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Friday, September 23, 2016

Agents of SHIELD season 4 trailers and reviews

Agents of SHIELD season 4 trailers
The final 4 episodes of Agents of SHIELD promise to be action packed insanity.


Sir Kent Review of the previous episode The Ghost

As you can tell by the gif, this week's episode of AOS made me drink. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Now, like I do with most of my reviews, let's dig into what I DID NOT LIKE. This new Director thing bugs me. Where did this guy come from and how the f'BEEP could they ever pass over Agent Maria Hill as the new director?!?! I SAY THEE NAY! (Like how I worked in  some Asgardian?) I mean other than Hawkeye and The Black Widow, she has been by director Fury's side from the start! Nobody can replicate that kind of experience.

SERIOUSLY? Did Nick Fury have no say in who filled the void??? And so now Coulson is just a VERY senior field agent? Not even the right hand of this new, pretty-boy director? If Hill comes back as a f'BEEPin’ villian because of this, they f'BEEPin’ deserve it!

In all of this, the one person I TRULY DO NOT envy is Jemma. Her heart was in the right place grabbing at a position that would allow her some sway over this new version of SHIELD. However I kinda think she got it because this new director doesn't see her as a threat. Plus, how f'BEEPin’ long do you think May is going to continue to take orders from her before she reminds her who the Hell she's talking to? Okay, I think I'm done with dislikes.

What I did like about last night's episode? Let's take it from the top. Best line

Coulson - Look forward to seeing May

Mack - I think you look more forward to it more than I do

On Yo-Yo.  I did not know if this character would be brought back or not.
Seeing Yo-Yo again was nice. Seeing how hot she is for Mack was VERY nice! I do love an aggressive woman and she is going to shag the living shit out of Mack!  She adds some personal relationships with Mack and is also in a interesting position as a go between with Quake/Daisy and the rest of her former team.

Secrets  and Rules to Keep Secrets
To Hell with the rules! It's unfortunate that the agency tends to force you to keep secrets from loved ones. Poor Fitz having to keep the secret of this new AIDA cyborg from Simmons is killing him. He just needs more time to see it finished and maybe field tested. I must go in record now and say, Am I the ONLY person who See's “Ultron: Attack of the sexy cyborgs” happening here? Do the math.

She was created by Radcliffe as a means to save lives by “Mimicking” humans in order to protect them. That as sounds great. Probably will go great the first few times. But what's to keep her from one day “Mimicking” a human's desire to survive? Then in the heat of battle being all like “F'BEEP YO’ COUCH, EDDIE MURPHY!

I ain't goin’ out like that!”? Ultron, all over again, only sexy. I sayeth woe be that day indeed. (More Asgardian for you I am really getting ready Thor Ragnarok).

FINALLY,......give me a drum roll................

The Ghost Rider entrance.......went off like BOOM!!!!!

I have to say, much like a lot of you, I had a serious concern about how on a T.V. budget, they would make Ghost Rider look convincing. This new version of  The Rider with the car instead if the motorcycle just seems to fit. His transformation into The Rider was done very well. The only thing that was missing was his chain. Which I'm sure we will see soon enough.

I am curious to see what it is in this box he is hunting. The gun running repu...I meant white supremacist are a happy by-product of what The Rider is truly after. Whatever was let out of that box is of a supernatural basis and he knows he has to kill it. Unfortunately for everyone at SHIELD base, it seems to have gotten a hold of May. And THAT could only mean they are in for a very bad day! If she turns on the SHIELD crew due to this ghost box then all hell is going to break loose!

All in all, I look forward to meeting this new director. Hopefully having him killed off (By a possessed May) and finding out exactly what this evil spirit is.

Plus WHERE THE HELL IS DEATHLOK??? Ghost Rider vs Deathlok would be something I would love to see.
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Chloe Bennet's butt

Chloe Bennet In Splash Magazine Febrero Issue
I know you saw my butt 

Its Time to chat about Chloe Bennet's butt.

Kids time to sit down on the couch and have an awkward conversation.  We are all fans of Agents of SHIELD but kids, it is time for the proverbial "TALK".  You know that akward "TALK" every poor young soul must sit through with one of their elders on a subject that makes both parties feel icky afterwards.  I think you all saw something in the last episode of Agents of SHIELD. (Episode 1 of Season 4). I saw it, you saw it, lets all admit it, WE SAW IT.  Lets all be honest and stand up to discuss this, even if its a bit......awkward. Yes my friends its time to have a chat about Chloe Bennet's butt.

Chloe Bennet is the actress that plays Skye, Daisy Johnson, Quake the character of many names but of only one butt.  This post is about her BUTT.

