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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

5 Tips for Pokemon hunting at night or in a Cementery

5 Tips for Pokemon hunting in a Cemetery

One of the things about Pokemon Go that is causing many consternation is the amount of Pokestops in places of serious places where people are mourning.  This is because Ingress, the game whose data effectively underlies Pokemon Go asked its players to locate places of spiritual and emotional importance.  This meant that Ingress players went out and found many places that were churches, memorials and ...cemeterys.

Some Cemeterys are welcoming players and some are banning them.  While it may seem a bit morbid Cemeterys were some of the first parks in our country and past times were often used for recreational walks and picnics.   Many cemeterys are also full of beautiful paths and historical sites that many people may have forgotten.

As far as Pokemon Go tips go keep in mind that ghost pokemon do not seem to be any more likely to show up at cemeterys or haunted locations.  As far as we can tell tips likes these are just rumors.  That said ghosts do seem to show up more at night and during the evening.

Catching Ghosts at night!!!!

Here are 5 tips for going Pokemon Hunting in a Cemetery.

1)  Select Carefully:  Find a cemetery with old graves.  These graves are more likely to be turned into Pokestops and this also keeps you away from funerals, and memorials for people who have died recently.  Also make sure that you have good service in the area or else there is no point.  Obviousily make sure the Cemetery has not banned players before you show up.

2) Don't be a dumb ass-   Stay away from funerals and mourning families.  I mean come on this should be obvious. Don't litter be respectful etc.  If you act stupid the cemetery is likely to ban players from that area.

3) If you go at night...Because hey its exciting and fun to be in a cemetery at night.  It also lets you catch different kinds of Pokemon in your are.  Make sure you bring a flash light or even a head lamp.  Also be sure you can exit area and know when the Cemetery closes.  Multiple cemeteries have reported Pokemon Go players accidentally finding themselves locked in.  Don't be one of those poor players.  Also be sure to dress appropriately and bring a extra battery pack for your phone.

4)  Find open areas for Tracking - Try to find fairly open areas where you can walk in nearly a 360 degree area this makes tracking down and finding the nearby Pokemon easier.  See our post on triangulation in Pokemon Go Guide.

5) Double Lures-  A lot of times there are so many Pokestops in a cemetery that you can find 2,3,4, and even more that effectively overlap.  Try setting up multiple Lure at once and catch a ton of Pokemon.

Night Time Pokemon Go

Going out to hunt Pokemon is pretty fun and awesome.  One advantage of going out at night is that the Pokemon that spawn at night are often different given a location.  This makes for some Pokemon hunts.
Going out at night does pose some safety concerns as you can both fall into obstacles and also be hit by drivers who do not see you.  To overcome these issues check out the gear store for some cool ideas beneath Night Gear.  You find Night Gear by clicking on Pokemon Electronics in the category menu.  The Night Gear ideas we have include Flash Lights, headlamps and the coolest things ever LIGHT UP SNAP BRACELETS.  It may sound silly but I can't recommend the bracelets enough as they really let drivers see you.

Night Gear beneath the Pokemon electronics category in the store you will find Night Gear.  I highly recommend checking out these options particularly if you want to go on a night time Pokemon hunting trip.  If you bring kids along with you at night then some items like light up slap on bracelets are a must.  Safety First.

Enter Poke Gear Store CLICK HERE

Pictures of Pokemon Go players at the Cemetery:

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The Code-A-Pillar expansion packs which is best?

Coding Caterpillar or Code-A-Pillar by Fisher Price is Toylab's Top Christmas Toy of 2016

Toylab bloggers love the Code-A-Pillar the fun toy that teaches kids the art of sequencing that is a crucial part in learning how to build computer program aka to Code.  Coding is getting hot for good reason as its a critical skill for the next generation.

Click Here for our Review of the Code-A-Pillar

The main Code-A-Pillar set comes with a set of group of moves it can do but your toddler may quickly want it to do a little more.  This is where Fisher Price smartly added expansion packs.

