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Who is Blade?

Who is Blade?

Blade is a Marvel hero well known for hunting supernatural creatures.  There have been three major motion pictures featuring Wesley Snipes as Blade.  Film rights for the character currently reside with Marvel and there are rumors of the character entering the MCU.  He is known for battling vampire villain heavy weights like Dracula, Varnae, Morbius and Deacon Frost.

 First Appearance:  Tomb of Dracula #10

 Real Name: Eric Brooks

Alias(s): Blade, Day Walker, Switchblade

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 Blade was born in London, England in a brothel.  His mother was a prostitute as she was giving birth a stranger arrived claiming to be a doctor.  The stranger turned out to be a vampire named Deacon Frost.  Deacon attacked and fed on her as she gave birth to Blade.  Vampiric Enzymes from Deacon's bites transferred into the baby and made him into a Dhampir.  A Dhampir is a person who has been effected by a vampire but not fully converted.  Deacon Frost was forced to leave before he could kill the child, but Blade's mother was dead.  As a Dhampir, Blade would learn he would possess some supernatural abilities.  His full powers would not blossom until later, but as Dhampir he had heightened athletic skill, heightened senses, supernatural attraction, and immunity from vampire bites.  Deacon Frost would become one of Blade's most hated and reoccurring villains.

Blade was raised and cared for in the brothel, primarily by its Madame Vanity.  When he was 9 he saw an old man being attacked by vampires and rushed into help him.  The old man was a jazz playing, vampire hunter by the name of Jamal Afari.  Jamal saw the potential of a Dhampir vampire hunter and began to train him in martial arts and vampire hunting.

As teenager Blade rejected the teachings of Afari and took control of a local gang called the Bloodshadows.   Blade drove away the gang's former leader  Cutter and began dating Cutter's ex, a girl named Glory.   The Bloodshadows were attacked by vampire lead by Lamia.  Lamia converted Glory into a vampire.  In a rage Blade killed all of the vampires including Lamia.  He resolved himself that he was destined to battle the Supernatural and returned to the path of vampire hunting.

Blade would later be bitten by the living, vampire Morbius.  The vampire toxin in Morbius's bite added extra powers to Blade.  This gave Blade the full powers of a vampire but none of the weaknesses.  The bite did give Blade the vampiric thirst for human blood which he must battle against.  This effectively turned Blade into his own nightmare, a daywalking vampire.

As an adult Blade had numerous battles of various supernatural entities including vampires, demons and werewolves.  His most prolific adversaries were Deacon Frost and Dracula. He has killed both vampires many times but both find a way to come back.

On a couple of occasions Blade has nearly been successful in wiping out all vampires and supernatural beings.  Once he used a page from the Grimoire the dark hold to gain powers.  Another time he teamed up with Doctor Strange who cast a spell called the Montesi Formula that wiped out vampires.  Other supernatural beings like demons and Marie Laveau were successful in bringing them back.  Marie Laveau working with Victor Strange (Doctor Strange's vampire brother) were successful in bringing back Varnae the original lord of vampires.  Shortly thereafter Dracula is recreated and returns as well.

Blade would join Doctor Voodoo in a battle for control of New Orleans.  Deacon Frost and Marie Laveau had sought to control the city with a horde of powerful zombies.  However, the combination of Blade and Doctor Voodoo were able to thwart them.

Blade would work with Spider-Man to save Morbius and stop a vampire named Henry Sage from developing a day walker serum.  A daywalker serum would allow vampire to eliminate their weakness to the sun, much like Blade.

At some point unknown on his travel Blade fathered a girl named Fallon Grey.  Fallon grew up in Oregon and has become a teenager slayer of supernatural like her father.

Mother - deceased - Murdered giving birth to him by Deacon Frost.
Daughter - Fallon Grey

Blade has all the strengths of a vampire but none of the weaknesses.  He can walk out in the sunlight, swim in holy water and eat Garlic.  Blade does have the thirst for human blood.
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Super Agility
  • Immunity to vampire powers of hypnotism and bites

Blade is a highly skilled martial artist, fighter, and is an expert in the supernatural.