For Season 4, Agents of SHIELD moved to a later time slot.  The reason for the time slot shift was in part for the series to take on a darker and more adult tone.  Many comparisons have been drawn to the tone shifting toward something like the Netflix Daredevil series.  It also made sense because Season 4 is going to introduce the character of Ghost Rider.  Ghost Rider is tonally a dark character,  whose stories focus on battling evil demons, ghosts and even the devil.  It all made sense.

As I prepared to watch the premiere I sharpened my pencil and laid out my note pad. I was going to take notes on things that seemed a little more mature.than in previous seasons.  Mature things like deaths and scary dudes with flaming skulls.  I thought the change toward the mature would be interesting blog fodder.  Oh boy oh boy was it going to get interesting.  I popped open a coke, sat down on my cunfy sofa chair and turned on Agents of SHIELD.  I was filled with anticipation. Then almost immediately, just 20 seconds in.......I SAW IT.......the first sign of the mature tonal shift.......I SAW........Chloe Bennet's bootay.  

It also wasn't like a subtle build up.  The show just starts and is like BOOM! BUTT!  The scene was also not like at a distance, the camera was decidedly up close and all like BOOM! BUTT!  I have nothing against butts, and certainly nothing against Chloe's butt.  She has a decidedly nice Butt.  Still the power of that Butt just nailed me.  It was like I was momentarily tackled by a butt.  I guess normally one has time to prepare and orient oneself for butts.  But not this Butt it was just like BAM BOOM BUTT.

I'm thinking that Butt shot was more important that other butt shots.  That Butt shot was designed to say something about the show.  It was like BOOM BUTT yeah you weren't ready for that were yah.  Yeah Agents of SHIELD is changing and we are more intense and you better get ready because we are going to throw stuff at you Ghosts, Death and when your not ready for it ...... BUTTs!

My jaw oriented itself and I coolly recovered.  I didn't want anyone to see me get messed up over a butt after all.  I calmly took out my pencil and wrote down my first item on the list of mature Agents of SHIELD signs.........I wrote

Chloe Bennet's Butt

The show went on and I wrote a couple more things down. Ghost Rider appears he is a bit scary. Ghost rider brutally kills people. There is a ghost that comes out of a box. At the top of the list though there remained a bit of an outlier,.. Chloe Bennet's butt.

I have written about many things. Lots of things. food, ghosts, hikes, characters, stories yada yada but I have never written something about a butt before.  How does one write and analyze a butt anyways? So like a smart blogger I kind of perused around. I looked at twitter, and articles and was looking to see if Chloe Bennet's butt effected anyone else. Surely someone would write something about the Butt shot, but alas no one did.  Well dog gone it, if no one else is going to talk about it, I AM.  Am I the most qualified person to discuss butts?  Nope.  But the rest of the blogging world dropped the ball so its up to me.

What does that scintillating little scene mean for the show?  I think the show is trying to make the same point Miley Cyrus did riding half naked on a wrecking ball and that is.....We are growing up, we are getting serious and SH'BEEP is about to get real.

So real, that we might even show some butts.

I think that is what the Butt meant.

But I might be reading too much into it.  Freud once said sometimes a Butt is just a Butt or something to such an effect.  I have feeling though that the Butt was important.  It was thought out and it meant something.

Holy cow i just wrote a whole post about a butt.  Where is Sir Mix A Lot I bet I just joined some kind of a club.

By Marvel Matt Blogger at Toylab

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Marvel Monsters Unleashed 2017

For a bit I'm going to be a debbie downer.  Yes, I know this is a terrible way to start a post.  I do not like Civil War II,  I have found it to be a lackluster and boring rehash.   Right now Marvel Comics to me is a few great series like Black Panther, Power Man and Iron Fist, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Amazing Spider-Man.  The rest of Marvel Comics just stink.  Maybe even worse than stinking I just don't care about it.  I could write a huge diatribe but instead I will look to the bright side.  The good part of about being a comic fan is that when the present books SUCK, there are still future books out there that might be awesome.

What has caught my eye is that in 2017 Marvel is going to have a massive event called MONSTERS UNLEASHED.  What is immediately cool about the name is that I have not heard it before.  It is not the 2nd, 3rd of 4th Secret Wars but something new, something HUGE!!!!!!!! 

Alright I'm excited again :) la la la la lolly pops and doves, water falls of chocolate and girls running on beaches.......etc etc Happy Days Ahead.