There are 3 different expansion packs so far and we are going to review each one and let you know which ones we like the best.

Think and Learn Basic Expansion Pack
This pack adds a forward, left turn and right turn segments.  I really like this one because it just give your toddler a few more pieces that are easy to understand.  To me the fun part of the Code-A-Pillar is making it move along a course or from spot A to spot B.  It allows the toddler to solve just a little more complicated of a problem and increases the variability making it more fun.  While this makes the Code-A-Pillar more fun I also don't see it making it overwhelming.  If anything providing these pieces make the Code-A-Pillar easier to use.  Some might even argue that this expansion should have come with the Base Set.

Bottom line I really like this expansion and highly recommend getting it with the base set.

Fisher Price Description:
Code-a-pillar™ inspires little learners to be big thinkers! Preschoolers can develop important skills—like problem solving, planning & sequencing, and critical thinking—as they arrange (and rearrange!) these additional, easy-to-connect segments to send Code-a-pillar™ on all sorts of different paths. Add Go Forward, turn right 90 degrees, and turn left 90 degrees ... your wish is his command with this Code-a-pillar™ expansion pack!
Make the Code-a-Pillar™ grow and go!
This pack contains 3 easy-to-connect command segments with unique actions:
  • Forward—Add this piece and Code-a- pillar™ moves straight ahead!
  • 90° right turn— This piece makes Code-a-pillar™ turn right.
  • 90° left turn-- Add this piece for Code-a-pillar™ to make a left turn.
  • Each pack sold separately and subject to availability

Think and Learn Silly Sounds & Lights Expansion Pack

This set I tend to overlook because when my toddler plays the game is normally trying to get the Code-A-Pillar to go somewhere along or through something.    This pack does not provide any segments that help the Code-A-Pillar move instead these make the Code-A-Pillar make different noises.  That said I can see how making the Code-A-Pillar go to sleep or act goofy could be a lot of fun for a kid.

One warning to parents on this one is that the Code-A-Pillar has no mute button.  If you buy these sounds you might be listening to them.......A LOT!

Fisher Price Description:
Add these to Code-a-pillar™ to make him grow and go!
Code-a-pillar™ inspires little learners to be big thinkers! Preschoolers can arrange these additional easy-to-connect segments in endless combinations to send Code-a-Pillar™ on its path. This encourages experimentation while developing important skills including problem solving, planning and sequencing, and critical thinking. Your wish is Code-a-Pillar™’s command with this zany expansion pack! 
Make the Code-a-Pillar™ grow and go!
This pack contain 3 easy-to-connect command segments with unique actions:
  • Sleepy Zzzs - Awww...this piece's soft sound & light makes you want to take care of Code-a-pillar™
  • Wacky - Ready to make him go "wacky"? Add this piece & he'll stop & make silly sounds while his eyes "blink" in a zany light pattern
  • Happy - Adding this piece will make him stop & play upbeat music while his eyes "blink" in a fun light pattern
Think and Learn Master Moves Expansion Pack

The master Moves comes with a 45 degree turn, a 180 degree turn and the a repeat segment.  The repeat segment is pretty cool but may baffle toddlers at first.  Basically you flip a switch on it between 1 and 5 and the Code-A-Pillar will repeat the action the repeat segment is attached to the number of times you have set.  Its pretty cool but will likely be overlooked at first.  I like how they named this one the Master set because I think that is how this set is best used.  Let your kids figure out the basic moves and do some things.  Then add this in later.