Blade also hates the supernatural world and blames it for many of his problems and losses.  He hunts and kills with a vengeance that can even terrify his allies.  The fury with which he takes down supernatural creatures is driving force all its own and is comparable to that of the Punisher.

Blade in Film and MCU: 

Blade was depicted 3 times by Wesley Snipes in a successful trilogy of action horror films.  Marvel has recently (2014) re-acquired the rights to Blade.

Kevin Feige the Marvel head creative mind behind the MCU commented on doing something with Blade in an interview with Arrow in the Head:

We think it would be cool. Someday. My tenure at Marvel started 17 years ago, and there were two things that sort of launched the modern era. One was X-Men, which was the first thing that people said, "Oh, there's life here." But a few years before that, there was Blade. A character nobody had heard of at all, had only appeared in a few issues of Tomb of Dracula or something, turned into a big franchise.

That was always a great lesson for me, where you go, "It doesn't matter how well known the character is, it matters how cool the movie is." Which, many years later, would be the reason we do Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange. I think Blade is a legacy character now, and I think it would be fun to do something with him one day.

Wesley Snipes meeting with Marvel:
Snipes has said he has some meetings with Marvel over the potential of playing the character again.  Nothing official has been said about this by Marvel yet.   The picture has been speculated to focus on Blade's daughter Fallon Grey.

In an interview with Huffington post Wesley Snipes made the following comments about reprising his role as Blade and confirming he has been in

“There’s always a possibility, you know,” ... “It’s in Marvel’s hands. They’re controlling the pace and the flow with that. Conversations have been good. They see the value in it. We see the value in it.”
“I’m still in shape enough and fit enough to handle the role,  We’ll see how it goes. I don’t really know what’s going to happen to it yet.”
“That would be interesting,” he said when asked whether or not he would be interested in teaming up with The Avengers. “I mean, I know it’s in the comic book. It would be interesting to see where they would place him and where he really would fit in. He’s got to bite somebody. I don’t know who he’s going to bite.”
Rumors are that the Blade movie could features Blade's daughter named Fallon Grey.  Fallon Grey has her own comic appearing in Oct 2015 called Blade the Hunter.

Update June 2016
The Fall Grey rumors seemed to be putting the cart infront of the horse.  The comic series featuring Fallon Grey has never materialized and niether has word on a Blade film/TV Series.

At NYCC 10/9/2016
Kate Beckinsale mentioned there were plans to have a Underworld and Blade crossover but the plans were dropped after Marvel Studios said they had plans for the character.

Kevin Feige executive at Marvel Studios was then asked at a Doctor Strange panel if there were upcoming plans for the character.  Feige responded:

"They did ask a long time ago and I think our answer was, ‘No, we’ll do something with ‘Blade’ at some point.’ That’s still the answer. We still think he’s a great character. He’s a really fun character. We think this movie going into a different side of the universe would have the potential to have him pop up, but between the movies, the Netflix shows, the ABC shows there are so many opportunities for the character to pop up as you’re now seeing with Ghost Rider on ‘AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ that rather than team up with another studio on that character let’s do something on our own. What that is? Where that will be? We’ll see. There is nothing imminent to my knowledge."


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HOW TO BEAT - Pokemon Go CheatSheet

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The How To Beat Pokemon Cheat Sheet is a list of the Toylab How To Beat Posts in once place.  This meant to beat a quick reference sheet for players to keep tabs on.  If you encounter a tough Pokemon you can come here and read our guide for tips and tricks on how to beat that Pokemon.  We have not written a guide to cover all Pokemon but have tried to cover the most likely Gym Boss candidates.  If there is a Pokemon giving you fits lets us know and we will cover it.

How do you beat that Snorlax, Vaporeon, or Mewtwo?  Well we are here to help you!


Arcanine is a tough fire Pokemon with powerful attacks.  It tend to be a very common gym defender.

Articuno is a legendary Pokemon.  Here is our analysis on how to take one down.

How to beat Articuno in Pokemon Go?

