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Who is Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead?

Who is Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead?

Carl Grimes is a character in the Walking Dead comic and TV Show.  He is one of the main characters in the series being the son of the primary protagonist, Rick Grimes.  In the Walking Dead TV show, Carl Grimes is played by actor Chandler Riggs.

First Appearance (Comic):  The Walking Dead #2 (2003)
First Appearance (Show): "Days Gone Bye" Season 1 Episode 1 (2010)


Carl is the son of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes and Lori Grimes.  When the zombie apocalypse begins Rick is comatose and is believed dead at the hospitable.  Lori takes Carl and they leave with Rick's partner Shane.  They head toward a safe zone that quickly falls apart.  Instead, Shane ends up leading a small group of survivors camping on the outskirts of Atlanta.  Eventually Rick finds them there.

Due to the dire circumstances the family finds itself in Carl is forced to grow up very quickly.  At the age of 7 he begins practicing using fire arms and quickly becomes adept with them.  Using a pistol he saves his mother from a walker.  Later he shoots and kills Shane who had become erratic and a danger to his father.  Rick begins to worry about his son and his behavior and attitude grow increasingly cold and callous.  At times Rick tries to thrust his son into normal innocent child like behaviors.  However, the dark world in which they live often come crashing in.

Carl is shot accidentally by a man named Otis.  Otis had been attempting to shoot a deer.  Carl recovers under the care of veterinarian Hershel Greene and for a time the family stays at the farm.  Eventual friction lead the group to move on to a nearby Prison.

During this time Lori reveals she is pregnant with another child.  Carl is very happy at the thought of having a younger sibling.  Carl is loving and protective over his new baby sister, Judith.  However, both his mother and his younger sister are killed during an attack on the Prison by the governor.

Carl has numerous dark experiences as the group travels from the prison.   A group of red necks attempts to rape him but are brutally killed by the intervention of Rick.  One young twin survivor becomes insane and kills the other.  No one in the group knows what to do with the surviving murderous twin.  As a fellow child, Carl sees it as his duty to dispense justice and executes the boy.  The group is also hunted by cannibals, before ambushing and killing the other survival group.

Eventually the group finds its way to civilization in the form of Alexandria.  There Carl struggles to fit in with other children who have been far more sheltered than him.   Morgan a survivor that Rick met early in the apocalypse joins Alexandria and forms a strong bond with Carl.  He pushes Carl to regain his childhood innocence.  Upon his death Morgan tells Carl that he knows about a murder committed by Carl and tells him to not give into the darkness.

 While in Alexandria, Carl is shot again, this time in face.  He recovers from the wound but loses an eye, and carries a brutal scar on his face from the wound.

The group enters a prolonged confrontation with an organized and violent force called the Saviors led by a vicious man named NeganRick pretends to go along with Negan's demands in a ruse that he hopes will allow him to learn more about the group.  Angry at his father's seemingly weak actions Carl takes actions into his own hands.  He sneaks aboard a Savior truck and emerges at the Savior base called Sanctuary with a machine gun.  He kills a few Saviors before being subdued.  Rather than punish Carl for kill his men Negan is impressed at how brave Carl is.  He attempts to wine and dine him before sending him back to his father in Alexandria.
Carl stays behind in the SafeZone as Rick leads the forces from multiple communities against the Saviors.  Eventually, Negan is captured and the Saviors are brought into the groups network.

Whispers and Love

Carl begins a apprenticeship beneath Earl Sutton a blacksmith in Hilltop.  On a date with Sophia he is attacked by two other boys at Hilltop.  Carl viciously beats them with a shovel.  The boy parents want Carl to be punished for his actions.  For a time he is held in a cell.  In prison he meets Lydia a prisoner of a mysterious group called the Whispers.  The two become close and eventually Lydia seduces Carl.   The Whispers bring an army to the gates of Hilltop where Lydia's mother, Alpha demands that she is returned.  Carl believes that the group abuses Lydia and begs Maggie to let her stay.  However, Maggie does not want to begin an armed conflict with the large group and returns the girl.  This enrages Carl and he sneaks out of Hilltop and sets out after Lydia.

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Alexandria Safe-Zone

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How to beat Gengar

How to beat Gengar!

OOOOOoooooo Look out its a ghost.  Well not just a ghost, but a ghost Pokemon and a rather powerful one at that.  Gengar has some of the best offense of all Pokemon in Pokemon GO making it a great attacker in many situations.  Gengar's defense is not nearly as stellar as his offense which makes him a mediocre gym defender.  None the less, Gengar often appears as a gym defender due to his high CP.

The ghost Pokemon make their first appearance in Pokemon Red and Blue in the infamous Lavender Town.  Lavender Town is this creepy place where dead Pokemon are said to be buried.  As that is not creepy enough a weird, haunting music plays while you are there.  An urban myth became popular that the music actually was a culprit in increased suicide rates in children in Japan.  While this myth is NOT true the fact that the myth became popular reveals just how creepy the Lavender town music is.

Gengar is evolves from Haunter which evolves from Ghastly.   During the Halloween Event Ghastly were made much more common and this increased the amount of Gengar that are seen in gyms.
"Under a full moon, this Pokémon likes to mimic the shadows of people and laugh at their fright." Pokedex entry from Pokemon Red and Blue
Gengar i is a Ghost and Poison type  Pokemon with a weakness to Ghost, Dark, Psychic and Ground Type attacks.