Fisher Price Description:

Code-a-pillar inspires little learners to be big thinkers! Preschoolers can arrange these additional easy-to-connect segments in endless combinations to send Code-a-Pillar on its path. This encourages experimentation while developing important skills including problem solving, planning and sequencing, and critical thinking. Add sound and light effects … repeat previous actions … turn right 45 degrees or turn left 180 degrees … your wish is Code-a-Pillar’s command with this assortment of expansion kits!
  • Make the Code-a-Pillar grow and go
  • This pack contain 3 easy-to-connect
  • Features command segments with unique actions
  • 90° turn-- Add a piece for Code-a-pillar to make a left turn
  • Each pack sold separately and subject to availability

Deals on Coding Caterpillar on Amazon
Toylab is an Amazon Affiliate website lets look and see what Amazon has for the Coding Caterpillar.
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Here are other products recommended for you by Amazon:

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Pokemon Go Trading Market / System

A way to trade Pokemon has been a big part of past Pokemon games and is a feature that has been mentioned in the earliest Pokemon Go announcements.  The feature however has not yet gone live.  However, Niantic the games developer has apparently been working on it as Trading Code has been found in the game.  Code was found earlier related to Buddy Pokemon and within about a month the Buddy system went live.  I think its safe to say that if the beginning code is there then the Trading System will be going live pretty soon.

Pokemon Trading Evolutions?
Will Pokemon's Evolve from Trading?  In past games there was a list of Pokemon that would evolve through Trading. Many times this was the only way to evolve these Pokemon.  This meant that finding a friend and trading Pokemon with them was a critical part of the game.  This was something that set Pokemon a part from other games in that forced players to interact with each other in the real world to achieve certain objectives in the game.

Trading the old school way

Adios Pikachu! the old school way

Pokemon Go has taken the gamer community to the extra mile.  Gamers are joining up in teams all over the country and interacting in a variety of different ways.  Trading will be yet one more way for players to interact.  My guess is that the game will provide incentives for players to do this and that could take the route of a Trade Only Evolution.  There are still no firm facts on this though and that is only speculation on my part.

How will Trading Work?
Here are some rumored ways that trading is expected to work from those who have looked at the code.  This is speculation but speculation rooted on actual code that has already been created.

The Trading Market will unite the player with all the players not just a person sitting next to you.  It is hard to say if you are only able to trade with players in a given region or in a city or if the radius
Trading appears to be only for Pokemon not other Pokemon items like Poke Balls or Potions.

  • Search Function - You will be able to search for "Trading Players" presumably by Pokemon type.
  • Create Trade - You will set up a trade with another player
  • Cancel Trade - Allows some ability to cancel trade before it is canceled.
  • Complete Trade-

The trade code has built in back ups that will re try a trade in case the connection is lost.

My Worry a Pokemon Go Black Market?

While I am all for Capitalism I do worry that the Pokemon Go game could be spoiled by people who cheat through third party software.  Many of these accounts exist and already pollute the gyms in many areas however if you make a Pokemon Go market these nefarious actions will be easier and more lucrative.  Now a hacker can gather Pokemon on an account through then trade those Pokemon to others (Potentially for profit) then those people will use super powered and super rare Pokemon to crush players who are playing the game fairly.  While this is already happening I think a trading system could act as a catalyst to further that behavior.

For this reason I really am only hesitantly for a Trading system and only want to see it after Niantic has reigned in some of the cheating.

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Who is Sherry in the Walking Dead?


Sherry is a Walking Dead character introduced as being a member of the Saviors.  In the Walking Dead TV series she is played by actress Christine Evangelista.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #105

Sherry News:

Sherry Multi-Media:


Sherry is introduced as one of the female concubines / wives of Negan the leader of the the group known as the Saviors.  It is revealed that she is the former wife of the Savior commander DwightDwight and Sherry traded her to Negan in order to move up the ranks of the Saviors.  Dwight is caught sleeping with Sherry and is punished by having his face burned with a red hot Iron.

Sherry is seen attempting to defend another of Negan's wives, Amber after she too slept with her former husband.

Dwight refuses to play Ping Pong with Negan.  Negan responds that he is ok with that because he is going to have sex with Sherry.  Negan walks past Dwight saying a parting lewd comment about what he is going to Sherry.  It seems this event is the straw that breaks the camels back and leads Dwight to becoming a spy for Rick in their battle against Negan.