Blissey looks so cute its goofy. Its really hard to get beat down by a giant egg but as silly as it is Blissey is hands down the best gym defender in Pokemon Go since the Gen 2 Pokemon hit. It is also easily the most frustrating Gym Defender. It is not impossible to take down though by any means however having a bit of strategy does help!
How to beat Blissey in Pokemon Go?

Dragonite may be the toughest all around Pokemon in the game.  He has strong stats and great move sets.

How to beat Dragonite?

Espeon is one of the easiest to get powerful Psychic Pokemon.  It is not the most powerful Eevee evolution but will still make some appearances in gyms.

How to beat Espeon?

Exeggcutor has become a fairly common gym defender.  It has some weakenesses that are pretty easy to exploit.

Flareon is a Fire type Eevee evolution and is pretty common in gyms.  It is not has strong as its cousin Vaporeon.

Gengar is a terrifying ghost Pokemon.  He also has a ton of offensive fire power but has some major defensive weaknesses.

Jolteon is an Electric type Eevee evolution and is pretty common in gyms.  It is not has strong as its cousin Vaporeon.

Lapras is a rare Pokemon but common in gyms due to how tough it is.

How to beat Lapras in Pokemon Go!

Mewtwo is powerful Legendary Pokemon.  It is widely considered to be the most powerful Pokemon of all.

How to beat Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

Pinsir is a scary looking bug pokemon.  Don't be worried though you can bring him down.

How to beat Pinsir in Pokemon Go!


Snorlax may be the most common gym defender and that is saying something because he is rare.  He is tough and stacked with HP.  He has weaknesses but not many.

How to beat a Snorlax in Pokemon Go!

In many ways Tyranitar will be compared with Dragonite from Gen 1. He is a big tough Pokemon. 

How to beat Tyranitar - CLICK HERE

Umbreon is the dark type of Eevee evolution.  It is in the midrange of CP levels of the Eevee evolutions.

How to beat Umbreon?

Ursaring is a big normal type Pokemon with potential for Steel, Fighting, Normal and Fairy type moves. He is one of the most powerful of the Gen 2 Pokemon.

How to beat Ursaring

Vaporeon is a water type Eevee evolution and is extremely common in gyms.  This may be most trainers first Pokemon over 1000 CP and is very commonly encountered.

How to beat Vaporeon!

Keep reading the How To Beat Posts so you can become the best Pokemon Trainer of them all!

Are we missing any tough Pokemon?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Raid Cheat Sheet Pokemon Go

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This Cheat Sheet is to show the top Counters for Raid Bosses

This cheat sheet is to provide a single stop for Raid infromation.  Listed here are a brief highlevel explanation of Eggs and a list of Raid Bosses and their 3 counters.

Egg Explanation
When a raid begins an Egg will appear above the gym.  This is meant to be the Egg housing the Raid Boss.  Based off the Raid Color and number of Raid Icons you can tell what level the Raid boss will be.
  • Red Egg    -         Level 1 and 2     ~CP 4k to 6k
  • Gold Egg   -        Level 3 and 4     ~ CP10k to 40k
  • Legendary Egg - Level 5

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Bosses and Top 3 Counters:

This list is meant to be all KILLER no FILLER no pontifications here just facts.  Toylab Bloggers have used multiple sites that crunch math as well as personal experience to determine this list of top counters.  Note that high CP boss can still crush you even if you have the perfect counter.

(In Alphabetical Order)

Top Counters of Alakazam:
  • Tyranitar (Bite, Crunch, Stone Edge)
  • Houndoom  (Snarl, Foul Play, Crunch
  • Scizor (Fury Cutter, X-Scissor)

Top Counters of Arcanine:

  • Rhydon (Mudslap, Earthquake)
  • Golem (Rock Throw, Mudslap, Stone Edge, Earthquake)
  • Donphan (Tackle, Earthquake)

Note the lack of Water Pokemon here is due to Arcanine's Special Move called Wild Charge that is  a powerful electric type move.  Not all Arcanine have this move but the ones that do will destroy water pokemon.