The Monster Unleashed team assembled by Marvel is pretty awesome.  The writing will be done by Cullen Bunn and will star artists including Adam Kubert, Greg Land, Salvador Larroca, Steve McNiven, and Leinil Yu.  I really like Cullen Bunn he is a writer you may know from Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe which was amazing.  I am excited to see what he does here and hope he can inject new life into the Marvel comic universe.

The idea of Monsters unleashed is pretty simple.  Its Marvel's version of Pacific Rim or of Godzilla.  What will make it fresh though is that Marvel has created many great Monsters over the years but most of them have sat for years in the dust bins of history.  This is a chance for many of these great monsters to get their day in the sun again.

There are also new Monsters to use and also a lot of influence from stuff like Godzilla in Japan.  One of my requests for the series is that Tokyo needs to get some action!  Come on that just seems necessary in the huge Monster Genre.

It should also be fun to see heroes take on these massive monsters.  Instead of battling super villains, evil organizations or each other we get to see our heroes test their might against an army of epic Monsters.  Artistically i see that series will open up great opportunities for huge slash pages featuring huge amounts of heroes, monsters and carnage.

Which Monsters will show up?  Well let me be clear Marvel has a TON and I do mean a TON of Monsters.  Prior to Marvel getting into the super heroes gig in the 1960s with Fantastic Four it was focus on horror books and many of those books had monsters.  Some characters like Groot debuted in this time period and were revamped.  However, many many monsters from that time have only made brief appearances.since then.  There are a ton of these guys and a lot of them are different than things we see today.

The Toylab Blogging Family is excited about this event! As preparation for the Monsters Unleashed event Toylab is going to have its own MARVEL MONSTERS week in October that will feature profiles of many of Marvel's best monsters.  I hope you continue to stop by this page as we update it with more Monsters Unleashed News and Marvel Monster Profiles.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who is King Ezekiel in the Walking Dead?

Ezekiel is a character in the Walking Dead who is the leader of a community called the Kingdom.  Ezekiel is known for fighting alongside Rick Grimes in the All Out War story as well as for his pet tiger, Shiva.  Actor Khary Payton has been hired to play Ezekiel in the show the Walking Dead.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #108

Death: The Walking Dead #144

Monikers:  I have heard many people refer to Ezekiel as the Tiger Dude, Tiger guy etc.

King Ezekiel makes his first appearance in the premiere episode of Walking Dead Season 7.  Scenes by Khary Payton feature prominently in the episode.

Ezekiel was a zookeeper prior to the zombie apocalypse.  At some point he may have also been an actor.   After the apocalypse Ezekiel uses one of the Tigers as a zoo named Shiva as a pet.  He and the tiger create a community of survivors that names Ezekiel as its leader.  He proclaims himself, King Ezekiel and calls the community the Kingdom.   Ezekiel has met and befriended with Paul Monroe from the Hilltop. He greatly despises Negan and the Saviors.  Ezekiel is the first to admit that he can be theatrical while acting as the king of the Kingdom.  He acts very confident but at certain times does become rattled and reveals insecurity.

Ezekiel has spent considerable amount of time gathering information on the Saviors and Negan whom he regards as a tyrant.  He has been accumulating on this information waiting for the proper time to strike.

Rick is brought to the community to meet with Ezekiel by Paul Monroe where the leaders of each community create an alliance to take down the Saviors.  Dwight a Savior mole is also there and joins in the pact with the other leaders.  Rick brought several people with him to Alexandria including Michonne.  Ezekiel immediately takes an interest into the warrior woman.  She initially scorns him but after a friendly and flirty chat begin to see each other romantically.

Eziekel later leads a group of Kingdom warriors and saves Alexandria from a siege by the Saviors.  The Kingdom force catches the Saviors force by surprise and saves the town.  Negan manages to escape this battle and Rick initially wants to give chase.  Ezekiel warns Rick away from this tactic though due to the Saviors still possessing superior numbers.  Ezekiel is highly impressed with Alexandria and comments that Rick greatly undersold the community.

Ezekiel leads a force first with Rick on an attack of the Savior stronghold of Sanctuary.  Later he splits off to take down a Savior base.  Ezekiel's attack ends disastrously and Shiva ends up being killed.   The battle between the Kingdom and Savior forces had lured over a massive horde of zombies who diverted the Saviors.  While the zombie horde allowed Ezekiel to escape he became trapped within the horde himself.  Shiva took down as many zombies as the tiger could but eventually was surrounded and killed by the zombies.

A grieving Ezekiel seeks comfort of Michonne.  He tells her about the disastrous attack, the loss of his men and of Shiva.  He tells her that he no longer wants to be a leader.  Michonne responds to this by punching him in the face and calling him a "Pussy".  She says that he is still being trusted by families in the Kingdom to lead and needs to man up and do so.  When Alexandria is attacked Ezekiel wants to flee but Michonne convinces him to stay and fight.