After All Out War, Negan is defeated.  Rick appoints Dwight as head of the Saviors.  Two years later, Dwight and Rick are discussing how things are going.  Dwight informs Rick that Sherry is no longer with him.  He says that Sherry is with a nice guy with a lot more face.  He says that despite their separation they are on good terms.


In the Walking Dead TV series she is played by actress Christine Evangelista.

In Season 6 episode called  "Always Accountable", Daryl is captured by a man named Dwight with a wife /girl friend named Sherry.  They are part of a different group that has strict and bizarre rules.  Part of the rules include trading.  The pair steal Daryl's crossbow and motorcycle.   As they leave Daryl tells them that, "They will be sorry."

It is not clear if this Dwight is the same as the Dwight in the comics but there are some similarities. He has a wife named Sher which is similar to Sherry.  He also now possesses a crossbow like his comic character.


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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Who is Glenn Rhee from the Walking Dead?


Glenn is one of the most popular characters from the Walking Dead comics and TV show. Actor Stephen Yeun plays Glenn on the Walking Dead TV series.   There has been rampant speculation on when Glenn will die in the show.  Glenn was killed by the villain Negan in Walking Dead #100 in the comics.

See bottom of page for Spoilers on his death in the TV series.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #2

Death:  The Walking Dead #100

Glenn News:

Glenn Multi-Media:



Glenn was born in Michigan from Korean immigrants.  He moved to Atlanta and became a pizza delivery driver.  In a extreme debt prior to the apocalypse Glenn began stealing cars.  His knowledge of the Atlanta routes, hot wiring cars made him a valuable member of the scavenger teams from the Atlanta group.  It has also been hinted at that Glenn was a boyscout prior to the apocalypse.

During the Apocalypse Glenn becomes a leader of scavenging parties.  He does this for the Atlanta group, the Prison, and later for Alexandria.  After meeting Rick Grimes on scavenging runs he becomes one of Rick's loyal supporters.  He has a jack of all trades like skills and creativity that have allowed him to get out of numerous binds.  He is the go to scavenger leader for the group in each place they end up.

At the farm he meets and later marries Maggie Greene.  Her father Herschel becomes something of an adoptive father figure to him.  Maggie and Glenn adopt Sophia whose mother Carol had been killed.  The couple later learns that Maggie is pregnant with Glenn's child.  Maggie and Glenn name their child Herschel after Maggie's late father.

Glenn is one of the least violent main characters.  In his entire run in the comic's he was never shown killing another human.
In Walking Dead #100 Glenn is captured by the Saviors and is killed by the group's leader, Negan.  Negan brutally smashes Glenn's head in with a barbed baseball bat that he named Lucille.

TV Series:
Glenn is similar to his comic counterpart in the TV show.  He makes his first appearance in the episode Days Gone By.  His voice crackles over a walkie talkie, "Hey you... Dumbass... Yeah, you in the tank... Cozy in there?"   Glenn then helps save Rick and brings him into the Atlanta group. 

Glenn falls in love with Maggie Greene as he and the other survivors stay at her farm.  Glenn becomes close to her father Herschel.  Herschel is initially angry about Glenn romantic overtures toward his daughter but eventually accepts him into the family.

In Season 6, Glenn appears to die when he falls off a dumpster into a herd of zombies.  It is later revealed that Nicholas is being pulled apart on top of him.  Glenn survives by crawling beneath a dumpster.  Maggie reveals to Glenn that she is pregnant with his child.

At the end of season 6 Glenn seems to be facing of meeting the fate of his comic counterpart.  He is sitting helplessly as Negan chooses who to kill from the group.  The Season Finale ended without providing an answer.

Hot Rumor
7/24/16 - Glenn and Abraham are both killed by Negan
7/27/16- New rumor is that Glenn survives his first encounter with Negan.  This rumor comes from the actor who plays Morgan.  This has led many to speculate that those killed could be Maggie or Abraham (Or both).

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Pokemon Go Halloween Event

Pokemon Go Halloween Event is beginning October 26 2016

Pokemon Go is launching its first event tomorrow.  While Pokemon GO is still immensely popular the game has begun to lose many of the early players of the game.  However, the game has potential to bring old players back with new Pokemon, new features, and of course a mainstay of all mobile games......EVENTS!