Top counters for Blastoise:

  • Jolteon (Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder)
  • Magneton (Spark, Charge Beam, Zap Cannon)
  • Plant Pokemon with Solar Beam! (Includes Paras, Venusaur, WheepingBell, Exegguctor and others)

Top Counters of Blissey:

  • Machamp (Counter, Dynamic Punch)
  • Heracross (Counter, Close Combat)
  • Alakazam (Confusion, Focus Blast)
  • Dragonite (Dragon Tail, Outrate)
  • Flareon (Fire Spin, Overheat)
  • Exeggutor (Confusion, Solar Beam)

Top Counters to Charizard:

  • Golem (Rock Throw, Stone Edge)
  • Omastar (Water Gun, Hydro Pump)
  • Tyranitar (Bite Stone Edge)

Top Counters for Gengar:

  • Alakazam (Confusion, Psycho Cut, Future Sight, Pyschic)
  • Espeon (Confusion, Zen Headbutt, Future Sight, Psychic)
  • Tyranitar (Bite, Crunch)
  • Dragonite (Dragone Tail, Outrage)

Top Counters of Lapras:

  • Machamp (Counter, Dynamic Punch, Close Combat)
  • Heracross (Counter, Close Combat)
  • Jolteon (Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder)
  • Arcanine (Fire Fang, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Wild Charge)

Top counters for Machamp:

  • Alakazam (Confusion, Psycho Cut, Future Sight, Psychic)
  • Espeon (Confusion, Zen Headbutt, Future Sight, Psychic)
  • Dragonite (Dragon Tail, Outrage)
  • Charizard (Airslash, Overheat, Fireblast)

Top Counters of Snorlax:

  • Machamp (Counter, Dynamic Punch, Close Combat)
  • Heracross (Counter, Close Combat)
  • Tyranitar (Bite, Crunch, Stone Edge)
Top Counters of Venusaur:

  • Charizards (All versions execpt move sets with Dragon Claw)
  • Typhlosion (Ember, Overheat, Fireblast)
  • Psychic Pokemon with moves Psycho Cut, Confusion, Zen Headbutt, Future Sight, Psychic includes Espeon, Alakazam and even Snorlax.

Are we missing any tough Pokemon?  Let us know in the comments below.

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How to beat Jolteon in Pokemon Go?

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How to beat Jolteon in Pokemon Go?

Jolteon is both common and powerful making him one of the popular pokemon to run into in Gym Battles.  Many believe that all of the Eevee Evolutions are overpowered (Particularly Vaporeon) especially given how common Eevee is.  This is likely due to speed being less of a parameter in Pokemon Go!

I have seen quite a few Jolteons at gyms in my local area.  In particular a group of Instinct players near me has seemed to make Jolteons their team mascot.  I think this works well for them because Jolteon works well in battles against Vaporeon who is otherwise the more powerful and preferred pokemon.  The Instinct group near me seems to use this uniqueness to their advantage to take down otherwise very imposing gyms.

With that said:


Jolteon can be an imposing opponent

That said no Pokemon is unbeatable and the trick with beating powerful Pokemon is to find the right Type against them.

The trick with Jolteon and all other Electric Pokemon is to use Ground Pokemon.  Ground Pokemon have a high resistance to Electric  attacks and also receive a x2 attack bonus.

Which Ground pokemon to use.  First you really want a Ground Pokemon that also has Ground attacks (Both Fast Attack and Special Attack)
My personal favorite Ground Pokemon is Sandshrew or his evolved form Sandslash.

There are a variety of options here though that include Diglet, Dugtrio, Cubone, Marowak,

There are also a variety of Pokemon that are 2ndarily Ground or at least have ground attacks.  This list includes a lot of Rock Pokemon and Nidoking/NidoQueen.  A good one here would either be Golem or Nidoking/Queen.  Make sure they have ground based moves.

Some other options:
Other Pokemon that have some advantages against Electric are Dragon Pokemon and Grass.  These Pokemon have a added defense against electric but do not have an attack bonus against Electric Pokemon.  These options are not nearly as effective as Ground Pokemon but should still get an edge.

