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Marvel ONE theory and MCU Phase 5

The Toylab Bloggers have been looking a lot and drilling into the film worlds and the plans for both the MCU, Fox and Sony.   Things are starting to take shape and a very cool idea has been formed.

We call it the Marvel One theory.

I would honestly like to call it the TOYLAB MARVEL ONE theory but I am not sure if we can Trademark.

The idea of Marvel One is really simple.  Avengers 4 was initially called Infinity War 2 however that title has since been removed.  The growing thinking amongst us is that, that film may be culmination of not just the MCU but have Kevin Feige's going all the way back to the original X-Men and Spider-Man films.  That Avengers 4 a cosmic event will occure that will unite all of the Marvel properties Universes into ONE single universe.  That means Fox's Fantastic Four/ X-Men, Sony's Spider-Man and Marvel's MCU character would all begin coexisting in the same universe.  Not only would this occure with that film but it would also serve as a rebo…

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