Trainers across the globe have been debating whether Niantic would be able to launch an event by Halloween and the develper has finally answered the question. Beginning October 26 through October 31st the game will have a Halloween themed event.

What will happen during the event?

Increased Halloween Treats
Everyone loves to get Candy on Halloween and the game is playing off that theme for the event. Increased Candy will be rewarded from Catches, Transfers, Egg hatches and Buddy rewards during the Halloween Event

2x bonus to Candy for each Pokemon Catch
2x bonus to Candy from for Transfer to the Professor
4x bonus to Candy from the Buddy
2x bonus to Candy from Egg hatches

The Appearance of Spooky Pokemon!

Spooky Pokemon will appear more frequently  which includes the Pokemon: Drowzee, Hypno, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, Golbat and Zubat.

While not the huge event that Niantic has hinted at this Halloween should still be a lot of fun and hopefully bring back some players the game has lost.  I personally wish they had done the event with a launch of a major feature like PVP battling or a fixed tracker but hey increased Candy and Ghost Pokemon is still a lot of fun.

Depending on where you live some of these Pokemon could be very rare where you live.

TOYLAB TIP: Use this event to get GENGAR!

I see this event as a great time to try to get enough Ghastly candy to get a Gengar.  Gengar is a useful Pokemon to battle Snorlax with but he it is very hard to get all the candy to Evolve a Ghastly all the way to Gengar.  That said if the ghost Pokemon appear more frequently this is a huge opportunity to try to get this very useful and powerful Pokemon!.

Will this event be enough to get people excited for Pokemon again?  Well it worked for player I know already so my guess is YES!

Pokemon Go Promotional Video:

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Amazing Incense tricks in Pokemon GO!

Incense is an item that attracts Pokemon to your location.  It tends to attract more Pokemon to your location.  Incense also attracts more Pokemon if you are walking and maintaining a steady speed than if you are stationary.
Generally trainers have found Lure at Pokestops seem to attract more Pokemon.  Lures come with the added benefit that the trainer can be stocking up on items periodically at the lured Pokestops.  These advantages are particularly noticed when a trainer goes to a location with multiple lured Pokestops.

There are few things that are overlooked with Incense though.

First you can take it with you anywhere while a Lure is stuck in a given location.  This provides some massive advantages to you.  Given that Incense Pokemon appear from spawn selection of the region you are in you can customize what type of Pokemon you get.

Two major strategies to use while using Incense:

Nest Incense:  If you use an Incense an area that has a Nest of Pokemon you are more likely to receive one or more of those special Pokemon while you have an Incense on.  To find a nest near you look at the Nest Atlas on SilphRoad.

Super Rare Walk:  If you use an Incense in an area with NO Spawns.  IE you are in the middle of no where but still have phone service the Incense will pull random Pokemon out of the Global Pokemon table.  This means you can get Pokemon that are not common in your area and are possibly super rare.  This is a great way to find unique Pokemon.  This may be the best way to legitimately catch super rare Pokemon in the game.

Walking is good in general.

Keep in mind that while walking in Pokemon Go you are also earning Pokemon Buddy candies, and also hatching Eggs.  Both can add significant value to a walk using Incense as well.

Lets also note that hey Walking is just plain out good for you.  Its fun, you get to see new things and its good exercise.  So go out buy some Incense find a cool (AND SAFE) place to hunt Pokemon and start walking.

Pokeon Go is always best to me when combined with a real adventure.  Hike somewhere that you want to see and catch Pokemon on the way.  Make the game an added bonus as opposed to simply the main attraction.

Changes to Incense in the works?

There are some who believe that we could see special types of Incense.  This is due to people scouring through the code and finding different types.  The thinking is that different types of Incense could attract different types of Pokemon.  Some of the types in the code are Spicey which might refer to an incense that attracts Fire type Pokemon.

The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

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