Even though Vaporeon has a type disadvantage against Jolteon I still have seen him used against him.   The reason why Jolteon is generally weaker than Vaporeon is how the state of Speed was translated for the game.   Fast Pokemon recieve a bonus to attack but it's not much.   Jolteon is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game but so long as speed is used this way he will be at a relative disadvantage.

The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

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Who is Loki?

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Who is Loki?

Loki is a Marvel character based off the mythological Norse god of the same name.  Loki was a frost giant adopted by the Asir/Asgardian.   He is considered to be a god of lies and trickery. The primary Asir/Asgardian hero in the Marvel universe is Thor, who is Loki's Asir brother.  Loki is often considered to be Thor's Archenemy.  Loki was played to Tom Hiddleston in Thor, Thor 2 and the Avengers.  He is set to reprise his role in Thor 3, and Avengers the Infinity Gauntlet Part 1 and 2.

Alias: god of lies, god of evil

Species:  Jotunn  (Frost Giant)  adopted Asgardian

First Appearance: Venus #6  (1949)
First Appearance (Modern Era): Journey Into Mystery (1962)

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Recommended Thor Comics:

Recommended Thor Toys

Loki News:

Loki Multi-Media:


Odin is attacking the Jotunns (Frost giants) and slays their king Laufey in personal combat.  Inside, Laufey's stronghold Odin finds a small child (Asgardian sized).  It seems Laufey kept the child hidden due to his small size.  Odin adopts the child and raises him as his son alongside his biological son, Thor.

Overtime, Loki comes to resent Thor.  Thor adored by the Asgardian people for being strong, tenacious, brash and brave.  Loki is intelligent and cunning but these traits do not earn him throngs of admirers.  He begins to learn magic to compensate for his lack of physical strength and becomes a powerful sorcerer.  He meets and learns Black Magic from a sorcerer named Eldred.  For payment he tricks Eldred and send him to the fire demon, Surtuur.  Loki seems to have a natural inclination toward mischief and trickery and as he becomes an adult he earns the title of god of lies.

Loki sets his site on becoming the ruler of Asgard and sets in motion many schemes that are often stopped by Thor.  This includes releasing the storm giant Ghan. 

As Thor becomes an Earth hero,  Loki becomes focused on the planet as well.  Loki likely does not care much about Earth other than the fact that Thor is interested in it.  One of his first schemes on Earth was an attempt to use the Hulk as a weapon against his brother.  This scheme ends with in disaster for Loki though as it unites a group of Earth's heroes into the force known as the Avengers.  This team along with his brother become constant thorns in his side.

His schemes on Earth often involve Loki indirectly manipulating a third party to due his bidding.  In such schemes he has used powerful agents that include, The Destroyer, Surtuur, Skagg, Mangog, Absorbing Man, Sandu, Molto the Lava Man, Zarrko, Mr Hyde, and Cobra.  These villains are repelled and defeated by a combination of Odin, Thor, The Warriors Three and the Avengers.

Eventually, Loki is successful in creating the event of Ragnarok where all the gods are slain and reborn.  He is reborn using the body of Sif.  It turns out his essence is simply hiding in this form and eventually he returns to his male form.

Super Strength and Durability but less than Thor

Magical abilities:
Power blasts
Shape Changing


Loki was played to Tom Hiddleston in Thor, Thor 2 and the Avengers.  He is set to reprise his role in Thor 3, and Avengers the Infinity Gauntlet Part 1 and 2.

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How to beat Tyranitar in Pokemon Go

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In Pokemon Go gyms across the world players will soon hear:

"Tyranitar is coming!........."


"Tyranitar IS COMING"

"Thud Thud"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" (Loud crunching sounds)

Pokemon Go is gearing up to launch its Gen 2 pokemon.  Some of the Gen 2 Pokemon the babies have already been released.  There are a whole slew of other Pokemon coming and of them all I think the most feared and highly anticipated will by Tyranitar.  Tyranitar is a big, as one would expect from a Pokemon based off a Tyrannosaurs Rex.  It might be more accurate to say he is based off of T-Rex and Godzilla.  He looks very imposing, and will have a massive high CP.  Tyranitar will have the highest Max CP of all the Gen 2 Pokemon coming in at an astounding 3600 Max CP.