Ezekiel eventually agrees to bring all of his remaining survivors to the Hilltop where the three communities can gather their forces and avoid being taken out by the Saviors individually.  He fights alongside the survivors at the final battle at Hilltop.

Some time after All out War:
It is eventually revealed that Ezekiel and Michonne are having relationship difficulties.  Michonne leaves and goes out on her own and Ezekiel goes out to look for.  He runs into the Whispers, whose leader Alpha decapitates him.

When Michonne sees the head of Ezekiel she begins to cry, revealing that she still had feelings for him.

Full size image

Carol and Morgan while battling Saviors came across another man who seemed to come from another community.  It is expected that this community is the Kingdom.

Actor Khary Payton was hired to play King Ezekiel in the show.  He was first shown in the trailer for Season 7 at San Diego Comic Con:

From Entertainment Weekly interview with Khary Payton was asked what it was like acting with nothing there at times to create Shiva.  Shiva is Ezekiel's pet tiger.

"It’s just another beautiful way that I get to use my imagination. As far as I’m concerned, Shiva’s as real as the people standing next to me — as Morgan or Carol or any of the other people who move among the Kingdom itself. So I really don’t think of it as CG or mechanic. All I know is that she’s real to me. I’ve done a lot of video games where there’s literally nothing standing in front of me. I’ve done, you know, a lot of voiceovers where there’s literally nothing standing in front of me, I’ve got to make it all up, so this is just another situation where my imagination gets to be used in another context, so no matter how good they bring it to life, it’s already alive in my head."

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Pokemon Go Trading Market / System

A way to trade Pokemon has been a big part of past Pokemon games and is a feature that has been mentioned in the earliest Pokemon Go announcements.  The feature however has not yet gone live.  However, Niantic the games developer has apparently been working on it as Trading Code has been found in the game.  Code was found earlier related to Buddy Pokemon and within about a month the Buddy system went live.  I think its safe to say that if the beginning code is there then the Trading System will be going live pretty soon.

Pokemon Trading Evolutions?
Will Pokemon's Evolve from Trading?  In past games there was a list of Pokemon that would evolve through Trading. Many times this was the only way to evolve these Pokemon.  This meant that finding a friend and trading Pokemon with them was a critical part of the game.  This was something that set Pokemon a part from other games in that forced players to interact with each other in the real world to achieve certain objectives in the game.

Trading the old school way

Adios Pikachu! the old school way

Pokemon Go has taken the gamer community to the extra mile.  Gamers are joining up in teams all over the country and interacting in a variety of different ways.  Trading will be yet one more way for players to interact.  My guess is that the game will provide incentives for players to do this and that could take the route of a Trade Only Evolution.  There are still no firm facts on this though and that is only speculation on my part.

How will Trading Work?
Here are some rumored ways that trading is expected to work from those who have looked at the code.  This is speculation but speculation rooted on actual code that has already been created.

The Trading Market will unite the player with all the players not just a person sitting next to you.  It is hard to say if you are only able to trade with players in a given region or in a city or if the radius
Trading appears to be only for Pokemon not other Pokemon items like Poke Balls or Potions.

  • Search Function - You will be able to search for "Trading Players" presumably by Pokemon type.
  • Create Trade - You will set up a trade with another player
  • Cancel Trade - Allows some ability to cancel trade before it is canceled.
  • Complete Trade-

The trade code has built in back ups that will re try a trade in case the connection is lost.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is a free mobile game that utilizes GPS to create an augmented reality video game.  People walk around the real world and their phones GPS connects locations in the virtual world of the video game.  Players catch Pokemon and use them to battle in gyms.

The Toylab Pokemon Trainers are trying to keep on top of any news and updates the game does and of course the most current tips.  Our how to beat section lists detailed articles on how to beat specific Pokemon even powerful ones like Snorlax.

We are also working hard to sort out the coolest Pokemon Go Stuff that you can find in the Pokemon Stores and Mall below.

Developer: Niantic
Release Date: July 2016
Genre: Augmented Reality
Platforms: IOS, Android

Pokemon Go News!
Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomena and a revolution in gaming that we are covering on a daily basis.  Here is the top Pokemon Go news!

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To look the part as a serious Pokemon Trainer you need to have the right gear.  Portable chargers come in very handy when you are going to be away from a charge for a significant amount of times.  Additionally, getting clothes from your Pokemon Go Team really helps you find others in your team and form local clubs.
We also include a wide array of clothing options that are sorted by your favorite Pokemon.

