova:

Pictures of Jason O'Mara:

Marvels Agent of Shield speculation HUB

MTG Battle of Zendikar - Info and Trailer

There is quite a bit of hype building for Magic the Gatherings new release the Battle of Zendikar.  The release date was Oct 2 and already I am seeing it take over talk at comic and game stores.
 One of the things that this release features is its own trailer, and a fleshed out story with characters and events laid out in it.

General Story:
Return to the wild plane of Zendikar, where the monstrous Eldrazi threaten the entire world with destruction. The plane's inhabitants, and even the land itself, stand united to oppose them.

See art from the series at:
Art from the Battle of Zendikar


Opening the Booster Box:

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Art from the Battle of Zendikar 

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The Pokemon Go! Shopping Mall

Are you trying to Catch Em' All?

Welcome to the Pokemon Go Shopping Mall
We have you covered.  We have been hunting around for the very best Pokemon products to highlight for trainers.  All of the products are on Amazon making it the easiest way for you to buy and ship your purchases.

We have set this page to cover all kinds of Pokemon gear, stuff, talleywackers, games, clothes, accessories so have every Pokemon need or want covered.  If you need to buy a gift for Pokemon lover this is the place.

This is kind of an experiment for us to try to built a dynamic topical shopping space.  It may be altered dramatically as time goes on.

Pokemon Store

Highlighted Items:
Pokemon Trainer gloves that make the sound of throwing a Pokeball.  

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