Tyranitar is number #1 on the max CP list for Gen 2 Pokemon.
1 - Tyranitar - 3600 CP MAX

That said Tyranitar does have some pretty big Type based weaknesses that should be able to be exploited.  In my mind this may make Tyranitar a attacking Pokemon rather than a gym defender.  That said I expect people to through them into gyms just because he has a high CP.  Many times people just through in high CP pokemon because they will be higher in the gym rankings.  Amusingly a gym of all low CP Chanseys (The Chansey Castle) would be far harder to defeat.

About Tyranitar:

"Its body can't be harmed by any sort of attack, so it is very eager to make challenges against enemies." Pokedex entry from Pokemon Gold
Tyranitar is a Dark and Rock hybrid type of Pokemon.  It is the final form of evolution of Larvitar.  Larvitar evolves into Pupitar and Pupitar into Tyranitar.  Tyranitar's have been depicted in some Pokemon series as being able to evolve into a Mega Tyranitar that is even more powerful.  At this point I do not believe the Mega evolution will be available in Pokemon Go.

One ability that Tyranitar is famous for is Sandstream.  Sandstream creates a sandstorm weather effect that last the duration of its battle.  This gives Tyranitar a massive step up on other Pokemon it is battling.  However, like the Mega evolutions I do not think this will come over into Pokemon Go.  Moves for Tyranitar will likely include:  Crunch -Dark, Earthquake - Ground, Stone Edge - Rock, and Hyper Beam - Normal.   I will say though that many rumors have gone around about expanding the battle system in Pokemon Go so its possible.

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Now for the ultimate question!  How do you beat, kill, defeat Tyranitar.  What Pokemon is a counter Tyranitar?

Tip: Generally Try fighting Pokemon!  They will get double type damage against Tyranitar!


I don't have a Machamp with a very high CP so for me I will still likely use Prime Ape, Poliwrath or Vaporeon.  That said a Machamp with fighting moves and a high CP would be a good counter against Tyrnaitar.  The FIGHTING moves type damage would be doubled.

Another fighting Pokemon to try is Primeape in particular if you do not have a strong Machamp.

The first option and I think the one that will be the most popular is using Vaporeon.  I know, I know everyone is saying Vaporeon again?  Well Vaporeon is a water type Pokemon and WATER is good against Rock.  Moreover, Vaporeon is powerful, high CP and also very popular.  I think everyone has a solid Vaporeon.  Too me the abundance of Vaporeon is the number one reason why I do not see Tyranitar lasting long in gyms.  There are just too many high level Vaporeons that will take its lunch.


Poliwrath is a fighting and water Pokemon and is high CP to boot.  Poliwrath would be a better option than Vaporeon all else considered if he has fighting moves.  Both Dark/Rock have a weakeness to FIGHTING which should double the type set damage delivered by the FIGHTING moves.  The  WATER from Poliwrath will also work well against Tyranitar they just won't get a double attack bonus like the FIGHTING moves will.

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New Pokemon Go Battle System SUCKS!

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
I tried out the Battle System This morning.  You can see one short battle I had and while there are some things I did like about the update I have to say that generally I am unimpressed.  There are some great features here but the Bad is really bad.

Does this update RULE or SUCK?

Update Ok so it doesnt Suck: 6-26-2017
Alright I went back and played Pokemon Go a ton and generally I will say that the experience was very positive.  The bad thing that I ran into early on is when you attack a gym with a high CP Blissey in highly populate area.  Defenders begin dropping raspberries ontop of the Blissey.  Being that Blissey is a pain to take down without that happening, it becomes very frusterating.  This though has only happened to me on two occasions.  This weekend my daughter and I took down about 20 gyms and complted 3 raids.  So two times out of 20 is not too bad.   So I revise my earlier statement the update does NOT suck.