Interested in Pokemon Go PLUS device or the Pokemon Apple Watch?  Read our comparison-
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Night Gear beneath the Pokemon electronics category in the store you will find Night Gear.  I highly recommend checking out these options particularly if you want to go on a night time Pokemon hunting trip.  If you bring kids along with you at night then some items like light up slap on bracelets are a must.  Safety First.

Remember to click on to Main Pokemon Clothes  category to get back to the main category in the left navigational pane of the store.

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Find a cool Mobile Background for your phone:
It might not seem like much but adding a fun Pokemon Background can show your love for both the game and your Pokemon Go team.  This can help you meet other players who happen to check out your cool background on your phone.

How to Beat Tough Pokemon
There are some really tough Pokemon out there and particularly sitting in the gyms.  The Gym Pokemon tend to be each players most powerful Pokemon.  Some players have caught some tough rare Pokemon like the dreaded SNORLAX and others have built up and evolved their Pokemon like the feared Vaporeon.  Toylab is lucky to have multiple bloggers who are actively playing this game now have battle tested a few ways of taking down the best of the best.

We also have researched how to beat legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Mortres, Zappados and the dreaded Mewtwo!

Pokemon Go Trainer Guide:
While Pokemon Go is absolutely a revolution and in many ways brilliant, it does not explain things very well.  There is no full official guide from Niantic.  As such we have tried to go through the most confusing parts of the game and add our own insights.

Starting Out:


Evolution/ Eggs:


Picture of all Pokemon Go silhouettes

Who is Black Mariah?

Who is Black Mariah?

Black Mariah is a Marvel villain known for battling the hero Luke Cage.  Black Mariah will be villain faced by Luke Cage during the Netflix Luke Cage series.   Actress Alfre Woodard will play Black Mariah in the series.

Real Name: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #5 (1973)

Who is Luke Cage aka Power Man?


Black Mariah was an established drug lord in Chinatown and Harlem, NYC.  She appears early in Luke Cage's hero career and then again after he forms his partnership with Iron Fist.
Black Mariah is a leader of a gang criminals who use converted ambulances and paddy wagons to kidnap or move people.  The name Black Mariah is a term for a paddy wagon and is where she gets her name.  There business was in covert moving of criminals or evidence as a kind of specialize crime cleaning service.  One of their more lucrative schemes was to cart of the bodies of wealthy people who die in public spaces and use the corpse's keys to access their homes and steal their valuables before anyone even knew they were dead.

Luke Cage is hired to find the body of a man named Frank Jenks by his widow.  Frank has been one of the corpses taken by Black Mariah's group.  Luke Cage hunted down the group and beat up Black Mariah's thugs.  Due to Luke being at first unwilling to strike a woman, he takes a lot of punishment from Mariah.  However, she is unable to do serious harm to the nearly invulnerable hero.  She eventually gives up and tries to take off in a boat.  Luke jumps and capsizes the boat leaving Mariah floating in the bay.

(Events  from Powerman and Iron Fist #88)

Black Mariah would later return to harass Cage and his new partner Iron Fist.  Mariah had joined the dope business in China town and had new Chinese thugs and connections.  She also had with a new Halwani henchmen named Scimitar.  She began selling a drug called Acid Z that would cause users to go crazy before killing them in a few hours
Iron Fist is spotted outside one her bases and she sends her new Chinese thugs to, "cut his heart out".
Iron Fist fights his way through her thugs, and defeats Scimitar.  However, he overlooks Black Mariah.  She stabs him with drugged sewing needles.  The drugs barely allow Iron Fist to maintain consciousness and Mariah knocks him out.  She tosses him off the roof.  Lucky for Iron Fist he is caught by his partner Luke Cage.  Cage then proceeds to take down Scimitar and Mariah.  He throws a lamp post through a van they are attempting to use to escape. 

These are the only appearances I know of Black Mariah.


Very strong but not super strength

Also known for using poisions and drugs on sewing needles

Luke Cage Netflix Series

Actress Alfre Woodard will play Black Mariah in the Luke Cage Netflix series.  It sounds like her version will be tweeked and Black Mariah will be named Minetta and will be politically powerful drug dealer and criminal in the community.   
Mariah's connections with the Chinese gangsters may help the series connect to Madame Gao's aka Mother Crane's organization in the Daredevil season series.

It is said that she will be a cousin of the other main series villain Cornell Cottonmouth.  It seems like she will use her legit political power to cover up for the criminal enterprise of her cousin.

New Promo Poster of Black Mariah:

Pictures of Alfre Woodard as Black Mariah:

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