One immediate thing to note is that Ghost Moves are good against Ghost Pokemon.   This means that a Gengar with Ghost moves would be a good offensive counter to other Gengar.  However, keep in mind that from a defensive stand point that a Gengar would be a poor counter.  The same advantage your Gengar has in attacking the other Gengar would also have.   This can still be kind of fun though as it really enhances the need to dodge.  If you want a quick fun match that requires skill then a Gengar vs Gengar could be the way to go.

Gengar's Stats and Moves in Pokemon Go

Gengar with an all Ghost / Dark move set works well against other Ghosts.
Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb are the two special moves I like the best.

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Now for the ultimate question!  How do you beat, kill, defeat Gengar.  What Pokemon is a counter Gengar?


When consulting the numbers right now the clear favorite counter for Gengar offensively is Alakazam.  Other Strong candidates who would do a lot of damage to Gengar are Espeon, Exeggutor, and Houndoom.

In order the best move sets for a Machamp are:

  • Counter / Dynamic Punch
  • Counter / Close Combat
  • Counter / Cross Chop
  • Counter / Submission
  • Counter / Stone Edge

For the other pokemon primarily look for those Pokemon to have Fighting moves.  Once again focus on these Pokemon:

  • Espeon
  • Exeggutor -( WPsychic Moves)
  • Houndoom
  • Tyranitar -(All Dark Move set)
  • Jynx - (W Psychic Moves)

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All Out War coming to the The Walking Dead

AMC has released an extensive synopsis for the remaining part of Season 7 and Season 8 and it is being called All Out War.  The title All Out War is a direct reference to the name of the story where Rick gathered a collection of communities together to battle the tyrannical Saviors.

The show looks to be bringing in many of the same story elements and characters that were in the comic version but with some new twists.

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Finale for Season 7 and Season 8 ALL OUT WAR

First minutes of The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere

Teaser for Season 8 We have already Won!

The Walking Dead Season 8 kicks off witha  rallying cry by Rick.  We have already won!

Season 7 Finale:
The season 7 Finale was no JOKE!  it also leads right into All Out War. The video gives away way too much so you may want to watch the actual Finale first.

Also Shiva holy crap SHIVA! I really wondered how that crazy tiger would look, and it looked so freaking cool.

All Out War Comics

Spoiler Warning for those who do not want to know what happened in the comics.

Rick is brought to the community to meet with Ezekiel by Paul Monroe where the leaders of each community create an alliance to take down the Saviors.  Dwight a Savior mole is also there and joins in the pact with the other leaders.  Rick brought several people with him to Alexandria including Michonne.  Ezekiel immediately takes an interest into the warrior woman.  She initially scorns him but after a friendly and flirty chat begin to see each other romantically.

Eziekel later leads a group of Kingdom warriors and saves Alexandria from a siege by the Saviors.  The Kingdom force catches the Saviors force by surprise and saves the town.  Negan manages to escape this battle and Rick initially wants to give chase.  Ezekiel warns Rick away from this tactic though due to the Saviors still possessing superior numbers.

The leaders of the communities then begin to create an attack plan to take down the Saviors for good.  They continue to debate whether or not if they can trust Dwight.  This uncertainty lasts throughout the war.

Rick leads an attack on the Savior stronghold of Sanctuary.   The noise from the attack creates a massive horde of zombies around Sanctuary.  The communities then leave sanctuary to attack the other Savior bases while the main force of Sanctuary is cut off.

Rick manages to take down a Savior base.  Ezekiel splits off to take down a different Savior base.  Ezekiel's attack ends disastrously with many of his men and Shiva being killed.   The battle between the Kingdom and Savior forces had lured over a massive horde of zombies who divert the Saviors from Ezekiel's location.  While the zombie horde allowed Ezekiel to escape he became trapped within the horde himself.  Shiva took down as many zombies as the tiger could but eventually was surrounded and killed by zombies.

A grieving Ezekiel seeks comfort of Michonne.  He tells her about the disastrous attack, the loss of his men and of Shiva.  He tells her that he no longer wants to be a leader.  Michonne responds to this by punching him in the face and calling him a "Pussy".  She says that he is still being trusted by families in the Kingdom to lead and needs to man up and do so.  When Alexandria is attacked Ezekiel wants to flee but Michonne convinces him to stay and fight.

All of the remaining survivor unite at the Hilltop where the three communities can gather their forces and avoid being taken out by the Saviors individually.  He fights alongside the survivors at the final battle at Hilltop.

During the final fight forces from Rick blindside Negan and Dwight also turns on him.  Rick then begins to Negan of his plan to rebuild the world working together.  Negan believes this sounds amazing and puts down his guard.  With Negan's guard down Rick takes the opportunity of slashing Negan's throat.  Negan falls to the ground and the remaining Saviors surrender.

While Negan is wounded by Rick, he is not killed.  Instead, Negan is kept in a cell.  His presence is something of a curiosity as the communities grow.  In Negan's absence Dwight is appointed to run the Saviors and helps maintain the peace between the communities of Alexandria, The Kingdom, The Hilltop and Sanctuary.

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