I did find a couple more things I really liked.  First once again I want to say I love the gym badges and love the ability to upgrade them by gym.  I love that CP drops on demotivated defenders.  This makes taking out a Blissey more bearable.  I also really like that coins are awarded on short time period not just if you hold a gym for 24 hours.  The system before made taking over a gym pointless as it was almost guaranteed to fall before coins were awarded.  Now holding a gym for 20 minutes can still be valuable.

Raids are also unbelievably fun!  I'm not sure though if they will bring back the mobs from when the game started.

Things I wish they had.

  • I do wish you could get a gym leader badge for some highly populated, highly active gyms.  I think across the world there should be 1000 special gyms.  These gyms would have a special badge for an entire region like the State of California for example.
  • Blissey is OP (Over powered) and needs to be brought down some how.
  • Dungeons/NPCs I know they want to avoid adding NPCs but the game would benefit from other things hidden in the explorable space.  This could include items, dungeons, and NPCs things that spawn at different rates than the mon and make for a dynamic explorable environment.
  • Spoofers are still out in abundance.  There were times where I am standing at a gym and multiple attackers are either helping me or going after me and THERE IS NO ONE THERE.  NOBODY.  Just me.  These guys need to get go.
  • Ok and this is a big thing.  They need to do something that is fun that you can do with others when you are level 3.  That is right something cool for level 3 players.  Maybe Micro Raids, Pokemon Babysitting, Pokemon Parades, some event thing that players can get the app and later that day take part in.  I say this because Raids are still pretty much for powerful players and the reality is that game is much more fun when there are tons and tons of players.  The only way to get the mobs back is to make the fun for new and casual players.  This should be a HUGE focus.

Original Post:

First the good:
1) I am happy Niantic is finally updating the Battle System because I think it is vital part of the game that has been lacking.
2) I like that Gyms now have the ability to give items
3) The gym badges and having them give bonuses is really cool.
4) The restriction of requiring defenders to be different types of Pokemon is great.   As is the restriction of limiting gyms to 6 Pokemon down from 10.
5) The ability to do Raids out of gyms is also really awesome and I can't wait for that.
6) I also really like the new graphics, the looks of the gym, and the graphic that plays before you enter battle.

The Bad:
1) Allowing defenders to add in new Pokemon after they are defeated means that gyms in popular areas will be almost impossible to take down.  As an attacker you will no more than defeat a Pokemon Defender to simply see a new one dropped in.  The Prestige system at least required the Defenders to battle their own mon in a training mode.
---->Alright one check to this I just learned.  If you stay in the gym and keep attacking defenders can not add Pokemon into the gym.  If you disengage to heal your pokemon they can then add them back.  It is important to stay in the gym and heal your pokemon there!

2) The ability heal the motivation value of the Pokemon by any Defender also gives a massive edge to Defenders.  This is the big thing I see that tons of people just drop hordes of raspberries on a gym until you stop attacking.

Overall:  I like that they updated the gyms but geez this update makes gyms in high populated areas basically unplayable.  It will be nearly impossible to take down a gym unless you get a massive crowd from your same team to help.  I do think the update is salvagable though but something must be done to balance things for an attacker of a gym.  Having extremely powerful gyms does nothing but discourage lower level and new players from playing the game.

What do you think?  Am I crazy?  Too Harsh?  What is your impression from playing in the new gyms.

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What is Attilan?

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 What is Attilan?
Attilan can fly and move around the universe
In Marvel comics Attilan is the home city of the home city of the Inhumans.  It is a very advanced technological city that is capable of flying and moving around the universe.    The city will make its first appearance in the MCU with the show / film Inhumans that will be released in Imax theaters.  For pictures of the Attilan in the MCU scroll to the bottom of this page in the MCU section.

The Inhumans come from humans who were experimented on by the Kree aliens.  Due to their unique attachment to the Kree they have far higher amounts of technology than their human cousins.  They used this technology to create a very advanced city.  The city is capable of moving vast distances and could be thought of as a big city sized, space ship.

The city created by ancient Inhumans has been located on various places in Earth.  The Inhumans have continually move it to keep it away from humans.

Its name is derived from Alantis which at the time of its creation (7000 years ago) was the former great civilization on the planet.

The city is large and houses multiple levels that are generally organized along with the castes of Inhuman society.
The top floor is for Inhuman royal family whose palace resides high into the skyline.  The rest of the open air level of the city contains those in the high to mid caste of the society as determined by how they changed in the terrigen mist or those who have not yet been exposed.

The lower levels are where the lower cast members reside.  These members are primarily made up of the Alpha Primitives.  This is a group who reacted poorly to the Terrigen mist and de-evolved.

The important Terrigen mist and the crystals from which it comes from are also housed within Attilan.

Location -
The city of Attilan while capable of movement has recently been residing in an area of Earth's moon called the Blue area of the Moon.  The Blue Area of the moon is an ancient city created long ago by the Kree aliens and has atmosphere.

Attilan has traveled to places on Earth at various points in history including the Himalayas and under the Pacific Ocean.  Generally, the Inhumans park the city in a remote location to avoid contact with their human cousins.    Inhumans fear both tampering with their way of life as well as disease.   While Inhumans are stronger than humans their immunities are far weaker making them very vulnerable to everyday human diseases.

There is also a fear that the lower castes of Inhuman society could rebel while seeing other ways of living.  For both of these reasons the city is often kept far away from large human population centers.

There is also a fear of humans themselves who could in their vast numbers harm the Inhumans.

While the Inhumans with their vast powers could potentially take over human kind they generally seem disinterested by this concept.  Some Kings and villains like Maximus the Mad have proposed world conquest but they are normally taken down by other Inhumans.

Intestellar Travel
Attilan has also traveled to another galaxy to the planet of Hala where the Inhumans effectively took control of the Kree Empire.
This was not a typical capability of Attilan, as it typically moved slowly around the Earth or to Earth's moon.  The vast speed at which Attlilan traveled was made possible by using older interstellar engines infused with the power of Black Bolts voice.  The voice of Black Bolt was also harnessed as a weapon that destroyed an Armada of Skrulls and Shi'ar on its route to the throne world of the Kree Empire of Hala.

Map of Attilan
 Here is a nifty map of Attilan.  Here you can see that the Palace of the Royal Family is the central and more prominent feature of the city.
The lower cast of Alpha Primitives live on a lower level of the city.

Places of Interest:
  • Palace of the Royal Family - This is where the rulers of the Inhumans reside and make decisions.
  • Terrigen Lab/Chambers (Mentioned in Realm of Kings: Inhumans #1) - Stores the Terrigen mists that is used for Terrigenesis the process that gives Inhuman's their powers.  I believe the basement portion is called the Terrigen Chambers and contains the crystals.  The Terrigen mists rise from the crystals and are stored in the Terrigen Lab.  The Terrigen Lab is also very near the Royal Palace which speaks to the chemicals importance in Inhuman Society.
  • Arena of Judgement - Place where Inhumans battle to determine right and wrong.  Similar to a Roman Colosseum.
  • Tomb/Temple/House of Randac - Where King Randac who invented Terrigesis process rests.  This is a revered and sacred place.  This is the place where King Randac first experimented on himself and other Inhumans creating the Terrigensis process.  This housed individualized chambers for Inhumans to undergo the Terrigenesis process in.  (Seen in Uncanny X-Men: First Class #1) For more on the temple see: --> What is the Temple of Randac?
  • Entrance to the Pit of the Dead - This is where the dead are lowered.  It is considered hallowed ground by the Inhumans (Mentioned in: Inhumans: The Great Refuge #1)
Not shown on Map but still important:
Weeping Tower / Tower of Wisdom- Houses monks who trained Karnac in his martial skills. (X-Men First Class #2)

Recent Events:
In the story of Inhumanity the city of Attilan crashes down to Earth.


The city will make its first appearance in the MCU with the show / film Inhumans that will be released in Imax theaters.

Marvel released a short teaser for the show of Inhumans that featured a structure in a dark setting with lights off in the distance.  My assumption is that this setting is part of Attilan.  Some have said they think it is from a prison cell that houses Maximus the Mad.  Maximus is a narrator of the clip so this is possible.

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